An Ode to the Bean on Jump for Jelly Beans Day

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And mind you, that's all we're doing today because July 31 is "Jump for Jelly Beans Day" and not "National Jelly Bean Day." That was way back on April 22. To jump for jelly beans is to show one's love for the delightfully whimsical bean-shaped confections.

Did you know that jelly beans trace their lineage to Turkish delight and Jordan almonds? Keep that in mind the next time you're feeling all groovy with 'Merican jingoism when you see old footage of Ronald Reagan scooping mounds of the candy into his maw in the war room.

Jelly beans are also thought to have gotten their popularity boost back during the American Civil War when a Boston-area confectioner by the name of William Schrafft advertised his candies as the perfect package of sugary comfort for soldiers in the front. All these tidbits aside, no one around here and certainly in the ever-so-credible internet has any clue as to how the jumping business came about. We don't want anyone choking while jumping but here are three of the more popular jelly bean makers for you to choose from for your celebration.

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Iceland Brewery Makes Beer with Whale Meat

CC Flickr/Panamericanatour
Don't worry, he's only inserting a beer tap into the whale's skull.
If geography was any indication of beer geekdom, then the people of Iceland will soon be able to drink a beer made with whale meat.

Steojar Brewery has partnered with Hvalur, a whaling company, to brew a 5.2 percent whale meat lager that hearkens back to their Viking brethren. Brewery owner Dagbjartur Ariliusson said the beer is made with, among other things, whale meat. The beer is meant to coincide with their annual mid-winter festival honoring the Norse god, Thor.

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World's First Lab-Grown Hamburger To Be Eaten Today, Live Feed from London

CC Wikimedia/NoNo
Can you have meat without killing animals?
Can you eat meat without having to kill the animal? Mark Post, a Dutch stem cell researcher, thinks you can and on Monday he will present the world's first lab-grown hamburger at an arts fair in London.

But don't take a bite just yet, the patty purportedly has cost about $375,000 that was grown in a lab at Maastricht University.

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LeftoverSwap App Lets You Trade Leftovers With Strangers

CC Flickr/Kathleen Franklin
Never let your leftovers go bad again with the LeftoverSwap app.
Got leftovers but you don't want to throw them away? Or are you hungry, broke, lonely, have a smartphone, and need a bite? If so, luckily, there is an app for that.

LeftoverSwap is a new smartphone app that solves these problems. Basically, it's like social networking with food scraps.

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Honey Boo Boo Gets Busted for Selling Girl Scout Cookies Via Facebook

Categories: Really?
Alana Thompson via Facebook
OMG -- They're in Florida! Quick! Hide the Go-Go juice!
Honey Boo Boo and Mama June have turned their ridiculous antics and eating habits into an entire industry. From a few appearances on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras (where we meet Honey Boo Boo and her fondness for Pepto-Bismol-colored pageant outfits and Go-Go juice), the miniature pageant queen has turned into a household name -- and an industry.

So we weren't at all surprised when Alana Thompson (AKA Honey Boo Boo Child) took to her Facebook page to market Girl Scout cookies to her 703,091 fans -- even though the pig-loving princess from McIntyre, Georgia, isn't a Girl Scout herself.

According to TMZ, Thompson had been selling the cookies via Facebook to help out a friend. As an added inventive to purchase said cookies from Boo Boo herself, each box of treats was personally autographed by the entire Honey Boo Boo clan. We found the following post on Honey Boo Boo's official Facebook fan page:

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Smoking Boxed Wine? Competitive Eater Kevin Strahle (a.k.a. L.A. Beast) Does It

Categories: Really?

LA Beast
Kevin Strahle, aka the "LA Beast" smokes alcohol with a bicycle pump, cork and plastic water bottle.
Losing weight and drinking alcohol don't go hand in hand. Just ask New Jersey resident Kevin Strahle, who recently released a YouTube video giving step-by-step instruction on how to "smoke" alcohol vapors to get drunk without the bothersome need to ingest calories through binge drinking.

