Send a Drink Through Your Smartphone With AirTab

Courtesy of Perfect Vodka
When someone buys you a drink at a bar, there is no excuse to avoid taking the offer, especially when there is AirTab, a new app that lets you take that drink for a later time.

The app, which debuted Monday, allows users to buy someone a drink remotely and have the recipient redeem it whenever they want.

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Food Network's CityEats Bringing Text Alerts, App as Alternative to OpenTable

It's nothing new, but technology is changing the way we do everything. We order cabs via apps, follow directions through our cell phones' GPS, find recipes online -- you could probably go on forever.

Now, a new website and app, CityEats, by the Food Network has brought restaurant dining reservations to another level. In addition to numerous industry-side benefits, the platform features an app and text alerts for consumers.

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Five Food Bongs: Stoners Stroll Through the Produce Section

curvefevercom 346rasgb8_rasta_glass_bong_in_case_gb-8_17cm__0.jpg
Who needs one of these? Just stroll through the produce section.
While most of the country seems to be moving in the direction of legalizing marijuana, Florida's esteemed legislature is -- as it often does -- heading in the opposite direction of progress. The bong has been banned in Florida - for now, at least.

But stuffy lawmakers always underestimate the ingenuity of the average stoner. They might seem like lazy layabouts, but that's just 'cause they're high a lot of the time.

When it comes to getting that way, potheads channel their inner MacGyver. These Reefer Mad Scientists can create a smoking apparatus from almost anything and the food has long been a source for inspiration.

Here are five ways to get your smoke on, no crass commercialism necessary.

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iPhone App Claims It Can Detect If Food Is Organic: A Local Organic Farmer Weighs In

Walmart Stores via Flickr Creative Commons
Those peppers seem suspicious? Poke some holes in 'em and see what your iPhone has to say about it. 
Ever get the sneaking suspicion that corporations -- or hell, even the mango vendor at the local farmers' market -- are conspiring to use your fear of ingesting chemicals to get you to spend more money on food? Those who worry that they're being misled about the veracity of certain "organic" claims will soon have a pricy tool to protect themselves; at least in theory.    

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The Perfect Egg Timer iPhone App Review

Want a perfectly cooked yolk? Read about the cheapo app that gets you there.

Clean Plate Charlie's adoration for food and drink is rivaled only by a love of the iPhone and its ability to simultaneously improve and destroy each and every meal.

In the effort to help our readers wade through the inexhaustible sea of food, drink, and dining-related applications available for use on the iPhone and iPad, we will offer semiregular reviews of food apps.

This week's inaugural review is of the Perfect Egg Timer. Details about the application -- and images -- after the jump. Know of an app that we should check out? If so, be sure to leave the recommendation in the comments section.
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