Sriracha Stuff: Ten Rooster-Sauce-Themed Gifts for the Spice Lover in Your Life

Wear your rooster love with pride.
If you have someone in your life who revels in the red-faced, sweat-inducing, endorphin rush that is the almighty sriracha sauce, chances are they have plenty of the red stuff on hand. Some even carry it in their bag. (Don't you dare judge us!)

So if you are tapping into their palate preferences for gift ideas, you can't go straight to the bottle. You need to get a little creative. Thankfully, a lot of other entrepreneurial-minded folk have already done that for you. Here are ten non-DIY sriracha gift ideas.

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Nine Dating Apps That Will Match You With Your Foodie Soulmate

Like the famous spaghetti and meatball scene from The Lady and the Tramp but with humans and hot dogs and not nearly as precious.
Time and time again, singles go out and date people who seem charming, funny, and good-looking. Things are going great until that one lunch date when you realize your potential significant other actually prefers Jimmy John's to Publix subs and you have to call the whole thing off. Food differences are irreconcilable differences.

It's hard to find someone whose taste buds perfectly align with yours, but these nine dating apps will get you one step closer to finding your foodie soulmate. A happy stomach is a happy heart.

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Edible Babies? Pregnancy App Compares Fetus Size to Produce

Leah Palmer Press/Flikr Commons
Fruit + Fetus = Fructus
Just because you can't compare apples to oranges doesn't mean you can't compare both apples and oranges to the size of the fetus growing inside your womb.

And the What to Expect app does just that.

Once a mommy-to-be inputs her due date, she'll receive a weekly update about the increasing size of the minihuman inside her. Throughout the 40-week sojourn, this self-help pregnancy spirit guide will compare the shape of your infant to the least threatening mass out there: fruits and veggies.

Starting out harmlessly with peppercorn and poppy seeds, the produce choices will surmount to pineapples and eventually melons. And if schlepping these in your arm basket weren't enough, just imagine the beautiful miracle of squeezing something the size of a canary melon out of you.

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Boca Raton Woman Lives Off Carrot Juice, Donates Leftover Pulp on Craigslist

Andrea Meister
Bugs Bunny food porn.
"You must have a horse," the Publix cashier says wide-eyed to Andrea Meister, who is purchasing ten pounds of carrots, a bulky bag of apples, four bags of kale, and another bag of spinach.

Meister's face turns bright red, and she leaves the explanation of her vegetable purchase a mystery. "I thought 'I never lie,' but I nodded in agreement," Meister dishes to Clean Plate Charlie. "I repent!"

The 48-year-old Boca Pointe mom has been juicing ten to 15 pounds of carrots a week for the past month and a half. After throwing away pounds of leftover carrot pulp each week, Meister turned to Craigslist to donate the shredded root vegetable to someone in need.

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Meat and More at Pompano's Mexican Supermarket

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
This is the good stuff.
You're unlikely to spot the simply named Mexican Supermarket while speeding down Atlantic Boulevard. It's on the backside of yet another Broward County strip mall, requiring you to turn your head at least 90 degrees to catch a glimpse.

If you do see it you'll know where to go next time you need dried ancho chilies or uncured pork belly, however you'll find much more than that.

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Dunkin' Donuts Thailand CEO Doesn't Understand "the Big Fuss" Over Blackface Ad

Somewhere in that advertisement, Dunkin' Donuts is trying to promote a chocolate donut.
After using blackface in theater to proliferate racist stereotypes in the early 20th Century, Americans eventually wised up. Eight thousand miles away in the South Pacific, Thailand didn't seem to get that memo. Dunkin' Donuts there released an ad to promote its chocolate donut using blackface.

Human Rights Watch groups and socialized humans everywhere called the racist ad for what it was: racist. And while a contrite apology à la Paula Deen can potentially stop the bad PR drama, Dunkin' Donuts Thailand CEO Nadim Salhani sticks by the ad.

Translated from Thai, the tag line reads "Break every rule of delishness." Well, Dunkin' Donuts, you just did.

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McEngagement Photo: There Are Worse Places to Get Engaged

Thumbnail image for McEngaged_ImprovFTL_Photo.jpg
Photo via Fort Lauderdale Improv twitter
Ah. Twitter. What glorious news we find on thee?

Yesterday, Fort Lauderdale Hard Rock Improv posted a picture on Twitter of an engagement ring stuffed into the top bun of some sort of McDonald's sandwich -- fish, fried chicken, who knows -- with the headline "Somebody got McEngaged!"

At first, we were appalled, but that got us to thinking; could there possibly be a less romantic place on earth to propose?

Actually, there are. We compiled a list of five places that are even less proposal-worthy than McDonald's.

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Five Etsy Kitchen Finds For Closet "Nesters"

Photo courtesy of CraftsGoneAwry
Contrary to popular belief, getting older is pretty fantastic. By now you've moved into a nice crib, have a decent job, and maybe you've even found a life partner to go half on awesome stuff with with whom to settle down. Alternatively, you may have amassed a gaggle of cats and scored a sorbet-colored Smeg fridge that you can finally afford to keep stocked with the finest Chardonnay. (Hey, being grown up means something different to everyone.)

Either way, life is good and whether you care to admit or not, you're entering the next phase of your life -- the nesting phase. Don't fight it; embrace your intensified love for roasting whole chickens, being in bed by ten, and buying furniture that doesn't require a three-day weekend and a Swedish paperclip to assemble.

Just because your inner-Martha is surfacing faster than an Anthony Weiner nudie on Twitter doesn't mean that nesting can't be cool. Take a deep breath, take down that godawful "Live-Laugh-Love" sign from your "kitchen nook" and head to Etsy for some sweet kitchen scores.

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Addictive Candy Crush Saga Now an Addictive Cupcake by Clarabelle's

Courtesy of Clarabelle's Cupcakes & Other Creations
If you own a smartphone, there's a high likelihood you are addicted to Candy Crush Saga from

Don't bother lying to us or to yourself. We're not here to stage an intervention or direct you to a 12-step program. We're just as addicted as you are. (Seriously, been stuck on level 44 for like a week. Damn those cherries!)

You pester your friends with life and level up requests, you play it with the sound off during meetings (really hope my editor doesn't read this), and -- just maybe -- you've even shelled out 99 cents for a few lives. (You're weak!)

Now you can take your obsession and turn in into a real-life sugar rush.

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Argentine and Korean Are Separate and Equal at Chimi Kimchi Grill

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Chimi & Kimchi Grill. Where Argentina and Korea live together.
At first glance, Chimi & Kimchi Grill on Sample Road in Coral Springs seems crazy. The menu doesn't combine Korean and Argentine cuisine into the same bites. There are no galbi empanadas.

Instead, what you get when you sit down in the narrow, forest-green restaurant with grayish hardwood floors is a floppy laminated menu that seems to be two merged into one. You find a bevy of Argentine choices on one side -- pastas and the orgiastic parrillada with skirt steak, short ribs, blood sausage, and sweet breads. Korean barbecue, which arrives on sizzling cast-iron platters, is offered on the other.

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