Weird Food News: Salad Worms, Cheeseburger Sandals, and Jameis "Soda Bandit" Winston

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Our momma always told us not to play with our food, but we sure as hell can't stop laughing at it! From catching Jameis Winston stealing soda at Burger King to the always classy Waffle House parking lot sex, this is a round up of the weirdest food news we could get our hands on. And remember don't chuckle with your mouth full. It's dangerous!

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Toilet Snake Found in Starbucks Bathroom: The Unofficial Guide to Florida's Restroom Serpents

Categories: Weird Food News

still from Snake in Toilet via chris winters youtube
Why did it have to be a snake?
Recently, a man at a Starbucks in San Antonio, Texas, went to the bathroom and found himself face-to-face with a Texas rat snake slithering on the toilet seat. The man was unharmed, and the fanged reptile retreated to the dark abyss of the sewer system. But just last month, in Israel, a 35-year-old man was sitting on the toilet when a snake lunged at his genitals and bit his penis. The snake was later found to not be venomous (but that doesn't make it any less traumatizing).

Venomous or not, the toilet-snake phobia has been dismissed by most as folk legend, on par with the boogeyman. But toilet snakes are real, even in Florida. Maybe especially in Florida.

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Top Monsanto Executive and Bioengineer Robert Fraley Wins World Food Prize

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Ever heard of the Nobel Prize? Those highly prestigious awards that are handed out to individuals who have made remarkable headway in cultural or scientific advances. You know, people who do something to improve declining conditions in the world.

You've probably never heard about it before, but there is a World Food Prize, as well. It's kind of like the agricultural world's equivalent of the honorable Nobel -- except nobody knows about it.

People are going to pay attention this year: the prize was awarded to three biotech scientists -- one of whom is a top executive at Monsanto.

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Florida's Giant Snail Problem: Five Places to Get Escargot

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Mmmm, delicious?

National Escargot Day isn't until May 24, but there's no rule saying we can't get started early and we have a new reason to celebrate this fascinating French food. South Florida has a problem. A giant snail problem, to be exact.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, a recent report says that a total of 117,000 of these suckers, which hail from Africa, have been caught. They are deadly to local plant life and can blow out a car tire if you drive over them.

Wee don't suggest attacking the growth of the giant snail population by eating them, though. While other invasive species -- lionfish, for example -- are delicious, these snails are not the edible variety.

In fact, they spread disease. It's a shame -- just think of the escargot burgers! Since we're pretty much always thinking about food around here, it did get us wondering; Where can you get some good escargot in South Florida?

Here, we've found a five places in Broward and Palm Beach County that serve up the buttered slugs in a shell.

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