CityPlace Issues Eviction Notice to Blue Martini

Photo by Candace West

Well, here's a piece of advice to anyone who wants to open any kind of remotely trendy bar and/or eatery who doesn't particularly want to (a) succeed, (b) establish a "good" relationship with the landlord, and (c) appear in local news for the wrong reasons: Open a shop at CityPlace!

Last month, we reported on Brewzzi having continuing problems with the popular shopping center that started back in 2013 concerning the language of their lease agreements. The tit-for-tat lasted until earlier this month, when the mall evicted the award-winning brewery/restaurant and sent its employees to remove the signage and any trace of its existence. Brewzzi enjoyed 11 years of operation at CityPlace, and while marketing director Archie Stoltz found the proceedings "odd and unusual," they did try to work things out.

Well, things quite didn't work out for them, and now we are hearing the same song played on the dance floor, only this time CityPlace has a different dancing partner, Blue Martini.

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Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria Celebrates Its Coral Springs Grand Opening Tonight


Before anyone gets into any sort of celebratory mood, let's first get on the same page when it comes to a proper Neapolitan-styled pizza, which is what Nick's New Haven-styled pie is all about. Though the variant in Connecticut has transmogrified over the years in the Italian-American community, their apizza (pronounced "a-beets") dough, a 20-year-old jealously guarded secret, follows the basic principles of the Neapolitan's pie-building block. A right combination of yeast, flour, and salt yields the perfect balance of crisp and chew when primed in the catalyst of the coal ovens.

Just the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings that never, ever, under any circumstances veers into the SUV-sized proportions of your more vulgar pies rounds out this simple yet elegant pizza. That's New Haven-style, and Nick's Pizzeria & Bar has been serving it with a smile to the good people of Boca Raton since its "Dragons," the affectionate nomenclature of its coal ovens, first fired up in 2011. Now in a bout of common sense, they have brought it down south to Coral Springs.

That's how you know you're dealing with un Napolitano verissimo.

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One Door East Opening This Fall: Global Tapas, Creative Cocktails, and Craft Beer by the Owner of Valentino Cucina Italiana

Sara Ventiera
Valentino Exec Chef/ Owner Giovanni Rocchio
Fort Lauderdale residents: the food gods have answered your prayers -- or ours, at least.

Giovanni Rocchio, executive chef/owner of one of Broward County's best restaurants Valentino Cucina Italiana, is opening a new concept this fall.

One Door East, situated one door east of Valentino, will serve chef-driven global tapas, creative cocktails, and craft brews in a casual setting come November.

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Delux Celebrating Its Final Weekend in Delray Beach, New Concept Honey Opening This Fall

All photos/renderings courtesy Sub Culture Group
The interior of Delux in its current form
This weekend marks the final in operation for one of downtown Delray Beach's few late night clubs, Delux. The nightclub, which opened in December of 2001, will be closing to begin renovation on a new concept and reopening in September as Honey.

Delux has occupied the space once known as 32 Degrees -- and the Back Room Blues Club before that -- for more than a decade. According to SubCulture's Scott Frielich, Delux had a successful and long-lived run in downtown Delray Beach, hosting dozens of memorable events and special guests including the Miami Heat, and Gwen Stefani with No Doubt.

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Yonutz: Gourmet Maple Bacon and Tres Leches Donuts Come to Sunrise

All photos by Laine Doss
Yonutz: Yo, gourmet donuts in Sunrise.
A few days back I made a rather stressful trip to Ikea to return a few items and purchase some more. After waiting in the Motor-Vehicles-type line to exchange some extra items, I then had to wait in another queue to buy the things that I should have purchased in the first place. Driving out two hours later, I noticed a sign with the following equation:

Yonuts = gourmet donuts + gelato & soft serve treats.

This was math I could get into. Plus, after a trip to big-box retail hell, I deserved a treat.

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100 Montaditos Now Open at City Place in West Palm Beach

All photos by Nicole Danna
A plate of montaditos, or tapas-style sandwiches, at 100 Montaditos in West Palm Beach.
Tapas, the art of dishing out small plates, has become a popular concept in the U.S., with bars and restaurants springing up in cities across the nation dishing out their own version of a sharing menu. However, most Americans don't know the history of tapas -- exactly how, and why, the tiny dishes originated.

Many historians believe tapas began as a way for Spanish farmers and field workers to stay nourished during the long work day, taking small meals accompanied by wine or drink every few hours. In modern Spain, tapas are seldom served without alcohol, and are not meant to be a meal in themselves. Likewise, there are no tapas restaurants -- only tapas bars, encouraging a culture of "tapeo" where people meet and mingle to enjoy drink and food in a lively atmosphere.

Although tapas can literally be any type of food, in Spain not all tapas are created equal. The way the food is served and presented, as well as the type of ingredients used, determine whether or not the fare is considered a tapa (snack), pintxo (food on a stick), racion (dish), plato (main plate) or montadito (food served on bread).

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Apura: Cold-Pressed Juices, Cold Brew Coffee, and Handmade Nut "Mylks" Coming to Boca

All photos courtesy Gab Group
Apura's Gorgeous Kale Salad
After half a century of eating processed, pre-made garbage, Americans are finally starting to wake up from the toxin-filled slumber of terrible dietary habits.

The pendulum has swung from mass-produced drive-thru burgers (that may or may not actually be derived from a cow) to organic quinoa and kale -- score one, for the medical system.

While we've seen the rise of health-conscious eateries spring up in Broward and Palm Beach Counties over the past couple of years, as far as we're concerned (along the rest of the nutritionally-informed population), there's plenty of salubrious space to go around.

Boca Raton is about to get, yet another, healthy dining option in the next few months. Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse is bringing cold-pressed juices, cold brew coffee, handmade nut "mylks," and plant-based dishes to town.

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Tilted Kilt Plans Four Other South Florida Locations

Tilted Kilt facebook
Tilted Kilt, the Arizona-based chain that features servers dressed in a cross between naughty schoolgirl and Gaelic sex kitten, is opening four more locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

In May 2013, Fort Lauderdale-based TKSF Management Group, created to bring Tilted Kilt to South Florida, opened the first Broward location of the beef-and-beer establishment in Hallandale Beach.

In October 2013, the company announced plans to open an 8,500-square-foot space on four lots, taking over 201, 207, 215, and 219 S. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale, with a late summer opening date planned.

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CityPlace Versus Brewzzi: Curtains Close for the West Palm Eatery

Over the last couple of weeks, West Palm's CityPlace and their tenant, Brewzzi had been in a tit for tat wrangling concerning the nature of their lease agreement. These troubles began in October of last year when both parties went to court and resulted in what was deemed an amicable resolution of their troubles. That was until Friday, June 20, when CityPlace, accompanied by the Sheriff's Department moved in on the locale and temporarily shut it down until that afternoon when a judge ruled in the restaurant's favor.

It was a lukewarm feeling that best described the resulting feeling between the entities but as Brewzzi's Archie Stoltz told us, the actions were initially confusing to the restaurant and deemed illegal by a judge so the restaurant reopened their doors that same afternoon, a little past the 4 p.m. mark in time for dinner service. CityPlace however, continued their efforts to evict the restaurant by effectively removing them from the mall's website.

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LeBron James-Backed Blaze Pizza Coming to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton

Blaze Pizza via Facebook
Blaze Pizza is coming to Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.
Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza, a California-based build-your-own-pizza chain, announced it is entering the South Florida market with three locations to open over the next year.

The company specializes in personal pizzas baked in hot, open-flame ovens by "pizzasmiths" who ensure that the thin-crust pies are "fast-fire'd" in less than 180 seconds.

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