World Market & Cafe in Hollywood: Eastern European Foods and a Taste of the Old Country

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All photos by Zachary Fagenson
World Market & Cafe.
I tried to get the story behind World Market & Café out of owner Mikhail Galkin. He refused to talk, and instead challenged me to peruse the Eastern European market on Federal Highway in Hollywood, and see if I could find anything familiar. Indeed I did.

I spied sliced pickled red beets, a snack I munched on as a child after school. Cardboard boxes in coolers held smoked trout, their smell and bronze color reminiscent of the smoked white fish my family used to eat on weekends and holiday. There were even small jars of pickled herring in cream sauce, a well-loved snack in my family, but one I won't touch

After proving my bona fides to Galkin he smirked and said "these are like old movies."

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South Florida's Top Four Prix Fixe Picks for Summer

prix fixe taste.JPG
Before there were one-night pop-ups, followed food trucks, and celebrity-chef-preferred dives, the best way to get a taste of something unique and fleeting was a sampling of a restaurant's creative favorites culled to create a tasting menu.

In France, it's referred to as a table d'hôte. In Japan, a teishoku. And, in Spain, the menú del día. Stateside, we simply call it prix fixe. 

No matter what the name, it all means the same thing: a set meal at a set price -- and (most often) for a pretty darned good deal. 

To get you pointed to the right prix, Clean Plate Charlie has found some of the best set menus around. From III Forks in Palm Beach Gardens to Coco Asian Bistro in Fort Lauderdale, here are our top picks for prix fixe fare this summer. 

They are:

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Fort Lauderdale Sonic and Seattle Starbucks Serving Alcohol to Boost Sales

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Fast food restaurant chains looking to add alcohol to the menu to boost sales keep coming to South Florida as a testing ground. 

First it was the Burger King Whopper Bars, which placed two of the chain's six locations pairing beer and burgers in Florida. 

Now Sonic Drive-in is getting in on the act, targeting a soon-to-come restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and a Homestead location that opened in June as the first of its 3,500 locations to serve beer and wine. 

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Order Up: The Circle at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach

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View a slideshow of The Circle at the Breakers Resort here.

circle small.JPG
Photo courtesy of The Breakers
The Circle dining room

This week's review in Dish, we visit the 25-year celebrated Sunday brunch at The Circle at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach.
Researching where to find worthy brunch spots for Mother's Day (see our complete list here), gave us excuse to splurge at the historic Breakers Hotel. The brunch is pricey, $90 per person, but it arguably has the largest selection of superbly prepared food items within a 100-mile radius. The experience of dining in this extravagant hotel, complete with Renaissance images painted on the vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean, makes it all worthwhile.

Here's an excerpt from our review.

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Order Up: Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar

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View a slideshow of Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar here.

calypso shrimp brushetta.jpg
Candace West
Shrimp Bruschetta

This week's review in Dish, we revisit the 21 year-old Pompano staple, Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar located inside an unremarkable strip mall off Cypress Rd.

Husband and wife owners Chuck and Lora Ternosky, pride themselves as operating a casual fish house for foodies. It has been 10 years since New Times last visited Calypso, and still not much has changed. The same island decor decorates the bar and dining area and a similar menu serving fisherman favorites remains. Forget the rising prices of conch, Calypso still offers it -- get it grilled, cracked, in chowders, salads, and/or fritters. If the fresh fish isn't enough to warm you, the friendly hospitality sure will.

Here's an excerpt from our review.

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Order Up: SAIA

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Thumbnail image for tamari scallop.jpg
Candace West
Tamari scallops: Rich, premium, soy-moistened scallops and crabmeat wrapped in tuna.
This week's review in Dish, we check out Asian fusion restaurant SAIA at the newly refurbished B Ocean Fort Lauderdale Hotel.

The new eatery located just off the beach on the corner of A1A and Sunrise Boulevard features small plates intended to be shared communally. Not only are we impressed with the delicious dishes but the cocktails are equally inventive. SAIA invested in special instruments that create slow-melting ice cubes for drinks. Try the fire soju martini infused with jalapeño and agave (Asian soju is a distilled beverage similar to vodka). Or order an after-dinner cordial, and watch your server create a perfectly sculpted ice sphere from a Japanese copper molder. Because the ice is so dense, with a two-inch circumference, it chills a drink without watering it down. 

Here's an excerpt from our review.

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Order Up: Dos Caminos

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dos caminos queso.jpg
Candace West
Cazuela De Queso Fundido: served with grilled chorizo and fingerling potatoes
This week's review in Dish, we check out the Mexican mini-chain, Dos Caminos at the newly refurbished Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel.

Is the new restaurant in the old Yankee Clipper on A1A? Yep, it sure is. Quite a curious choice for a trendy chain given other locations in hip areas of Manhattan and a luxury hotel in Vegas. Despite the fanfare associated with its other locations, Dos Caminos struggled to impress in Fort Lauderdale. Particularly, when three out of four diners got ill. Warning: There is a section in the second half of the review that squeamish readers may want to skip. 

Here's an excerpt from our review.

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New South Florida Food Truck Wants to Feed You for Free!

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fire within food truck seth and melissa (Medium).JPG
Seth and Melissa Bryan of Fire Within Food Truck
The Fire Within -- a new food truck still under construction -- needs help hitting the road.

Chef husband-and-wife duo Seth and Melissa Bryan are itching to run their own eatery, but the costs of a traditional restaurant weren't something they could afford. "The overhead of a brick-and-mortar restaurant was not something we were willing to take on, so we decided to put it on wheels, but the start-up costs so far have depleted our savings."

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Deal of the Day: Up to $40 Food and Drink at Argentango in Hollywood

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​Hungry for a good deal? 

Who isn't these days -- but if you're serious about eating fantastic food at a palatable price (and we're betting you are), look no further than Hollywood's Argentango Grill

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Armony's Pizza in Plantation: Breakfast Pizza, Zeppolli (Zeppole), and More

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small pizza.jpg
Nikki Braverman
Vegetarian slice from Armony's.
Business partners Tony Angotti and Armin Mihandoust are no strangers to the restaurant industry. In fact, both worked together as teenagers in Angotti's family's pizzeria. Angotti has been making pizza since age 12, and Mihandoust started at 15. Eventually the two found themselves in separate careers and lost contact with each other.

But years later, they ran into each other. They also found out that they resided close to each other and started reminiscing about the old days working in the pizza shop.

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