Sushi Song Opens in Downtown Fort Lauderdale; Lunch Service Starts Today

All photos courtesy of Sushi Song Facebook
South Florida certainly has no dearth of sushi options.

From high-end spots on Las Olas to tiny takeout, there seems to be a place serving up the Japanese cuisine on every block.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is, for some reason, the lone exception to that rule. The walkable district has plenty of burger and pub grub options but few lighter, healthier alternatives.

Just last week, however, the Himmarshee Street bar district got its first late-night sushi bar, the latest outpost of Sushi Song.

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Spaghetto Launches Curbside Pickup and Delivery in Davie

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Photo courtesy of Spaghetto Facebook page
We're all busy these days.

Between work, school, kids, bills, and all the annoying time-consuming details of life in general, most of us are looking to squeeze as much extra time as we can out of day.

As lazy as it sounds, taking the time to go into a restaurant to pick up food on the way home from work can seem like a huge pain.

Spaghetto in Davie is now assisting in our laziness (and lack of time) with a new curbside pickup and delivery service.

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Sergio's Cuban Restaurant Coming to Fort Lauderdale Airport, Expanding Into Broward

All photos courtesy Sergio's
Airports are not known for being havens of gourmet food.

Although many are starting add food-driven concepts intended to highlight the cities' culinary scene, the vast majority serve mall food and prepackaged goods.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport recently announced it would be adding a bunch of new concepts to its roster.

Sergio's Cuban Restaurant, which specializes in healthy Latin American fare, is opening its doors on April 1 in Terminal One.

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Next Door Launches Drive-Through Coffee Service, Expanded Hours of Operation

Thumbnail image for drive-thru-brew-courtesy-c-and-i.jpg
Photo Courtesy C&I Studios
Across the world Americans are stereotyped as being lazy -- we'd like to think we're just busy, actually.

We have drive-throughs for just about everything: fast-food, car-washes, banks, pharmacies, convenience stores, dry-cleaners, and topless doughnut shops. (Seriously, that last one used to exist in Fort Lauderdale. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.)

Let's just say, if there's a something you want, someone will bring it straight to your car.

Recently, Brew Next Door at C&I Studios launched a drive-through coffee service right out front of the shop.

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Grille 401 Revamps With Sushi and Sake Bar

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Photo courtesy of Kip Hunter PR
There once was a day in which people would scoff at the mere mention of raw fish; sushi was considered an exotic cuisine for risky foodies.

Those days are surely gone -- the Japanese staple is now one of the most common food items to be found across restaurant menus in South Florida.

With an image-conscious population like ours, it's no wonder: Raw fish is low in calories and high in nutrients -- and freaking delicious -- a win on every front.

Grille 401 is the newest concept to add a sushi and sake bar to its list of offerings.

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American Social Named "Best Bites on the Beach" at SOBEWFF: Secret Code for Discounted Bites

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Courtesy Photo
South Florida is no stranger to food and wine festivals -- during season we seem to host one every weekend.

Although we're more than happy to attend any event that involves gorging ourselves for hours on end, one such fest is bigger and more celeb-filled than all the rest.

A couple of weeks ago, the South Beach Food and Wine Festival brought together some of best-known celebrities, most highly respected chefs, and local restaurants for a jam-packed weekend of food and drink activities.

And one Broward Restaurant, American Social, was named Saturday's "Best Bites of the Beach" by our sister paper Miami New Times' Short Order.

To celebrate the honor, the spot is now offering a deal on its voter-chosen dish.

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Paula DaSilva Hosting Brunch Series at 3030 Ocean Starting This Month

Thumbnail image for 3030_Ocean_Ricotta_Stuffed_French_Toast_with_Blueberry_Sauce_via_brustman_Michael_Pisarri.jpg
Photo courtesy Michael Pissari via Brustman Carrino
Fresh Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Blueberry Sauce
When it comes to complete relaxation, brunch is the ideal choice.

How often do you get to kick back with a drink during the day while sitting in the sunshine for hours, picking at foods that will most like you send you straight back to bed?

If you're doing that on a Monday, we'd like to know your secret. Just sayin'.

Starting later this month, one of Fort Lauderdale's best chefs is starting up a pop-up brunch series for the next three months.

That's right, 3030 Ocean's Paula DaSilva is starting a Sunday Brunch Favorites series with a changing menu comprised of fresh seasonal ingredients.

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Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria Opening Coral Springs Location

The Buzz Agency
Nick's white clam pizza.
Neapolitans have strict rules and regulations for using the designation Pizza Napoletana -- there is an entire nonprofit sanctioned by the Italian government dedicated to making sure the term is applied appropriately.

Chicagoans are fiercely devoted to their signature deep-dish pies.

And New Yorkers, fuhgeddaboudit; those maniacs will go to bat for their beloved thin crust.

No matter which way you slice it, everyone is serious about his favorite style of pizza.

Broward County is about to get its newest specialty pizza place. Nick's New Haven is opening a second location in Coral Springs.

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Bocce Wine Bar & Tapas Bringing Modern American Fare to West Palm Beach

All photos by Libby Vision
South Florida is full of transplants.

If we had to guess, we'd say one percent of the population was actually born here. (Also, did you know that 84% of statistics are made up on the spot? True story.)

Quite frankly: we think it's a good thing.

For one thing, the different influences have a positive impact on the diversity of food -- and we don't just mean international cuisine.

On March 8, one of the pioneers of the new Providence, Rhode Island restaurant scene (which is known for being top notch), Bob Higginbotham, is opening a new concept in West Palm Beach.

Bocce Wine Bar & Tapas is bringing modern American fare, craft beer, artisanal cocktails, and boutique wines to the western edge of West Palm.

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Thierry Beaud Is Opening a French Bakery and Cafe on Clematis

Paneterie facebook
You've heard the saying, "When it rains, it pours."

That's usually a bad thing - unless each droplet is and amazing new eatery.

Lately, it's been raining new restaurants and bars on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm -- or it's about to be soon.

We just broke news about the third reincarnation of Lost Weekend moving down the block.

We're awaiting the opening of the new outpost of former Miami hotspot Pawn Shop Lounge and Rodney Mayo's new coffee shop (details coming soon).

And now we have yet another concept to be excited about.

Thierry Beaud, owner of Pistache French Bistro and PB Catch, is opening Paneterie, a cafe and bakery right next to Palm Beach Dramaworks.

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