Naked Juice Class Action Lawsuit: How to Claim Your $45 Without Proof of Purchase

CC Flickr/Thirteen of Clubs
Naked Juice: not as natural as advertised.
After Naked Juice was sued in 2011 for deceptively labeling its products and accused of using GMOs in its ingredients, the company settled for $9 million, leaving consumers the option to claim up to $45 without any proof of purchase.

If you purchased a Naked Juice product between September 27, 2007, and August 19, 2013, you are entitled to receive some compensation from Naked Juice's parent company, PepsiCo, for being deceived. To file your claim, you must go to the Naked Juice class action settlement website and fill out an online form and they (supposedly) will mail you a check.

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Cycle Party: Beer Bicycle Tour Is Like A Pub Crawl On Wheels

cycle party small.jpg
Via Cycle Party on Facebook
Here in South Florida, we like to booze it up on the beach, on boats and even on bikes. We'll drink almost anywhere, anyhow we can, really. And while you may have seen a bike pub crawl or two making its way around Fort Lauderdale -- we're betting you've never seen 15 people seated on a bike/bus/mobile party.

Cycle Party, as described above, is a concept new to Florida, but not to the Northeast, or Europe, where it appears to have originated. And now that it's come to Fort Lauderdale, this might be the best thing ever.

See also:
- Bike Man Ray Strack on Cycling, Art, and Music in Fort Lauderdale
- Ten Worst, Most Morbid Songs to Listen to While Riding Your Bicycle

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I Am in Soromance with Nigella Lawson, Judge on The Taste


Nigella Lawson is, in my opinion, the best and most enjoyable celebrity foodie one can watch on television. There's just something humble and earthy and sweet about her, without being cloying. You get the feeling as you watch that you are seeing the real person, with very little polish put on for the cameras.

In fact, Nigella Bites, the program through which I first fell in soromance (sorority + romance = soromance, similar to a bromance, but for chicks) with Nigella Bites, was filmed in the kitchen of her actual home. She cooked in a casual way, tasting as she went. It made cooking seem... sensual and I couldn't run out and buy her book, "How To Be A Domestic Goddess," fast enough.

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Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding: Dinner Theatre that Goes Beyond the Third Wall

cast of joey and marias comedy italian wedding.jpg

A big fat Italian wedding calls for a big fat Italian feast. If you like your theater to come with a side of dinner -- and you don't mind a little breaking down of the third wall -- Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding is the show for you.

Having run for 20 years or so, Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding is perhaps the longest running show of its kind. Not just dinner theater, but interactive dinner theater, the show incorporates the audience into the show as guests at the wedding and, at times, even involves them.

The Fresh Theatre Project Company will be putting on the show from February 1 through 24 at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. The play is only loosely scripted with most of the characters ad-libbing their lines. The Fresh Theatre Project has taken the creativity another step -- beyond the third wall and onto a Facebook wall.
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Blazing Herbs: Local Company Sells Herbs You Can Smoke

herbs about to be rolled.jpg - Blazing Herbs
We know what it looks like, but it's not.

While the legalization of marijuana does seem to be an increasingly likely eventuality, it's not exactly around the corner. Only two states have decriminalized it and federal law still bans it. And while the states and the feds fight it out, prospective employers probably still won't look kindly on a failed drug test, even if you are in a state where it's halfway legal.

All the legal drug alternatives have slowly turned out to be not very good ideas from bath salts to the latest, kratom, which New Times wrote about recently.

But not to worry. We live in a world filled with other types of smokable flora that are all natural, perfectly safe -- probably already in your kitchen.

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Checkers Old-Munchen Reopens in Pompano Beach

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Packed house for Checkers' re-opening.
The much-loved German restaurant Checkers Old-Munchen re-opened for a packed house this past weekend. Eager customers threw back boots of beer or slowly filled up on drinks thanks to an eight-part beer tasting menu.

Nearby was a German buffet, which staff struggled to keep stocked, as the dining room chowed on three different types of sausage -- chicken and apple, pepper and cheese bratwurst and knockwurst, spaetzle, potato pancakes, two types of sauerkraut and a German cucumber salad.

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Roberta's: On The Privilege of Eating Delicious Things

​My favorite restaurant in the universe is Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn. It has been my favorite since I began dividing my time between New York and South Florida in January 2011. I'd read about the place on Yelp, slobbered over its peerlessly intriguing menu -- the fascinations of which begin but in no way end with magnificent pies -- and hungered for the place for months, sight unseen. The day I arrived in the city, red-eyed and sleep-deprived, piloting a massive Penske truck through New York's post-blizzard highways, I took a nap, a shower, grabbed some fresh clothes from a box, and walked there. It was everything I'd hoped. 

Roberta's opened four years ago near the ugly, post-industrial border of Williamsburg and Bushwick. It was a warehouse, more or less. People sat communally at picnic tables and ate the products of a massive red wood-burning pizza oven that dominated the open kitchen near the front of the dining room. When the New York Times first visited the place, Roberta's was BYOB and hadn't yet turned on the gas: all non-pizza items were cooked on hot plates. By the time I arrived, the cooking had undergone a considerable evolution. As the front kitchen pumped out pies and calzones, a kitchen in back produced foie gras with caramel and black pepper; lamb cooked sous vide with transparent mint gelatin; sweetbreads with some kind of sweet and toothsome white sauce; agnolotti with black truffle and cheese; angel hair pasta with cockles; sea urchins with pairings undreamt of in Japan or anyplace at all beyond this once-desolate patch of Brooklyn.
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The Gentlemen's Starbucks Rant (Video)

We love to hate Starbucks.
Last month we told you the tale of the barista who was fired from Starbucks after writing a most excellent song about how it feels to serve caffeine to douchebags for a living.

Frankly, nothing he sang was shocking - I mean even Clean Plate Charlie knows he'll burn in a special coffee-roasting level of hell for all eternity because he spend thousands of dollars at Starbucks instead of donating money to help orphan puppies.

But, as with most things, the barista rant was one sided. It only spoke for the barista. What about the poor patrons of Starbucks?  We have to go through some terrible shit too. Remember the time you asked for a vanilla latte and got hazelnut instead?  Traumatic!  Or the time you actually received a drink with full-fat milk instead of skim?  Heinous!

Los Angeles-based JLE Productions released The Gentlemen's Starbucks Rant. Watch four men tell us why they hate Starbucks (in a most gentlemanly fashion) here:

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South Florida Bars and Restaurants Recycle Liquor Bottles to Make Brandles Candles

​The next time you head to the garbage to toss out that empty liquor bottle - think again. 

Why? Because that Corona would be so much better off on your coffee table instead of in the trash.

At least for local entrepreneur Bryan Turner - owner and founder of Brandles. For him, all those empty bottles from last night's party are more than just the cause of your blacked-out hangover. They're also how he started his own business.

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