Even though the amateur competitive eater isn't the first person to smoke alcohol on the Internet, he does appear to be the first guy to do it with popular drinks like FourLoko, champagne and a J├Ąger Bomb (a shot of J├Ągermeister and Red Bull mixed together) on his YouTube account. And he's definitely the first guy to ever smoke a box of wine.

Which is why we decided to share Strahle's (otherwise known as the L.A. Beast) video here...

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Chicken Wing-, Chili- and Beer-Flavored Cupcakes for Super Bowl Sunday

Categories: Food Fun, Really?
Benny Costello
The famous chicken wing cupcake.
This year, why not make your Super Bowl party extra sweet with a fresh-baked batch of chicken wing, salsa and chip or pepperoni pizza-flavored cupcakes? With bleu cheese buttercream frosting, beer flavored batter or salsa-infused cakes, these specialty desserts aren't really dessert at all, but more like a mini-meal in the form of a tiny cake, complete with savory sauces and real dressings or dips. 

They've made the news in recent days, an idea whipped up by Rachel Cocca-Dott (yes, it's her real name, a hyphenated combination of her maiden and married name), who opened her eponymous cupcake shop, Coccadotts Cake Shop, outside of Albany, New York in 2006 with her business partner Matt O'Connor. Her goal: to make custom cakes and desserts for weddings and special events.

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Jungle George's Exotic Meats Returns to the South Florida Fair

Categories: Really?
Jungle George's exotic meats will be available at this year's South Florida Fair.
Are you wild? Wild enough to eat chocolate-covered scorpions and crickets? If you are, Jungle George's Amusements will be serving up a variety of exotic meats and animals for you to try at the 101st South Florida Fair next week.

This will be the rare and exotic food vendor's second year at the fair, and they're ready to serve you whatever crazy critter eats your stomach can handle. What started as a weird attraction that would deliver that "wow" factor quickly became a profitable business for owner "Jungle" George Sandefur, who started his exotic meat and food truck trailer several years ago. Since then, he's travelled the country serving up all manner of miscellaneous meat.

How does one start an exotic meat business? About four years ago Sandefur, a California resident, said he was challenged to eat some bizarre foods at the California State Fair. Never one to shy away from the unusual, he obliged -- and a business idea was born.

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Wynkoop to Release Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout Made With Bull Testicles

via Wynkoop Facebook
There are some things that cannot be unseen.
It's times like these -- when one needs a really good joke about tea-bagging -- that one wishes Clean Plate Charlie had Daniel Tosh on the payroll. Wynkoop Brewing Company out of Colorado announced this week that it will begin nationwide distribution of its infamous Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. "Rocky mountain oyster," by the way, is a euphemism for deep-fried bull testicles and the beer is brewed with 25 pounds of the local delicacy. Thirsty yet?

Fox News -- who already used all of the good quips about balls -- reports that the brewery will begin nationwide distribution of the beer later this month. It will be sold in cans, but only in two-packs, because Wynkoop is really seeing this joke all the way through.

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Foodie Fragrances: Pizza Hut Perfume, Burger King Body Spray and a Stilton Cheese Spray

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Only 100 Facebook fans received a bottle of Pizza Hut's exclusive "scent."
Ever hear someone say you smell good enough to eat? Or have you ever loved your favorite fast food restaurant so much, you could literally smell it a mile away? Kind of like your ex's favorite perfume or cologne? 

Well, if you ever dreamed of the ability to smell the aroma of fresh-baked bread, or a hot-from-the-oven chicken parmesan, here's your chance to get creative.

A few chain restaurants recently began concocting their own signature line of fragrance. While we can't guarantee you'll be able to find a bottle of Burger King's body spray at Walmart, you can find an entire line of fragrances dedicated to grub available online. 

Of course, you'll have to get some ideas, first. Let us help you. Here, Clean Plate Charlie offers up some of the most unique food fragrances, beginning with Pizza Hut Canada's own signature scent.

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