Hallelujah: You Can Now Get Ethiopian Food in South Florida

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac

South Florida is a barren wasteland for Ethiopian eats. Excuse the bitter tone, but it's been a long four years since the area's last East African restaurant closed. In the meantime, anyone craving injera has been forced to trek three hours to Orlando.

But no longer. Now, Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmer's Market is home to South Florida Ethiopian Restaurant, a takeout counter serving up authentic food to an eager audience.

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"Bad Ass Vegan" John Lewis on Breaking Stereotypes, Saving Animals, and Building Muscles

Photo by Nicole Kent.
Ask him about again about how he gets enough protein.

The best way to describe South Florida's own John Lewis (AKA the Bad Ass Vegan) is, well, as a badass. A trainer, nutrition coach, entrepreneur, and all-around role model for meatless eating, he's breaking the mold when it comes to plant-based living.

An athlete always (including a turn as a Division I College basketball player), Lewis has channeled his passion for health and fitness into a vegan brand that's changing lives (not to mention changing minds -- his muscles are single-handedly shooting down the whole vegans-don't-get-enough-protein myth). His Bad Ass Vegan Power Cookies (which are delicious, btw), can be found all over the place, from Choices Cafe to Green Bar Kitchen.

We spoke to Lewis on overcoming stereotypes, pulling the veil back from the meat and dairy industries, and why being vegan is the best thing ever.

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Celebrate Fourth of July With a Vegan Picnic in the Park

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heylovedesigns Flickr/CC
In the nation of burgers and hot dogs, the Fourth of July elicits a flood of meaty BBQs across South Florida.

But if you're looking for an event that'll be more about the veggies and less about the cow parts, there's a meatless picnic going down at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park in Hollywood. Red, white, and blue vegan cupcakes, anyone?

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Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day Saturday at These Four Local Spots

Although there are many meaty summer holidays out there that pay homage to grilled flesh on the BBQ (July 4 and Memorial Day, ahem), there is one summer throwdown that we vegans can wholeheartedly endorse without any guilt associated with the celebration -- Vegan Pizza Day on June 28.

In its fourth year of existence, the annual summer day to celebrate, share recipes, promote vegan-friendly businesses, and get together over a shared pie was started by vegan blogger Quarrygirl and Dan Reed of Chicago Vegan Foods but has quickly blown up internationally into something all its own with its own Facebook page and Twitter hashtag, #veganpizzaday.

Although it's most tempting to make your own damned pie in the comfort of your own kitchen and in the loving, forgiving glow of your Instagram filter, we suggest getting out and supporting some local businesses that always have a vegan option on hand.

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Try the Banana Kale Sandwich at Eat the Tea

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Eat the Tea's moniker is an instructional one. At this charming, Victoria Park-adjacent café, noshing on the remnants of your drink is part of the process.

But if this inspires a cringe-worthy visual (like the contents of a Lipton's tea bag), don't fret. The blends steeped by this tea house slash eatery are totally appetizing -- think hibiscus leaves, goji berries, orange peels, and other healthy, rosy-hued edibles.

Plus, they've got more than fruits and flowers on the menu. Owner Maureen Ruggeri also offers tasty, vegan-friendly eats, and her banana kale sandwich ($8.50) is a surprising sweet and savory treat.

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Five Vegan Starbucks Drinks for Summer and How to "Veganize" the Rest

Marco Arment Flickr/cc

It's hot. Bloody hot. And if you don't get your daily fix in the form of an ice-cold, caffeinated beverage, it's likely you'll be throwing more shade than a pop-up tent at the beach.

As a vegan, however, there aren't nearly as many options as there are for everyone else; it's iced black coffee or nothing. Luckily, Starbucks' plethora of drinkables makes life a little easier on the animal-product-free among us.

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A Super Easy, Store-Bought, Meatless Memorial Day Menu

Via woodleywonderworks on Flickr/cc

Memorial Day is almost upon us, which means folks across South Florida are breaking out the propane tanks, "Kiss the Cook" aprons and various cuts of meat for their BBQ extravaganzas. It can look pretty lonely for vegans.

But all is not lost. It's not as tough as you might think to whip up a meatless Memorial Day menu with some quick grocery store shopping. Because nibbling on celery sticks gets so old.

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Nefertari's: An Unexpected Egyptian-Inspired Eatery in Tallahassee

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

You can't miss Nefertari's. At least, not once you're inside.

While the locale on Tallahassee's Macomb Street can be tricky to track down (GPS steered me wrong), once you make your way through the front door of this Egyptian-inspired eatery you're greeted by a cornucopia of color, pattern and glitz. The opulent decor is fitting for the eatery's tagline: "A royal experience."

Think of it as a pharaoh's palace in downtown Tallahassee. And those pharaoh's knew how to eat.

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An Open Letter to BurgerFi From a Vegan


As a nonmilitant vegan, I frequently find myself eating out with omnivores. Their meat consumption doesn't irk me, but the lack of options at eateries often does. Because seriously -- how hard it is to throw together one vegan entrée?

On that note, I was recently bummed to discover that BurgerFi, the environmentally sustainable burger chain that everyone's obsessed with, has nothing to offer vegans. Even its quinoa vegetarian burger has animal products in it. FAIL. So in response, here's my open letter to the leaders of the "better burger movement."

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Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur to Speak at Darbster Event Tuesday

Photo courtesy of Gene Baur
Maybe it was the first time you saw the pink slime footage. Or perhaps it was the first time you saw a video about the grave realities of the veal industry.

Whatever the entry point was, something got you thinking about giving a damn about what you're putting in your mouth and the process of how it got to your plate. For many folks, a visit to a Farm Sanctuary (where rescued animals that were slotted for slaughterhouses live out their lives) is that very entrance.

With farm locations in California and New York, Animal activist, best-selling author and co-founder and president of Farm Sanctuary Gene Baur will bring his personal experiences from the farm to a special speaking event and buffet dinner at Darbster in Boca Raton on Tuesday night.

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