Girl Scout Cookies: There's an App for That, Seriously (Video)

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Via Digital Cookie Google Play Store App
Screen shots from the Girls Scouts' Digital Cookie App for Android.
The Girl Scouts have found their way to the digital age -- probably using a compass they made from a cork, a needle, a magnet, and a bowl of water. (That's 12 years of Girl Scouting and countless badges, right there.)

The days of door-to-door cookie sales are pretty much behind us in this, the era of pearl-clutching helicopter parenting. Now, the intrepid young entrepreneurs can mostly be found sitting at tables outside of grocery stores, gyms (if they're smart), and marijuana dispensaries (if they're really, really smart) under constant parental supervision.

But thanks to that smartphone burning up your pocket, the Girl Scouts have found a new way to find you with their diet-ruiningly delicious cookies wherever you are.

Yes, there is -- as they say -- an app for that.

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Green Bar & Kitchen Now Serving Soy-Free, Dairy-Free Soft Serve Ice Cream

Courtesy of Green Bar Kitchen
Cutest. Baby. Ever.

Everyone's favorite green and gluten-free Broward County eatery has added something new to their dessert lineup: Green Bar & Kitchen is now serving soy-free, coconut-based soft serve ice cream. Yum!

Their first flavor is key lime, and they'll have lots of others in the months to come -- the perfect sweet treat for the soy-intolerant .

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Six Places to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream in South Florida for National Ice Cream Month

Instagram user gosavgo courtesy of Green Bar

Summer days were made for ice pops and swirly soft serve. And with National Ice Cream Month upon us, now's the time to start debating favorite flavors and that age-old question: chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

Unfortunately, indulging in frozen treats isn't as easy for the lactose-intolerant and vegan eaters among us. Luckily, we've done the legwork and sought out the best spots to score dairy-free ice cream and desserts in South Florida. Bon appetit.

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Krispy Kreme Launches New Coffee Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme
Coffee and doughnut meet cute. Have baby.
While nutritionists and your mom stress eating a healthy breakfast (usually consisting of fruit, Greek yogurt, and something with fiber in it that tastes like either warm gruel or cardboard with soy milk), we crave warm doughnuts fresh from the oven, served with a piping hot cup of Joe.

Krispy Kreme
has heard our deepest desires with the introduction of their new coffee doughnuts. The treats are available for a limited time and are the result of what happens when your favorite baked pastry falls in love with a morning beverage.

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Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor Potentially Houses America's Best Restroom: Vote Now

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Visit Florida Editor/Flikr Commons
You're not a true Palm Beach County resident until you use this bathroom.

Forty-seven flavors of ice cream is pretty cool, and so are the hand painted tickle-me-pink walls. The giant kaleidoscopic lollipops and miniature choo-choo train are worthy of shout-outs too, but the bathroom at Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor is where the magic happens.

The glass wall exposes the toilet throne to the entire parlor. But to the mystification of patrons, once the door handle is locked, the transparent barrier opaques and your intimate bathroom rituals remain concealed.

The word has gotten out, and the Palm Beach bathroom has been inducted into Cintas' Bowl Games where citizens will vote to determine America's best bathroom. We understand it's a democracy, but our 561 street cred is on the line, so we urge you to vote, press refresh, and then vote again. Polls close October 31st.

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Zombie Ice Food Truck Serves Cold Treats So Good It's Spooky

All photos by Carlos Fierro.
Zombies might want to eat your brain and take over the world. But at Zombie Ice Food Truck the only cerebral damage you'll experience is in the form of a brain freeze. And that's only if you eat it too fast --which will probably happen because it's ginormous, sweet, and dripping in trippy colors.

Owners Carlos Fierro and John Place opened their spooky shaved ice food truck two and half years ago. They boast 12 zombie-inspired flavors and incorporate Fierro's South American heritage by adding condensed milk to some. Almost the size of your face, these ice treats are decorated to look like human brains.

Be warned, if it looks like you're eating brains, you could be mistaken for a zombie. Symptoms include a brightly-colored tongue.

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At Mustard Seed Bistro, Mother of Four Bakes Flavorful Cupcakes

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Lara Boyd
Lara Boyd (second from right) with her smiling family.

When the Boyds opened their quaint, French-inspired eatery Mustard Seed Bistro, they underestimated the potential of Lara's baking because it was her husband, Tim, who was at the culinary helm whipping up bison tenderloins or tomato risottos with mushrooms. But within the first year, Lara began to experiment with recipes and would bake a batch of 15 cupcakes every day.

Four years later, Lara now bakes almost ten times that many cupcakes a day and sells out before close. Sometimes, customers walk in and head straight to the bar to place an order of cupcakes without even glancing at the menu. Her husband, of course, playfully rolls his eyes at her cupcakes' quick success and supports her completely.

Lara has received offers to appear on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and multiple cookbook deals. But Lara prefers to keep her cupcakes a hobby and not a career so that it stays fun and allows her plenty of time to take care of her four children.

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Pie On a Stick, Chocolate Fountain, and Old Fashioned Candy Bar at Sweet Tooth Soiree, April 12

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sweet tooth soiree truffles.jpg
Courtesy of Sweet Tooth Soiree
As kiddos, our well-intentioned parents made us choke down our broccoli at dinner before we got a bite of the real evening attraction: dessert. And as grown ups, we inflict the same torture on ourselves, often without the sugary reward. After all, being an adult means swimsuit season, calorie-counting and rabbit food. Sigh.

But sometimes, you just gotta throw off the shackles of healthy living and let your kid flag fly. Hence the brilliance of Sweet Tooth Soiree, a dessert and drinks event coming to Gulfstream Park on April 12. Think pies on sticks, truffle-making demos and yummy cocktails, too.

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How to Make a Candy Buffet for Your New Year's Eve Party (via Kimberly Hale of Extraordinary Sweets)

Shauna Young Dessert Tables
Ring in 2013 with a little bit of sugar shock.

Kimberly Hale has the kind of job that every kid (and sugar-addict adult) would fantasize about. She spends her days playing with candy. Or rather, carefully arranging well thought-out, highly customized candy buffets for weddings, showers, parties, and other special events as coordinated by her Florida-based business Extraordinary Sweets. So, basically playing with candy. Clean Plate Charlie reached out to Hale for some tips on how to put together a kick-ass candy buffet for your New Year's Eve party.

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Recap of Sixth Annual Sweet Dreams at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (Photos)

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All images by Tricia Woolfenden
A little booze to go with the sugar binge.

Even the most sugar-crazed sweets addict probably had to take a knee at some point during the sixth annual Sweet Dreams, which went down this past weekend at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek. To call the dessert-focused special event decadent would be a gross understatement. I'll be eating nothing but plain, steamed kale for a week in an effort to cleanse my veins of the sugar syrup that replaced my blood (did I mention there were a bazillion sweets?).

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