Meat and More at Pompano's Mexican Supermarket

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
This is the good stuff.
You're unlikely to spot the simply named Mexican Supermarket while speeding down Atlantic Boulevard. It's on the backside of yet another Broward County strip mall, requiring you to turn your head at least 90 degrees to catch a glimpse.

If you do see it you'll know where to go next time you need dried ancho chilies or uncured pork belly, however you'll find much more than that.

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World's First Lab-Grown Hamburger To Be Eaten Today, Live Feed from London

CC Wikimedia/NoNo
Can you have meat without killing animals?
Can you eat meat without having to kill the animal? Mark Post, a Dutch stem cell researcher, thinks you can and on Monday he will present the world's first lab-grown hamburger at an arts fair in London.

But don't take a bite just yet, the patty purportedly has cost about $375,000 that was grown in a lab at Maastricht University.

See Also: Hey Vegans - How About Some Lab-Generated Meat?

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Collapsing Lungs Singer Starts Line of Rock-Inspired Chef Gear: Diced Republic

Categories: Meaty Attire
Image Courtesy Diced Chef Gear

Back in the nineties, there was a strong local music scene in South Florida. Bands such as Marilyn Manson emerged from the area to garner international fame--not just for the music. Darrin 'Big B' Beni played a big part in the local scene as one of the vocalists for the band Collapsing L.U.N.G.S.--the band was originally started by a former Marilyn Manson band member. In the band's heyday, they could be found touring with House of Pain or Cypress Hill. At one point, Limp Bizkit opened for Beni and the band.

Beni, who is also a trained chef, has recently combined his two creative outlets together by starting a new line of chef coats that are rock-inspired: Diced Chef Gear.

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Country Chow Down: Ribfest in Huizenga Plaza

Categories: Meaty Attire
There's something to be said about cold beer, country music, and barbecue ribs -- it just puts you in the all-you-can-eat, whistling "Dixie" kind of mood. So round up your cowboy boots and line-dance your way over to the Ribfest in Huizenga Plaza.

With the help of country music promoter Joe Gehl and the Downtown Development Authority of Fort Lauderdale, the festivities will be held from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, June 1, and 1 to 10 p.m. Saturday, June 2. Hugh's Catering is the official rib vendor and will offer four 

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New Times' Meaty Indulgences of 2011

Categories: Meaty Attire
Whether you're in day two of Hanukkah or gearing up for a Christmas binge, now's the time for eating indulgences. Across the blogosphere, folks shout out to their favorite eats of the season, such as the Huffington Post's favorite food vices and the New York Times' memorable holiday meals.

Some of our most decadent dishes of the season and the year involve obscene displays of meat. We've rounded up this year-end slide show to whet your palate. Vegetarians, shield your eyes. Carnivores, behold: an array of meaty indulgences.

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Do You Eat Raw Meat?

Melissa McCart
​Some of us don't think twice at the thought of eating sushi and sashimi. But raw meat? Sounds weird, but it's a standard in many Italian restaurants and fine-dining spots in South Florida. What makes carpaccio a delicacy and raw chuck repulsive?

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The Justin Bieber Meat Mask: Eat His Face Off

This photo is cute compared to what we're about to show you: a mask of Justin Bieber to sink your teeth into.

The photo prompts a blizzard of questions. Who decides to make meat masks? Is this a labor of love from a parent? A 15-year-old boy trying to hook up?

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