'VEDGE'-Inspired Vegan Feast in Fort Lauderdale This Saturday

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In cities like Philadelphia, there are world-famous, award-winning restaurants focused solely on vegetables. In South Florida, however, we're more about the pork than the pickled hearts of palm.

But in a tribute to our region's ever-expanding veg-curious community, French chef Alex Cheblal is whipping up a 10-course meal this Saturday in Fort Lauderdale based on the cuisine at Vedge (Philly's famous herbivorous eatery).

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Joey's Home Bakery: Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Paleo Baked Goods in Boynton Beach

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Photos by Nicole Danna
Joey's Home Bakery in Boynton Beach serves only gluten-free items.
Do you have a gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or diabetes? Do you follow a special diet that restricts you from eating grains or dairy? And do you hate the fact that you can't enjoy your favorite breads, pastries, cakes, and desserts because of it?

Well, bemoan the loss of gluten no more. If you're looking for a place that caters to saying "no" to ingredients like wheat, corn, sugar, milk, and eggs, look no further than Joey's Home Bakery in Boynton Beach.

As Palm Beach County's only fully- dedicated gluten-free bakery, Joey's Home Bakery offers a small storefront where you can purchase or special-order a variety of cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, and breads all guaranteed to be gluten-free. In addition, the bakery has a number of sugar- and dairy-free choices as well as an entire section dedicated to those who follow a vegan or Paleo diet.

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Whole Foods Coral Springs Hosting Vegan 'Healthy Brunch Club' This Sunday

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Courtesy of Whole Foods
Brunch is arguably the best invention ever. Breakfast + lunch = genius. Sadly, vegans don't get a lot of midday meal love. Buttermilk pancakes, eggs benedict and bacon are the stuff of most brunch menus.

Luckily, you can stuff yourself with meatless eats this weekend at Whole Foods' Coral Springs' healthy vegan brunch club. For just $15 a pop, you'll get to gorge yourself on goodies like tempeh bacon, herbed bread pudding and a mimosa, to boot.

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Vegan Drinks Night Kicking Off at Yard House in Hallandale

Sneakerdog Flickr/cc
Veganism can be a lonely affair. Sitting at the lunch table, you and your kale salad can feel pretty isolated alongside everyone else, with their pork rinds and turkey sammies.

Hence the introduction of Vegan Drinks Night, a kickoff event for the brand-spankin'-new MeetUp group, Very Vegan Miami. The event is going down at the Yard House in Hallandale Beach on Saturday, March 22, and we got all the the dirty details.

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Five Places to Eat Healthy in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Gnocchi Aglio e Olio at Farmers Table.
Put down the beef; pick up the veggie.

We've been hearing about the dangers of the Western diet for quite a long time. Heart disease, stroke, obesity: All can stem from gorging on burgers, fries, and ice cream. And although we know we ought to eat mostly plant matter, we've all had that veggie burger that is strangely reminiscent of cardboard.

Fortunately for South Floridians, the food scene has been changing rapidly over the past couple of years, with a surge in health-centered restaurants. A lot of new joints are using fruits and vegetables in creative ways, and even meatcentric restaurants are offering lighter options and creative veggie dishes. The salubrious fare sprouting up at these wellness hot spots won't benefit just your waistline; it will excite your taste buds as well. From vegan to gluten-free to just plain wholesome food, some nourishing grub can be found at our favorite nutritionally sound eateries. Get a bite.

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Healing Through Food: My Organic Juice in Boca Raton

My Organic Juice
So far this year, we've reported on the growing number of juice bars, the booming trend of cold-press juicing, and followed one food blogger through a three-day cleanse. To add to the healthy-wave, My Organic Juice in Boca Raton is the latest cold-press juice company to open in the area, an all-organic company that uses only local produce to make each of its 13 drinks.

Not quite ready to try juicing? If you're feeling down, sluggish, or just a little off, it might be something to consider. For My Organic Juice vice president, new recipe specialist, and health guru Chelsea Silverman, juicing wasn't always an everyday thing either.

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RawStock 2013: Vegans Unite Saturday at Hippocrates Health Institute

Hippocrates Health Institute
A couple enjoying Rawstock 2012 at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach.
This weekend, don't miss a day of peace, love, music -- and raw vegan eats -- during Rawstock 2013. This Saturday, November 2, Hippocrates Health Institute, South Florida's own alternative health institute, will be celebrating its annual health and wellness event where wheatgrass, raw food, and holisitic health rule.

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Vegan Meal Delivery in South Florida: DeliverLean with SexyFitVegan Ella Magers

Carma PR
Ella Magers
There once was a day in which people actually cooked for themselves. Unless its for special occasions, that day has come and gone.

Whether it's eating out with friends, picking up some Chipotle on the way home, or pizza delivery, it seems like no one cooks on weeknights anymore -- and it's pretty hard to maintain a special diet without doing so.

If you haven't heard or done so yourself, a number of people have turned to meal delivery services. Easy enough for most people, but vegans, not so much.

Now DeliverLean has teamed up with SexyFitVeganTM Ella Magers to offer daily delivered vegan meals.

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JuiceBerry Owner Alex Asadullaev: Rainbow Cleanse Starts With Green Immunizer

Nicole Danna
A "health shot" combo of lemon and ginger topped with cayenne pepper.
The next time you're in the mood for something fast, easy, cheap and tasty, don't settle for traditional fast food. If you happen to be in the Boynton Beach area, swing by JuiceBerry, instead.

One part juice and smoothie bar, one part vegetarian-vegan lunch stop, JuiceBerry is serving up fast, fresh and easy nutritional chow, according to owner Ardasher "Alex" Asadullaev. Also the chef, Russian-born Asadullaev was once responsible for all seven restaurants at the Mardi Gras Casino complex in Hallandale Beach, honing the skills he learned while attending military school in Uzbekistan by cooking all manner of cuisine as the casino's executive and saucier chef.

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VeganNOMMs: Florida Teen Creates Vegan Recipe App

A Florida high school graduate created her own vegan recipe app known as VegaNOMM.
The next time you want to cook something healthy, plant-based and animal-free, why not download an app to help you get delicious recipes in a hurry?

Thanks to Sheri Grooms, and her newly-released app known as veganNOMMs, you can get easy vegan recipes downloaded right to your phone. The app, which she submitted to Apple for approval in June, is now available for download, and includes recipes for all types of snacks including "cheese" cakes, muffins, pancakes, bread and protein bars.

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