Vegan Drinks Night Kicking Off at Yard House in Hallandale

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Veganism can be a lonely affair. Sitting at the lunch table, you and your kale salad can feel pretty isolated alongside everyone else, with their pork rinds and turkey sammies.

Hence the introduction of Vegan Drinks Night, a kickoff event for the brand-spankin'-new MeetUp group, Very Vegan Miami. The event is going down at the Yard House in Hallandale Beach on Saturday, March 22, and we got all the the dirty details.

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Six Restaurants With Unlimited Mimosas Under $30 on the Weekends

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Let's face it - at the end of a crazy week, we all need a drink...or two or three (screw it, we'll take the whole bottle). If you want to keep your A.M. dinking classy, there's no better solution than the mimosa. So, we put together a list of six restaurants that serve bottomless mimosas that cost less than a regular meal would. But first, a little history on this popular drink.

Simply made but nonetheless elegant, the mimosa is most likely named after the yellow mimosa flower originally native to southeastern Australia, but widely cultivated for its beautiful blossoms in temperate regions all over the world. The genesis of mimosa the beverage is slightly less clear. A similar concoction called Buck's Fizz was created in 1921 at the Buck's Club in London, but contains much more orange juice than champagne. (Weak!)

In the 1920s, the Ritz Hotel in Paris, offered a much closer approximation of our modern mimosa, but whether they got the idea from Buck' Club or vice versa who knows. Yet another point of contention between the Brits and the French, no doubt.

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Ten Best Places to Party in Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break

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Ahhhh... Spring break -- That magical time of year when sex-thirsty collegiates throw caution to the wind and party like they're in a Rick Ross music video. For those planning to venture to the wonderful city of Fort Lauderdale, or those who are currently here, wondering why all the locals have been donning jackets, we've compiled a list of the ten best places to get one's drink on.

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Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale: Ultramodern Specialty Wine, Craft Beer Spot

All photos by Falyn Freyman
A good pour at Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale.

We're not exactly sure who coined the style of décor called "deco glam" or whether it should have ever been paired with the word "chill" (or invented), but we do know that Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale has a lot more going for it than aesthetics.

Ultramodern chrome accents, over-the-top neon purple lighting, and floral motifs all give off the air of trying a little too hard, but since opening this past December, this specialty wine and craft beer bar and lounge has earned a reputation for providing a trendy and lively atmosphere along with a menu loaded with unique and moderately priced drink offerings, all conveniently located right next door to the Gateway independent movie theater.

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Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach Adds Food Trucks and Brewery Tours

via Due South Brewing Co. Facebook
The folks at Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach discovered that hosting food trucks every Friday night was such a good idea, that they decided to have them on the weekends too.

From 5 p.m. 'til 9:30 p.m. this Saturday, On The Slide will be the first food truck on scene with its gourmet tacos and grilled hamburgers. 

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Denise Righetti Launches Summer Wine Series in Boca Raton

Steven DePolo via Flickr CreativeCommons
Lift your glasses to toast 12 weeks of summer wine.
Celebrate the summer Bacchus-style during a 12-week Downtown Summer Wine Series in Boca Raton. From July 17 to October 2, Boca-based foodie event organizer Denise Righetti invites South Florida wine lovers to explore a variety of summer wines from around the globe.

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It Ain't Shake Shack

A wide purple straw punctuates this indulgently sweet drink. It's not green tea flavored, but the avocado special. And special it is, resembling a blend of avocado and McDonald's once a year shamrock shake.

Those aren't chihuahua pellets lining the bottom of the cup. They're tapioca bubbles, of course. Once you discover where we're drinking, head over yourself, though I'd recommend a real tea or coffee rendition rather than fruity shakes. And hey: go easy on the sipping lest you choke.

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