Valentine's Day in South Florida: Everything You Need to Know

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Wikimedia Commons/Jacopo da Ponte
Saint Valentine baptizing St. Lucilla
So, knowing what we do about about the Catholic Church, saints, Christianity, and religious types in general, getting people laid on February 14th probably wasn't what St. Valentine had in mind - nor the Vatican when they beatified him.

The story of St. Valentine is complicated, vague, and steeped in mysterious history. There is also more than one St. Valentine, but the story connected with romantic love is the Valentine who was imprisoned for performing marriages for Christians who were being persecuted by the Romans. Even from his cell, he kept marrying folks.

How that evolved into red heart boxes full of chocolate, chalky little candies, and scandalous lingerie... Well, that was probably our fault. But, hey! It sure is fun.

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12 DIY Valentine's Sweets for Your Sweetie From Pinterest

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Learn how to make these adorable kiss brownies from TheFrugalGirls thanks to Pinterest.
Psst, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. For the procrastinators, CVS and Target quickly run out of sought after velvet heart boxes of treats, leaving nothing but bags of candy that scream I-love-you-but-I-just-don't-prepare.

Butter up your sweetie pie with some homemade goodies from Pinterest, It will look like you slaved in the kitchen for days, but really whipped it up in minutes.

You don't have to join Pinterest to browse for recipes and ideas - and beware falling down the blackhole where you just wanted to find one cute thing and look up twelve hours later wondering why the sun is down.

To save you from such a fate, we did it for you.

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Ten Best Chocolate Beers -- Seduce Your Valentine!

What's better for a beer snob than chocolate on Valentine's Day? Chocolate beer.
For beer snobs, their love of beer comes in a close second only to their true loves. But there is nothing that says "I love you" more on Valentine's Day than getting them a six'er of chocolate beer.

Brewers make chocolate beers in a variety of ways, whether adding chocolate to the brewing process or using chocolate malts. The style usually comes in the form of a stout. The flavor of chocolate stout is rich and tasty and the smell is aromatic. When chocolate beer hits your lips, it's like an alcoholic chocolate explosion. 

Here are the top ten chocolate beers to look for in area stores (listed in no particular order).

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The Sybarite Pig: Buy a Beer for a Stranger

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Valentine's Day can really suck. Whether you're celebrating by yourself or with someone special, it's one of those holidays that tends to bring on the pressure. If you're single, you probably couldn't feel more alone. If you're a couple, you probably feel like you have to pull out all the stops.

The Sybarite Pig wants to help you de-stress with some Valentine's Day focused events. If you're single, the bar is hosting a kind of share the love night tonight. If you're a couple, it's featuring a relaxed craft beer dinner. 

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3800 Ocean Offering Up Swanky Valentine's Day Dinner Packages

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3800 ocean valentines day.jpg
Tricia Woolfenden
End on a sweet note at 3800 Ocean.

The choice of a Valentine's Day date destination isn't as life-altering as deciding what college to attend or what style of dragon for a neck tattoo, but for some couples, it's a pretty damned big deal. If your relationship is in the "February 14 is super meaningful" camp, it may pay to cough up the funds necessary to net a premium table at a (really) nice restaurant.

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Valentine's Day 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward: Restaurant Deals for Your Sweetheart

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If you're like most people these days, you probably go out to eat fairly often. However, as skilled as you may be in picking out the hot new restaurant, there is one day of the year in which you better impress.

Valentine's day is coming soon. And we have the list of hot places to check out with your special someone after the jump.

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Valentine's Day in Palm Beach County: Restaurant Prix Fixe Options

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You're supposed to show your affection to the one you love 365 days out of the year. On Valentine's Day, you're supposed to pull out all the stops.

If you're looking for a way to impress the love of your life -- or of the moment -- here are some cool options for multi-course prix fixe Valentine's meals.

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Pollo Tropical's Valentine's Day Deal Offers Cheap Dinner for Two

pollo tropical valentines day.jpg
Courtesy photo
Dinner for two, without the white-linen-tablecloth price.

In a fantasy existence, snagging primo -- yet somehow affordable -- reservations at a classy restaurant on Valentine's Day would be a cinch. Or maybe in this magical land, Valentine's Day wouldn't even exist.

Alas, here in the very real world of overbooked dining rooms and -- let's be honest here -- sometimes overpriced prix fixe menus, V-Day in a restaurant can be an expensive pain in the ass. Pollo Tropical's holiday special may offer a solution for folks who don't care about fancy settings and fanciful ingredients.

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Romance Your Sweetie With Riverwalk's "Love in the Park" Valentine's Dinner in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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LITP 1.jpg
It's already time to start thinking about the next holiday and Valentine's Day -- Thursday February 14 -- is it. 

In fact, you might already have noticed red and pink heart-shaped boxes on a stand in the store as you stood online exchanging a Christmas gift. 

America, land of perpetual holidays.

So, you might as well give in and start making plans. Sure you could go for the classic romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

Or you could do something a little more unique for the object of your heart's desire. Perhaps, a quiet dinner in the open air, under the stars.
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