12-12-12 Deals: South Florida Food and Drink Specials

pscf11 via Flickr Creative Commons
Krispy Kreme is lining up a 12-12-12 surprise.

Oh, hey. Did you realize that Wednesday -- 12-12-12 -- is the last repeating date for another hundred years? What's that you say? You've heard that about 12 times already today, just from your cubicle mates? (Of course, if you consider February 2, 2022 to be repetition, the whole point is moot.)

Well, no matter. Even if you're one of those who believe that the whole world is coming to a screeching halt on 12-21-12 (durr, it's not: NASA even says so) you can still take advantage of a few deals and specials being offered in honor of the possibly auspicious occasion.

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The 2012 Olympics: South Florida Restaurants and Bars with Olympics Events

UK in Israel via Flickr Creative Commons
Enough Olympic-sized cocktails and this costuming will seem like a winning idea. 
Couldn't score a ticket across the pond for the London 2012 Olympics and now you'll be stuck watching the summer games "in the colonies"? No worries; South Florida bars and restaurants are flying the Union Jack (next to the good ol' Stars and Stripes, of course) in honor of the games, giving you a chance to cheer on your favorite team in the presence of a crowd. After the jump, find a few spots in Broward and Palm Beach counties where you can watch the games in style. 

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Where to Get a Veggie Burger in South Florida During National Hamburger Month

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SweetOnVeg via Flickr Creative Commons
No beef in this hamburger.
As Clean Plate Charlie pointed out earlier this week, May is National Hamburger Month. You can read our list of ways to celebrate the occasion here. But if you're not a meat eater, there's no reason to be left completely out of the fun. After the jump, we've got a list of eleven places to get a veggie burger in South Florida. I realize these choices are not hamburgers, but remember: vegetarians love food too! As a bonus, most (not all) of these places have actual hamburgers too, so everyone can walk away happy.

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Four Spam-Free Dishes We'd Love to Taste at the Hukilau

blipsman via Flickr Creative Commons
There's plenty of room for tuna poke.
While this weekend's Hukilau is a celebration of all things tiki -- music, performance, dance, and most definitely drink -- at Clean Plate Charlie, we tend to think with the stomach. With that in mind, here's a list of four Polynesian dishes we'd love to see served up at the Hukilau, or year-round, for that matter, at Mai-Kai.

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Hunting for Balut in South Florida

Picture 26.png
Balut is the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, and it's disgusting. I know this because I've eaten it. Granted, my balut might have been indifferently cooked -- the Japanese chef who made it remarked that he'd "never eat that thing in a billion years" -- but balut's an easy dish, almost unscrewuppable, and if my own portion wasn't quite representative, it was close.

Here's what it is: a fertilized duck egg cooked in boiling water. Usually it's soft-boiled -- everything inside the egg that isn't a fetal bird ought to be either gooey or liquid. The diner cracks the top of the egg, gulps down the fluids within, and then devours the fetal bird like a shooter. In the Philippines, this ritual is performed daily at the finest fine-dining establishments and at the slummiest hawker stalls. When I first heard about balut, I knew I needed to perform that ritual myself, and as soon as possible.

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South Florida's Official Sandwich: Where to Find It

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Over at Good Magazine, it's Sandwich Week, when the site reveals results for each state's official nominations. 

Earlier in the month, the editors had asked Trina Sargalski of the Miami Dish blog for her selection. The choice, as you'd imagine, is a Cuban sandwich. She breaks it down as
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Which Lauderdale Restaurants Serve the Best Summer Desserts?

Labor Day weekend has become a round of gustatory indulgences, whether we're hitting up cookouts, dining out rather than road tripping, or drinking our faces off in the spirit of patriotism. This weekend is usually one in which I break down and sneak more sweets than usual, particularly iconic summer desserts that speak to the season. Which desserts say summer?

5 .Whoopie Pies. The ugly stepchild to cupcakes, classic whoopie pies are terrific, particularly when the cake is almost black and there's a proper ratio of cake to cream.

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