Seven New Flavored Waters to Enhance Your Hydration

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That might be all "cool" looking and all, but believe us, it's tasteless and boring!

At some point, humanity discovered that water was essential to its well-being and that access to clean water was an important block in developing a community. The human body is approximately 60/65 percent water, and as such, its daily intake as a fluid or present in water-rich foods is corporeally necessary for good health. Nothing is quite as a refreshing as an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day after exercising or spending energies in similar activities.

Well, until recently, anyway.

Because for as much as water was perfectly OK, there came a point when humans (read: marketing and ad agencies) decided that water was a tasteless and boring liquid that could cause a complete shutdown of your brain due to its extreme inanity. And that was the rise of the "flavored waters" and hydrolyzing frenzy brought to a satirized light in the cheeky Mike Judge film Idiocracy.

Here are seven new waters looking to revitalize your body with their nutritious and, quite frankly, befuddling taste approaches.

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Cantina Laredo Debuts Five Dishes This Week

Ribs and fajitas.

What has passed off as "Mexican" cuisine in this country for so long has been an abject farce. Leave it to a certain fast food joint to try to homogenize an entire nation's food tradition into a simple-to-wrap, 30-item menu. Mexican food, real Mexican food, varies from state to state, maybe even from neighborhood to neighborhood. You could have an entire strip's worth of Mexican restaurants and never repeat an item in all the menus.

Cantina Laredo has never boasted itself as a definitive destination for all things Mexican, but as far as chain restaurants go, its modern take on Mexican cuisine has the right attitude. Sure, it's a little more expensive than that aforementioned chain with the dollar-disasters, but you do get a much more reputable serving of food.

Cantina Laredo's newest craze is a discovery of ribs, and as such, it will be debuting five dishes, three feature short ribs, at most of its restaurants. These will be available at the two locations in South Florida, Hallandale Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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Flagler Garden Broke Ground Sunday; Set to Grow Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale's Flagler Garden officially broke ground Sunday with a celebratory ceremony drawing a packed crowd. Construction is set to begin in October, and the project is slated for completion through phase two with a 60-day turnaround, says Rebecca Bradley.

Phase one and two will include constructing the 80 raised bed plots, a contemporary-inspired entry portal, irrigation systems, customized storage containers, deck space, and an educational facility.

"We developed a beautiful, contemporary design for the gateway fence and entry portal with the goal to create a special experience as people enter the garden," says Bradley of the proposed statement piece, which is intended to be visible to nearby traffic along busy Third Avenue. She's cofounder of urban design and landscape architecture firm Cadence.

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This Week in Beer News: Founder's Finds Florida, 100-Year-Old Beer, and the Spanish Death-Chug

CC Wikimedia/Ldingley
Beer is good, but don't chug yourself to death.
As we struggle to make sense of the world in this age of non-stop information, sometimes the only thing to do is sit back, crack open a cold one, and think about unicorns. But don't zone out on us yet.

If you love beer like we do, read on. We have found some of the strangest beer news out there this week and bundled it up in one easily digestible blog post you can read in less time than it takes to finish a pint.

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The African Diet Pyramid and Cooking Classes (Our Ancestors Ate Farm-to-Table Before It Was Cool)

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They knew how to eat.
How ever did our ancestors survive before the vast selection in the Publix frozen food aisle? Before the every-corner convenience of McDonald's? Before pizza delivery???

Well, they managed to slide by somehow, and probably for the better. In fact, according to food-friendly nonprofit Oldways, we should be digging into the past for some inspiration on how to eat better today.

Oldways, whose tagline is "health through heritage", is an organization that promotes healthy eating based on region-specific food pyramids. Most recently, Oldways has crafted a series of cooking classes around its African Diet Pyramid. The classes are currently being piloted in 15 cities across the U.S., one of which is right here in Fort Lauderdale.

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Trend Alert: Lava Grills at Coco Asian Bistro

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Photo:Kate Raynes-Goldie

There are two main reasons to visit The Harbor Shops on 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale: A) to stock up at Total Wine and B) to dive headfirst into the red bean and coconut sticky rice dessert from Coco Asian Bistro, the shopping plaza's chic, pan-Asian restaurant. The extensive menu is anchored with classic Thai dishes like Panang Curry and Pad Thai as well as  sushi and other Japanese dishes. Coco Asian Bistro opened just six years ago, yet according to owner, chef, and Thai native Mike Ponluang, the restaurant is due for a facelift -- or at least the restaurant equivalent of injectables.

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Five New Dining Options in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
Beef tenderloin special at Wine Dive
Several recent restaurant additions -- all newly-opened within the past six months -- are bringing more dining options to West Palm Beach. 

From a dive that's not quite a dive, to a few new Asian-themed eateries, downtown's Clematis St. in West Palm Beach is finally on its way.

Here, a list of West Palm Beach's newest establishments:
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Bravo! Gourmet Sandwiches Expands

Bravo Expansion.jpg
Enter Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich Shop during lunchtime any given weekday and you'll likely find owner Vanessa Fedak manning the front counter and her husband, Dennis, in the back at the stove. You'll also likely find a packed house eager to get its hands on one of Bravo's fine sandwiches.

Success recently spurred the couple to announce an expansion at their Wilton Manors location. Now complete, the dining room went from just 15 seats to a much roomier 55 seats. A few months prior, based on customers' pleas, the Peruvian menu expanded to feature popular dishes from the South American food capital. The Fedaks added lomo saltado, ceviches, and tacu tacu, among other items, to their list of gourmet sandwiches. A liquor license that will allow them to sell beer and wine is also in the works, likely just a few weeks away.

"Our sandwiches are still the favorites of our clients," Vanessa said. "We already started to fill the expanded dining room, especially on weekends."
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What's New and Not-so-new at D'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale

The calamari and escarole soup has made its return to the menu.

Earlier this week, Melissa McCart reported on the seasonal revamp at D'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale. While it's hard for those of us who live in South Florida to chart it at times, yes, indeed the seasons are shifting. Many restaurants will take it as an opportunity to shake things up a bit with their offerings. In the case of D'Angelo, this was less about subtraction and more about addition. They've introduced a few new items -- a build-your-own charcuterie board, for one -- and added a few items that were previously available but only as "off-menu" orders.  

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Boynton Beach's Sweetwater Bar & Grill: A Speakeasy Theme That Combines Classic Craft Cocktails With Specialty Microbrews

Sean Iglehart prepares a cocktail at Sweetwater.
​At the 6-month-old Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Boynton Beach, we dare you to find anything recognizable on the rotating cocktail and beer menu.

A quick once-over and you'll see there's not a single familiar favorite. No Cosmos, lemon drops, or mojitos -- not even a margarita. 

And forget about ordering a Bud, Miller Light, or any other basic, boring beer. Try and all you'll get is a snicker from the staff. They don't have that type of thing at Sweetwater.

Basically, this isn't your average bar -- and these aren't your average drinks. Instead, prepare for authentic classic craft cocktails brought to you by bartender Sean Iglehart.

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