DeliverLean Prepping for Bikini Season With Light Meal Plans (Recipe)

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Luca Mengoni via Wikimedia Commons
Pool season is almost here
Unlike our northern brethren (many of whom are currently expecting buckets of snow), South Floridians are privy to beach days throughout the year.

Even so, it gets a bit chilly -- and lately rainy -- through the winter month, which sends many of us slightly-weathered-sun-worshipping-skantliy-clad-folks indoors for weeks on end.

FYI: if it's below 70 degrees, we do wear clothes (mostly).

With mid-February here, we've hit the halfway mark to warmer sunnier weather, which means the bikinis and board shorts are about to come out again.

You should probably do something about that winter beer belly.

DeliverLean is now offering three-day Spring Forward Meal Plans designed with 1,200 to 1,400 calories to help stimulate your metabolism and increase weight loss.

We got them to divulge one of their light recipes for coconut shrimp cakes with pineapple salsa for you to make at home.

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Super Bowl Party: Create This Epic Edible Stadium

Edible stadiums are a thing.
Are you a serious Super Bowl party host or hostess? You may think so, but if you're just serving chicken wings and burgers, you're not.

Serious football fans serve their guests an epic football stadium -- all edible, of course.

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The Great Chicken Wing Hunt: Movie and Recipe in Time for Super Bowl Sunday

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt
One man's obsession with wings.
Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. May we suggest subbing out the pre-game show with a movie?

Actually, it's not just any movie. It's a movie about one man's search for the best chicken wings in America -- our favorite kind of movie.

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt is the story of journalist Matt Reynolds. While on assignment overseas, it seems the Upstate New York native missed chicken wings....badly.

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Drink Warm Beer On Purpose This Holiday Season (Recipe)

Jeremy Tarling, Creative Commons
Simmer down, now.
Warm beer. No, I'm not talking about that can of Pabst that's been sitting on the counter for days, but an honest to hops notion of serving a beer this holiday season that has been warmed. I am referring to the imbibing of a mulled beer - to warm and add spices and sweetening to it.

Now wait, before you storm off in protest, claiming that 'ice cold is the way beer is meant to be served', let me say that until modern refrigeration, beer was made and kept in beer cellars, where temperatures fluctuated depending on the time of year - people drank beer at whatever temperature it was served at, not giving it a second thought.

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