Where to Eat Vegan on Thanksgiving in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Courtesy of Farmer's Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but for those who prefer tofurky to the gobbling alternative, it's not as easy to opt into a hearty feast without slaving away in the kitchen yourself.

But there are options, if you plan ahead. Several Broward and Palm Beach eateries are serving yummy holiday feasts, complete with everything from pumpkin "cheesecake" to Gardein "turkey." So you can enjoy a food-induced coma like everyone else, no tryptophan necessary.

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How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Cupcakes (Recipe & Photos)

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

It's October 6th, which means we're about five minutes into pumpkin's 15 minutes of annual fame. And while pumpkin edibles, drinkables and wearables (really Bath & Body Works?) are literally everywhere, it's harder to find vegan options, particularly in the dessert department.

Luckily, you're the master of your kitchen appliances, and you can make your own goodies at home. Check out this instructional for how-to whip up moist, delicious pumpkin cupcakes (no animals harmed in the making of these baked goods).

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Five Must-Try Vegan Desserts at Trader Joe's


Dessert might be the most daunting of gauntlets for vegans. So many mouthwatering baked goods -- almost all chock-full of eggs, milk, and other animal byproducts. Temptation is everywhere, so what's an herbivore to do?

Trader Joe's to the rescue. The foodie paradise stocks plenty of vegan-friendly sweets to satisfy. Now that they're open in Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach (and coming soon to Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, and Fort Lauderdale), you can fill your pantry with all kinds of affordable sugar-stuffs, including these five.

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Vegetarian 101 Workshop to Help the Veg-Curious Make the Transition

Categories: Meatless Monday

Via David Stanley on Flickr/cc

It's not always easy abandoning animal products. From ensuring you get all your vitamins and minerals to whipping up entrees that don't involve lettuce, it's a process.

But for all the clueless, veg-curious eaters out there, the folks at Movements for Change are here to help. They're hosting a Vegetarian 101 Workshop on September 14th, designed to help you make the sometimes-challenging transition to meatless eating.

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Make 'Billfold Saver' Black Bean Burgers for Your Labor Day BBQ

Categories: Meatless Monday

DarrelBirkett Flickr/cc

Vegan cookbook author, coach and athlete Ellen Jaffe Jones has a recipe for every occasion. The woman behind Vegan on $4 a Day and Paleo Vegan, has the perfect money- and animal-saving burger recipe for you.

Stuck attending a fried chicken-laden company picnic? Bring her Brussels sprout slaw. Going to a cupcake crazed baby shower? Try her hazelnut-chocolate bark. And for that Labor Day BBQ, you can't lose with her "Billfold-Saver Black Bean Burger."

At 50 cents per serving (give or take a few pennies), it's wallet (and weight) friendly -- and there'll be plenty of leftovers to keep you fed and watered over the long weekend. Check out her recipe after the jump.

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Beyond Meat's New Beast Burger 'Sizzles, Sweats, Satiates' Says CEO Ethan Brown

Courtesy of Beyond Meat
The Beast Burger, being beasty.

Meat is delicious. Nobody said it wasn't (well, almost nobody). But it's also wreaking havoc on earth's environment, screwing with human health, and leading to the violent deaths of billions of animals a year. Raising meat for food is problematic, at best.

Lucky for everyone, there are innovative companies working to make even better versions of the real thing, so carnivores can have their cows and eat them too.

Leading the charge is Beyond Meat (you may have seem them on The Today Show? Ellen? Good Morning America?). We spoke to CEO Ethan Brown on the company's new Beast Burger, how plants make better meat than, well, meat, and MLB players eating plants.

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Hallelujah: You Can Now Get Ethiopian Food in South Florida

Categories: Meatless Monday

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

South Florida is a barren wasteland for Ethiopian eats. Excuse the bitter tone, but it's been a long four years since the area's last East African restaurant closed. In the meantime, anyone craving injera has been forced to trek three hours to Orlando.

But no longer. Now, Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmer's Market is home to South Florida Ethiopian Restaurant, a takeout counter serving up authentic food to an eager audience.

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"Bad Ass Vegan" John Lewis on Breaking Stereotypes, Saving Animals, and Building Muscles

Photo by Nicole Kent.
Ask him again how he gets enough protein.

The best way to describe South Florida's own John Lewis (AKA the Bad Ass Vegan) is, well, as a badass. A trainer, nutrition coach, entrepreneur, and all-around role model for meatless eating, he's breaking the mold when it comes to plant-based living.

An athlete always (including a turn as a Division I College basketball player), Lewis has channeled his passion for health and fitness into a vegan brand that's changing lives (not to mention changing minds -- his muscles are single-handedly shooting down the whole vegans-don't-get-enough-protein myth). His Bad Ass Vegan Power Cookies (which are delicious, btw), can be found all over the place, from Choices Cafe to Green Bar Kitchen.

We spoke to Lewis on overcoming stereotypes, pulling the veil back from the meat and dairy industries, and why being vegan is the best thing ever.

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Celebrate Fourth of July With a Vegan Picnic in the Park

Categories: Meatless Monday

heylovedesigns Flickr/CC
In the nation of burgers and hot dogs, the Fourth of July elicits a flood of meaty BBQs across South Florida.

But if you're looking for an event that'll be more about the veggies and less about the cow parts, there's a meatless picnic going down at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park in Hollywood. Red, white, and blue vegan cupcakes, anyone?

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Celebrate Vegan Pizza Day Saturday at These Four Local Spots

Although there are many meaty summer holidays out there that pay homage to grilled flesh on the BBQ (July 4 and Memorial Day, ahem), there is one summer throwdown that we vegans can wholeheartedly endorse without any guilt associated with the celebration -- Vegan Pizza Day on June 28.

In its fourth year of existence, the annual summer day to celebrate, share recipes, promote vegan-friendly businesses, and get together over a shared pie was started by vegan blogger Quarrygirl and Dan Reed of Chicago Vegan Foods but has quickly blown up internationally into something all its own with its own Facebook page and Twitter hashtag, #veganpizzaday.

Although it's most tempting to make your own damned pie in the comfort of your own kitchen and in the loving, forgiving glow of your Instagram filter, we suggest getting out and supporting some local businesses that always have a vegan option on hand.

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