The First Thanksgiving Was in Florida, Not Plymouth Rock

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*cHARLIe 2112(^:*/Flikr Commons
This is not the first Thanksgiving.
Stop stuffing the turkey! Stop mashing the potatoes! We've had it wrong all along, the first real Thanksgiving was not at Plymouth Rock in 1621. It was 50 years earlier in Florida.

The strife of our country's first colonists as they sailed on the Mayflower seeking religious freedom is a crucial part of our nation's history. And in 1621 when they feasted with the Wampanoag Indians over poultry and maize, it was a sign that the worst was over. Every fourth Thursday of November we re-create that initial Thanksgiving.

But, according to one author, it was on September 8, 1565 that the first Thanksgiving actually occurred in Florida.

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Craigslist Ad Pranks Broward Man About 100 Free Thanksgiving Turkeys

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USMC - LanceCpl. Paul Torres/wikimedia creative commons
There's no such thing as a free turkey.
Conie White, 56, does not know how to use a computer. Hell, he doesn't even know how to use his cell phone. But since 11:30 a.m. over 150 people have called him inquiring about free thanksgiving turkeys.

An ad was put on Craiglist saying that 100 free turkeys are being given away and his number is listed. It could just be a typo, but White suspects it's a mean prank, especially since, this Thanksgiving, he doesn't have enough money to buy a turkey for himself.

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Ten Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner in Palm Beach County

Ogilvy Public Relations
Thanksgiving at Seasons 52? It's open Thursday, November 28, this year and will be serving a prix fixe menu until 8 p.m.
This year, forget the long lines at the grocery stores, the piles of dirty dishes taking over your kitchen, and all that sweating and laboring over the stove.

Instead, why not take the drama out of your Thanksgiving dinner by taking the family to one of the many dozens of local restaurants preparing a special holiday meal? It's all the mouth-watering memories you'll ever need -- without the cleanup!

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Black Friday Specials in South Florida: Due South Brewing and RA Sushi

Tricia Woolfenden
THIS is the stuff of Black Friday dreams.
Happy Thanksgiving. Ideally, your holiday is being spent gathered around a table (or bar, if that's more your style) sharing food and drink with people you love, or at least tolerate. Here's hoping you won't be losing any valuable family- and recovering-on-the-couch time by getting in line for early-early-early bird specials this evening: Black Friday can wait. Whether or not you intend to hit the sales on Friday, there are a few places you can catch food and drink specials in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Find those Black Friday deals after the jump.

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Roy Villacrusis Will Cook Thanksgiving Dinner at Gray Mockingbird Community Garden (All Are Welcome to Attend)

Tricia Woolfenden
Brian Kirsch surveys the work at Gray Mockingbird Community Garden earlier in the season.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about togetherness, gratitude, and other feel-good platitudes, so what better location for a Turkey Day feast than a community garden? The Gray Mockingbird Community Garden in Lake Worth will host a holiday pig roast from 2 to 5 p.m. Thursday and all are welcome to attend.

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Raw Thanksgiving Recipe: Butternut Squash and Apple Soup from Rawsome Eats Chef Nina Kauder

mcb_smith via Flickr Creative Commons
Do you like it raw?

Busting out a raw, vegan recipe for Thanksgiving probably seems incongruous given that the holiday basically centers around cooking a dead bird for hours on end. But in case you want to add a lighter option to the menu or you just got word that your health-nut sister-in-law is coming to dinner, raw food private chef Nina Kauder has a recipe for "a simple and quick soup" that she promises is the "perfect dish for most everyone."

Kauder, creator of Palm Beach County based Rawsome Eats said her Thanksgiving-appropriate butternut squash and apple soup is gluten-free, as well as free of soy, nuts, and dairy. "All you need is a knife and a blender," Kauder said.

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Thanksgiving Food Drives in South Florida: Ways You Can Help Fight Hunger in Your Community

Thumbnail image for canned_goods_krossbow.jpg
krossbow via Flickr Creative Commons
Instead of letting this sit in your pantry for another six months, why not donate it to someone who could use a hand right now?

When Isaac first started making eyes at Florida back in August, you went overboard on the last-minute hurricane supply frenzy. Now your broom closet is stuffed with so many cans of baked beans and bottles of ketchup that you're starting to feel like one of those "Extreme Couponing" ladies. Instead of hoarding a bunch of food you'll probably never get around to eating, why not lend a hand to someone who could use a little help around the holidays?

Feeding South Florida has plenty of great information about how you can help locally. Organizations like Boca Helping Hands and The Pantry of Broward, and many, many others make it easy to donate money and canned goods any time of year. Or, after the jump, find a few other creatives ways to help fight hunger in your community.

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Where to Party for Thanksgiving Eve 2012 in South Florida

Spend Thanksgiving Eve with the Copa girls.

It's a given that Wednesday, November 21, is going to be a non-stop party. After all, Thanksgiving Eve is one of -- if not the -- biggest bar night of the year. While you're pretty much guaranteed to find a crowd (and lots of college kids) where ever you go, there are a few places in Broward and Palm Beach counties that are planning a little something extra. After the jump, find a roundup of pre-Thanksgiving parties, because what would Turkey Day be without a little hangover.

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Awesome Thanksgiving Recipe For Sweet Potatoes From The Rebel House's Michael Saperstein

Rebel House
The sweet potato "velvet" at Rebel House puts all other yam dishes to shame.

Everyone knows that nine times out of ten, the Thanksgiving sides are better than the main attraction (perhaps because there's so many creative ways you can totally screw up the turkey). Step up your side game this Thanksgiving and give a new spin to a T-Day classic: Sweet potatoes.

Chef Michael Saperstein of Rebel House -- a restaurant that is just killing it with the creative vegetable dishes -- was kind enough to share the Rebel recipe for sweet potato velvet with toasted lime marshmallows. It's a seasonal dish the restaurant introduced for the fall and it's delicious (and very dessert-like). After the jump, find the simple and inexpensive recipe. This version serves four, but you could easily double or triple it for a larger gathering.

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Restaurants Serving Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinners in South Florida: Darbster, Sublime, and Le Bistro

WishUponACupcake via Flickr Creative Commons
If this is the only turkey you plan to consume on Thanksgiving, we've got some dining suggestions for you.

For people who'd prefer to coddle, not cook, a turkey, Thanksgiving can be hell. Yeah, yeah, it's nice to see the family and wine is fun and all, but there's only so many helpings of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie one can handle (trust me, I've tried, and the number is much smaller than one would hope or imagine).

A smattering of restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties have your vegetarian back this holiday season by offering meat-free Thanksgiving Day feasts. Be sure to make reservations, stat. These places are likely to fill up.

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