Wine 101 With Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch: Basic Wine Production

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Around the world, millions of people drink wine. While the vast majority probably drink it just for the sake of getting drunk, interest in wine production, tastings, and pairings has seemed to surge. Just take a look at the number of wine events listed in our weekly roundups -- there's one almost every day of the week.

That being said, we've all seen that pompous person seated at the front of the class sipping, swirling, and spouting his mouth off -- yes, it's always a guy -- as if he knows everything about wine.

Here's your chance to figure out if he's legit or just a showoff. We caught up with Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch to find out how to taste wine like a pro.

As the first part of our series on tastings leading up to the Sixth Annual Pairings on September 26, we're starting off by exploring basic wine production.

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Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy Offering Wine Immersion Course Starting Tomorrow

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Wine is a bit of a tricky subject. Most people drink it. Few people really know the intricacies of pairing it well.

However, on those rare occasions in which you just happen to stumble upon an amazing food and wine pairing, the results are phenomenal--like an explosion in your mouth.

Fortunately, for you winos, there are people who are here to help you learn to create those perfect pairings with intent--i.e. not with beginner's luck.

Starting tomorrow Virginia Philip Wine & Academy is offering an eight week immersion course for industry professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about wine.

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3030 Ocean's New "For The Love of Grape" Specials Every Monday

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Let's face it, no one's happy to see Monday roll around. Not only is it the start of another long and grueling work week, but it's also a whole five days away from the next weekend of precious rest and relaxation (or all out partying and binge drinking, if that's what you're in to).

But what if there was something new to look forward to after that long first day back at work? Well, that's where Chef Dean James and 3030 Ocean come in.

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Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale: Ultramodern Specialty Wine, Craft Beer Spot

All photos by Falyn Freyman
A good pour at Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale.

We're not exactly sure who coined the style of d├ęcor called "deco glam" or whether it should have ever been paired with the word "chill" (or invented), but we do know that Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale has a lot more going for it than aesthetics.

Ultramodern chrome accents, over-the-top neon purple lighting, and floral motifs all give off the air of trying a little too hard, but since opening this past December, this specialty wine and craft beer bar and lounge has earned a reputation for providing a trendy and lively atmosphere along with a menu loaded with unique and moderately priced drink offerings, all conveniently located right next door to the Gateway independent movie theater.

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2013 American Fine Wine Competition: Winners Announced

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For many of us, a bottle of your finest two buck Chuck will do the trick. For many others, its just not going to cut it. Luckily for the wine snobs of the world, there are people who painstakingly sip, spit, and evaluate wines to find the ones that are truly the best.

The American Fine Wine Competition has announced the winners for 2013. Details after the jump.

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Join the Gulp! Food and Libations Wine Pairing Event This Weekend in West Palm Beach

A wine pairing event presented by South Florida's Gulp! Club.
There it is, right there in front of you: a restaurant wine menu that's thicker than Tolstoy's War and Peace, and offers about 101 selections and varietals, all at varying price points. You're having fish for dinner and on a date / dining with wine-loving friends / trying to impress your boss, but really you have no idea what to order. You'd like to be able to pick the perfect merlot -- but should it be a pinot noir, instead? Or a cabernet? 

No matter if you're in a seedy bar where wine is two-for-one at happy hour, or out at the hottest new spot downtown. At times like this, wouldn't it help to know a little more about wine?

That's exactly how Gulp! Food and Libations founder Coreen Gottschalk felt when she ordered a glass of pinot grigio at a bar a few years ago. Just one sip and she knew immediately the glass in front of her wasn't the type of wine she had ordered. Gottschalk thought to herself if she knew more about wine -- including how to talk about it -- getting the perfect glass of wine wouldn't be a problem ever again. She asked a few close friends if they would be interested in wine education, too, and Gulp! Club, the area's exclusive food and wine pairing group, was formed.

Gulp! -- which stands for "gathering uvelloids and libation pairings" -- is now in its fifth year since forming in 2007. Uvelloid is a small cluster of ovaloid-shaped spheres, usually resembling a cluster of grapes. The purpose of the club is simple: help others learn about wine so they can enjoy drinking more of it.

Now you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about wine, too -- but without attending a pricey wine pairing dinner, or a boring class at your local Total Wine.

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How to Choose Champagne and Sparkling Wine, With Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch

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Overflowing with options?
Wine is a tough subject. Sparkling wine, even more so. Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Dry, Sweet, Extra Brut, WTF... the options are endless. The possibility for a hangover: potentially catastrophic.

New Year's is around the corner and whether you like it or not, you and your friends will be celebrating with some sort of sparkling wine. If you are looking to avoid a headache disaster, there are options.

Clean Plate Charlie speaks to Andrew Lampasone of Wine Watch about your guide for buying and enjoying sparkling wine.

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Holiday Wine Buying Guide: AFWC's Shari Gherman Recommends Different Wines for Every Budget

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The holidays... ah, the time of year when you are expected to attend at least one party per weekend, and you must bring something -- for your boss, secret santa, your great-aunt Sally, or just a friend of a friend throwing a party. The time of year when you're supposed to pick something out and present it to some random person you barely know. Luckily, there's always wine.

Shari Gherman of the American Fine Wine Competition gives us some recommendations on different wines for different budgets.

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Holiday Wine Buying Tips for the Beginner (Via Master Sommelier Virginia Philip)

LILA Photo
Virginia Philip knows what's up when it comes to wine.

Clean Plate Charlie isn't above formulating a holiday "wine plan" that consists solely of driving to Naples, pulling up to Trader Joe's, and loading the car with cases of Two Buck Chuck. But in case you want to class it up a bit at your holiday mixers, or when giving vino as a gift, Virginia Philip has a few easy, novice-friendly tips.

As a master sommelier and owner of Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy, Philip has made a living of explaining the art of wine consumption to people of all walks of life (and wine tasting experience). Her tips, after the jump.

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The American Fine Wine Competition: Tickets on Sale Now

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wine competition.jpg
Photo Couresy SER Media Group
Think you can tell the difference?
Fun fact: South Florida is second largest wine consumption market in the country. That can mean one of two things; we have a ton of drunks, or a large population of individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. Let's go with the latter.

If you're a wino or just an enthusiast of all things wine, the sixth annual American Fine Wine Competition is back. Many of the events are invite only, but we have the scoop on all of the events, public and private.

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