Argentine and Korean Are Separate and Equal at Chimi Kimchi Grill

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Chimi & Kimchi Grill. Where Argentina and Korea live together.
At first glance, Chimi & Kimchi Grill on Sample Road in Coral Springs seems crazy. The menu doesn't combine Korean and Argentine cuisine into the same bites. There are no galbi empanadas.

Instead, what you get when you sit down in the narrow, forest-green restaurant with grayish hardwood floors is a floppy laminated menu that seems to be two merged into one. You find a bevy of Argentine choices on one side -- pastas and the orgiastic parrillada with skirt steak, short ribs, blood sausage, and sweet breads. Korean barbecue, which arrives on sizzling cast-iron platters, is offered on the other.

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Mother's Day Local Brewery Ideas: Some Afternoon Brews, A Little Dinner, and Beer Truffles

fixedgear via Flikr Creative Commons
Show mom the local craft beer culture for Mother's Day.
Mother's Day is an annual event dedicated to your first love--mom. If you're racking your brain trying to come up with something different to do this year, try thinking outside the box.

Perhaps mom would enjoy kicking back with brewski? After all, she might just be as tired of burned homemade brunch and wilted flowers as you are.

Whether you want to show your mom the local craft beer culture and introduce her to some fun craft brews or you've already got an unconventional suds loving mama, the scene has more to offer than ever before.

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Valentine's Day 2013 in South Florida: From Pricey Prix Fixe to DIY Dates

cupcake couture valentines day.jpg
via Cupcake Couture's Facebook page
Do something sweet for your sweet.

Whatever your budget or personality, chances are good that your Valentine's Day plans will incorporate food and/or drink at some point in the game. There's no one-size-fits-all definition of romance, so the New Times' 2013 guide to V-Day in Broward and Palm Beach counties covers the bases with everything from over-the-top, high-end dinners in fancy-pants restaurants to a sweet, low-key picnic on the beach. Hell, there's even something in it for the Cupid haters.

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Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Mom

Categories: Love Bites
Remember: cereal does not cut it on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you are a procrastinator, you have done nothing about it. To help you out, here are some recipes culled from popular food mags, so you can treat that special lady in your life to a meal that's memorable...

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Top Chef All-Star Sells Cookies Online

Categories: Love Bites
Picture 3.png

If you've ever watched Top Chef and thought, "Damn, that looks gooood! Wish I could try it!"  then your prayers have been answered! Top Chef All-Star and shoo-in for fan favorite this season, Carla Hall, now sells a little taste of Top Chef via her D.C.-based catering company,  Alchemy.
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How Not to Ruin a Date: Eight Tips

flickr: coreyu
"Table for two, please!"

It's finally happened, you got a date with the cutie you've been dreaming about for months. You made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, in hopes to woo your date. Now's your chance to not to blow it.

If you have a history of never securing a second date, you may want to check out our tips after the jump to help ease you through your dinner. Follow these simple guidelines and romance may come your way.

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Last Call for Valentine's Day: Engagement Chicken (Recipe)

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Roast Chicken.jpg
Sarah Schiear

​First comes love, then comes marriage...

Wait! We forgot the chicken.

That's right. What if a chicken were the only thing stopping you from getting that coveted proposal you've been so patiently (or, not so patiently) awaiting? Surely, you've heard it before: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But what if the way to the alter were just as simple?

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Jimmie's Candies Is A Sweet Paradise

jimmies rob.jpg
Laine Doss
General Manager Rob Granado with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
​There's no doubt that people have a love affair with chocolate.  Chocolate is more than a candy - it can send a message of love of friendship, cheer you up when you've had a lousy day or just plain make you feel good. Next week millions of people will celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolate. Bet you didn't know that some of the best chocolate is hand made in Dania. Jimmie's Candies makes and sells chocolate locally and has two retail locations - in Dania and Wilton Manors. General Manager Rob Granado showed us around this real-life Willy Wonka Land and gave us some words of wisdom. 

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Foods Not to Order on a Valentine's Day Date

Categories: Love Bites
Tuppus from Flickr Creative Commons
Delicious and ready to wreck havoc on your sex life.

Everyone knows that garlic, onions, and super-stuffed bean burritos are the kiss of death for a hot Valentine's Day date, whether it's a first encounter or you and your honey are approaching that seven-year itch. Other time-tested items that you can add to that Do Not Eat list include; bbq spare ribs, all-you-can-eat Indian food buffet, beer cheese soup, hot wings, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off that your mother packed for you before you left the house. 

Presuming you like your date, there are some other highly-suspect foods and beverages that should be avoided lest your night end with you in your sweatpants, alone on the couch with nothing but a marathon of MacGyver and your disappointment to keep you company. On the other hand, if you're looking to ditch out on your Valentine's Day companion, consider this a step-by-step guide on how to bring the evening to a screeching halt.

Below are the 7 deadly things to not order on a Valentine's Day date:

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Looking to Score Extra Points This Valentine's Day? Try a Romantic Picnic

Categories: Love Bites
Sarah Schiear
​Bypass the 5 p.m. seatings, overpriced prix fixe menus, and -- whatever you do, don't even think about going to the Melting Pot. Valentine's Day is a walking cliché in itself, and we don't need any heart-shaped-balloon-filled tables to make matters worse.

Take this opportunity to show your girl you've got some edge. You do have more to offer than a cheesy box of chocolates and last-minute roses from the checkout lane at CVS, don't you?

(And no, Ferrero Rocher - while a step up from Russell Stover - is not considered a luxurious gift. Anything sold within a five yard radius of your Axe Body Spray is not V-Day material. Oh -- and lose the Axe Body Spray. Seriously.)

While men often get the bad rap of being thoughtless, last-minute, and cheap, now is the time to show your lucky lady that she's nabbed her very own exception to the rule. Or, at least, that's what she'll think. You don't have to tell her that you didn't think of this plan all by yourself, that it was surprisingly easy to throw together, or that you did, in fact, save some money on the deal.

That's right, fellas; it's picnic time. Grab your favorite wicker basket (or head to your nearest Target, Williams-Sonoma, or Macy's to pick one up) and read on to find out what you'll need to fill it up for a simple, sexy picnic for two.

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