CityPlace Versus Brewzzi: The Troubles Continue

While this story has all the potential narrative trappings of David and Goliath, the truth seems closer to the harried dealings of taking care of an elderly relative who has gone fully into dementia with a lawyer's number on speed dial. Last year, CityPlace had a dispute with Brewzzi concerning the language of its lease and took it to court. A settlement was quickly reached, and it has been business as usual for both entities ever since.

That is, until recently, when shoppers and patrons looking to get their lunch fix at the award-winning brewery/eatery found it barricaded by mall security and the lights turned off. As it turns out, CityPlace had not received the satisfaction it had sought and moved in that morning with the Sheriff's Department to try to evict the restaurant from the locale it has inhabited for the past 11 years.

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Should 83-Year-Old Home Be Torn Down for Dunkin' Donuts Parking Lot?


Here's a tough one to analyze. On one hand, West Palm Beach's kitschy and charming Antique Row neighborhood will lose a building that's suited for the environment's d├ęcor, and on the other, a hazardous road condition could be improved. 412 Avenida Alegre, located behind the Dunkin' Donuts on 3501 S. Dixie Highway, was built in 1931 and from 2005 until February of this year was inhabited by Mary Johnson, was purchased by the Ocean 11 LLC, and could be torn down in favor of the doughnut shop's parking lot expansion plans.

This is the same shop that was witness last year to a police-involved shooting when Officer Gene Picerno, himself no stranger to legal troubles, fired a shot at a hammer-wielding suspect in the early hours of April 13. This is also the same neighborhood that saw former Supervisor of Elections Theresa "Madame Butterfly" LePore's brother Joseph pull a firearm on a taxi driver and police officer following an altercation concerning the use of his driveway as a u-turn site. Avenida Alegre is a dead end, and, as such, residents have long suffered the use of their driveways by Dunkin' Donuts' patrons.

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Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe's Revamped Menu is a Bounty of Informed Americana

Categories: Restaurant News

Grilled Veggie Sandwich, good for carnivores and quieting vegetarians.

Founded in London in 1971 by Americans Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, the Hard Rock Cafe brand will be celebrating its 43rd year of operation this weekend with a three-day birthday bash showcasing their love for music and food. Owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida since 2007, Hard Rock continues to focus its legacy through music and memorabilia, operating 175 locations in 53 countries, with the newest addition opening next week in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Four decades in the business do not come without hardships and Hard Rock has managed its viability by adapting through the years without going the radical route of other companies or following culinary trends. Through the great American export of rock and roll, the brand has always maintained an association with "Americana" and as such, big, bold flavors pair with comfort in a setting worthy of inducing Fred Flintstone into one of his legendary brontosaurus rib comas.

Ahead of their celebratory weekend, Chef and General Manager Scott Jacobs made a majority of his new menu available for sampling and it was hard not to fall under the hypnotic joviality of his excitement for the product. A twenty-one year veteran of Hard Rock, Chef Jacobs is a tall man with an easy smile that is backed by the wonderment of culinary possibility usually seen in newbies joining their first kitchen line.

Here are some highlights of the tasting dinner.

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The Restaurant People Opening Fork & Balls on Las Olas: Balls of all Shapes and Sizes

Categories: Restaurant News

Photo courtesy the Restaurant People
For decades, good meatballs have been reserved for little old school Italian places with checkered table cloths and prosciutto hanging from the ceiling.

Not anymore.

The Restaurant People, the group responsible for Tarpon Bend, YOLO, and S3, are about to open a new kind of ball shop next month.

Fork & Balls will be offering a casual bar scene with a wide variety of balls.

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Casa D'Angelo Launches New Menu: More Seafood and Handmade Pastas (Photos)

Categories: Restaurant News

All photos Sara Ventiera
Chargrilled prawns and artichokes
Ah, spring. Bikini season is officially here. For the rest of the country. It's always here, but... well you get the idea.

As we approach summer many a restaurant is lightening its offerings to keep the hot (we mean temperature) and scantily clad happy for the beach season.

To celebrate the change in weather and bounty of the season, Casa D'Angelo in Boca Raton has released a new menu with a myriad of refreshing and dietary conscious dishes as well as more handmade pastas -- 'cause why not?

We went to in test out the new selections.

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Dubliner Fort Lauderdale Closed; Bull Market Opening on Thursday

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Downtown Fort Lauderdale has seen its changes over the past decade.

From Broward's premier bar scene to victim of the failing economy to slowly resurrecting nightlife and dining destination, the area is finally starting to make a comeback.

And even more changes are on the horizon. Subculture Group's Dubliner Fort Lauderdale was recently sold to the Creative Kitchen Group, owners of Whiskey Tango in Hollywood.

Director of Operations John Todora gave us the scoop on the new concepts (it's going to be three) and a timeline for the changes.

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Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee Opening First Location This Month

All photos courtesy Rhino Doughnut
Maple and Bacon are coming to town
The world is a mixed bag of different people and experiences. We come from different countries, different cultures, different religions, different socioeconomic statuses. Heck, most of us seem to have a signature specialty diet these days.

As diverse as we may be, there's one thing we can all agree upon, doughnuts. (If you don't, we just can't help you. Sorry.)

Fortunately, those sweet little circles of fried dough are all the rage these days -- we can thank our friends maple syrup and bacon for that.

And South Florida is just about to receive it's newest specialty doughnut and coffee shop later on this month. Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee is opening its first location in the coming weeks.

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Fire Hits South Shore Tavern and Patio Bar This Morning

Categories: Restaurant News

Anna Maria Windisch-Hunt via facebook
It looks like something dodgy may have gone down at South Shore Tavern and Patio Bar this morning.

Fire crews were called to the popular Lake Worth bar in the early hours of the morning to extinguish the flames. According to reports, authorities are suspecting foul play.

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Himmarshee Public House Starting Sunday Brunch Party This Week

Exposed PR
Sunday is supposed to be all about continuing the party from Saturday night -- if you're not, like, 80, anyway.

Really the only thing you should be thinking about when you wake up on the first day of the week is a) Where's the ibuprofen and b) Where to go get your drink on for the day (alright, two things, actually).

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is about to get its newest Sunday Brunch Party this week; Himmarshee Public House is opening its doors for a new breakfast/lunch hybrid.

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Chef/Owner Laurent Tasic of Sage French Cafe Opening Two New Concepts

Categories: Restaurant News

Gustavo Roja
For frequent visitors, it's no secret that Union Planters Plaza (the shopping center that houses Whole Foods Market and d.b.a./Cafe on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale) has been undergoing a major face-lift for the past year or so.

New shops and yoga studios have set up shop. And the former walkway has been turned into a patio with outdoor tables and grass.

One of the center's longest inhabitants, Laurent Tasic, chef/owner of Sage French Cafe, is taking advantage of the changes; he's currently working on two new concepts.

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