Funky Buddha's Yappy Hour This Saturday: Drink Beer, Rescue Dogs

Photo by James Argyropoulos
For some cruel reason, the Everglades seems to be a dumping ground for hundreds of dogs by their former owners every year and left to fend for themselves. Abandoned dogs aren't just found there, of course, but all over South Florida.

One canine rescue group, 100 Plus Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, snatches up the left-for-dead pooches and gives them another chance to be with loving families. Funky Buddha Brewery is teaming up with the nonprofit December 20 for Yappy Hour, mingling dog and beer lovers to bring awareness to the plight of abandoned pets.

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Craft Beer Cartel Opens in Fort Lauderdale, New Home Of Native Brewing

Categories: Beer Beer Beer

Exposed PR
Owners Julian and Lisa Siegel, and Jill and Adam Fine on opening night.

Native Brewing Company now has a temporary home, and it's being touted as much more than a simple brewing space.

The Craft Beer Cartel is a new concept from Native's Adam Fine and Riverside Market's Julian and Lisa Siegel which features a traditional bottle shop, space for a small on-premise brewing operation, and Broward county's first homebrew supply shop.

Located just across the street from the Riverside Market in residential Fort Lauderdale, the Craft Beer Cartel opened this past weekend to the public.

What exactly is the Cartel?

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Seven Vegan, Holiday Dinner Items to Snag at Trader Joe's

Categories: Holidays, Vegan

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Slaving over a hot stove is all well and good -- if you've got oodles of vacation time and a penchant for forearm burns.

For the rest of us, however, pre-made food and delicious mixes are what get us through the gauntlet of holiday dinners and picky relatives.

To make your life easier this season, here are seven vegan products from Trader Joe's -- all delicious, all hassle-free.

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Spa in Boca Now Offering Beer Baths, Scrubs, and Body Wraps

Categories: Beer Beer Beer

This could be you, bro.
Dudes are hard to shop for -- there, I said it. When you're in a bind and need a gift for a female friend, you can always stop in at Yankee Candles or Bath and Body Works -- even if they aren't into that stuff, cultural norms say these are acceptable gifts they have to at least pretend to like.

But give a guy a linen scented candle and he's gonna look at you like you're crazy -- even if he secretly loves it. (And how could he not? It smells like clean laundry!)

But a beer based spa treatment? That could be a fun dude gift.

Gayle Wentworth is the owner of The Maui Spa and Wellness Center in Boca Raton. She is also the sister of Greg Wentworth who owns Big Bear Brewing Company in Coral Springs. So, it's actually kind of a mystery why it took so very long for this two worlds to come together, but they finally have. The Maui Spa now offers baths, scrubs, and body wraps made from the very same ingredients that turn into lovely beer.

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The Seed: Third Wave Coffee Bar and Cold-Pressed Juice Under One Roof

Photo courtesy of The Seed
If it's one food trend South Florida crushed this year, it's the juice bar. Both Broward and Palm Beach counties saw their fair share of cold-pressed juice bars and smoothie shops.

This year, we've also seen a new movement take hold: specialty coffee, a slow-growing community of local roasters and independent coffee shops brewing small-batch alternatives to the mass market brew we've accepted as status-quo.

While both concepts have spawned many types of businesses in the past 12 months, no one has thought to bring the them together -- until now. Friends and business partners Rachel Eade and Carly Altier are the founders of The Seed, a Boca Raton business that is one part juice and smoothie bar, and one part third wave coffee shop.

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Whole Foods Opening Four New South Florida Stores

Photo by David Shankbone via Wikipedia Commons
Whole Foods Market is expanding their South Florida presence with the opening of four new shops in the coming months.

The Austin, Texas-based grocer that specializes in organic foods, vegan goods, and sustainable seafood, has just announced several new locations, including stores in Downtown Miami, Pompano Beach, Davie, and West Palm Beach.

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Dunkin' Donuts Opens Six New South Florida Locations

Laine Doss
Dunkin' Donuts opens a half dozen new stores.
If all this holiday shopping and late-night caroling has you in search of some much-needed java, there's good news for you.

Dunkin' Donuts has announced the opening of six new South Florida locations. The fast food chain currently has over 150 locations throughout South Florida.

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Argyle Coffee Roasters Collaborates With Due South For Cafe Ole Porter, Tapping Today

Categories: Beer Beer Beer

Photo courtesy of Due South Brewing Co.
By now, everyone is familiar with brewery collaborations -- when two breweries get together and brewmasters go to work deciding the best way to blend the tastes and styles of their most inspired beer ideas into a single, glorious new beer.

While two craft breweries getting together to create something special is enough to get anyone excited, how about a collaboration between a local beer brewery and local coffee roaster?

Luckily, South Floridians can taste that pairing this week when Boynton Beach's Due South Brewing Company releases it special run of Cafe Ole Espresso porter brewed with Fort Lauderdale's Argyle Coffee Roasters custom small-roast, specialty coffee blend.

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La Huaca Offers Modern Peruvian Cuisine in Hollywood

Categories: Review

Photo: Candace West
Sisters Ynes Soua and Aida Montoya, co-owners of La Huaca; the Pulpo Anticuchado appetizer.
It wouldn't be fair to say Hollywood's 2-month-old La Huaca Peruvian Cuisine is hidden; it's just a bit off the beaten path. Sitting at Harrison Street and South 20th Avenue, one block south of Hollywood Boulevard, the new Peruvian eatery is really just steps from the clustered chaos of the city's restaurant row.

The name, according to owner Ynes Sona, can be interpreted as "hidden treasure" -- a nod to the shrines found throughout the Inca territory from Ecuador to Chile believed to house spiritual beings. For her, the place is a diamond in the rough, an escape from the often-traditional approach to Peruvian cuisine.

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Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve and Day 2014 in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Categories: Christmas

Photo: Woolf Photography
Who says Christmas has to be about ham and beef? Why not treat your family to dinner at Coco Asian Bistro on Christmas Day.
Come Christmas Day, what will you be doing? Eating at home with loved ones, celebrating the holiday? Traveling home to see family and friends? Or wondering "What am I going to do all day long?" when everything shuts down?

While businesses everywhere shutter their doors for the day, a few stay open -- including some restaurants. It's a blessing for those who don't celebrate the holiday, are culinarily inept, or simply don't consider slaving in the kitchen all day an ideal way to spend their holiday.

In South Florida, plenty of places stay open and serve throughout the day on December 25. And if it's dinner you're looking for, we've got the list of restaurants serving Christmas Day dinner.

This is not a definitive list. Please be sure to check with your favorite restaurants not listed here to confirm holiday hours.

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