Cigar City Tap 42 Takeover and Barrel-Aged Hunahpu's Imperial Stout Raffle Tonight

Cigar City Brewing is taking over the taps at Tap42 and you know when this happens, it's serious business. How serious? Serious enough for Tap42 to raffle off one bottle of Cigar City's prized Barrel-Aged Hunahpu's Imperial Stout.

The takeover begins at 7 p.m. and that's when you start collecting raffle tickets.

Collect raffle tickets? Yes.

After you have amassed a pile of raffle tickets, Tap42 will select a random winner who will be notified through phone or email the following day. Keep your cell phone and computers close by, you don't want to miss this.

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Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch To Lead "Stonehenge", a Nationwide Stone Tap Takeover at World of Beer August 22

CC Wikipedia/Michael Upson
Not exactly taps, but this is what it would look like if Stone Brewing took over your refrigerator.
It's time to man the battle stations because Stone Brewing is leading Stonehenge, a brew-d'etat of tap takeovers when they commandeer (nautical term) all taps at all World of Beers across the nation on August 22. And this whole time you thought it was just heap of boulders in the British Isles.

Stone CEO and co-founder Greg Koch will be reigning in the takeover via "Simul-tap", a video link-up at all WoBs counting down to 7 p.m. EST when all Stone taps are opened simultaneously. Among all of the Stone taps is their prized keg for the evening: Stone Ruination Grapefruit Slam, a collaboration beer brewed exclusively for World of Beer for this event.

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This Sunday: Craft Brewjas and Orlando's Tap and Grind Organize Reverse Tap Takeover at Funky Buddha and Due South

Courtesy of Arwen Lehman
The Craft Brewjas
The usual tap takeover is when a brewery takes over all of the beer taps in a bar and calls it a day. A reverse tap take over is when South Florida's Craft Brewjas bring the masses to the taps.

And that's exactly what's happening this Sunday when Orlando's Tap and Grind and the Craft Brewjas do their thing by casually taking over a couple of bars. Except this time it's breweries and Funky Buddha and Due South breweries are next on the hit list. It's all in the name of supporting your local brewery.

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Happy Hour: Laser Wolf In Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Jatinder Channa
Want a Patron shot and a Corona? Hit up Himmarshee St -- there's nothing here for you, bro.

If you haven't heard, Laser Wolf is the laid-back beer bar half a mile away from the congestion and confusion of Riverfront. It's one of Fort Lauderdale's few places that serve good beer and no bullshit. It's small, curved and quaint, but lined with wide windows, it exposes iron tables, passing trains and the Mother F-ing party going on inside. Truthfully, it takes me back to the Brooklyn dive bars where I used to drink $2 PBRs until I passed out -- except, this time of year New York is cold and gloomy, while this place has an outside patio where you can pick up tattooed chicks in 70-degree weather. Did I mention they have a 2-4-1 happy hour? They do -- and it's delicious.

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Happy Hour: Landlubber's Raw Bar And Grill In Plantation

landlubbers Logo.jpg
My friends, aware of my mission to find the best happy hours in Broward County, are always recommending their favorite spots. Sometime in the past week an acquaintance mentioned the name of a place in Plantation. She said it was the bar to drink at when all you have is a couple of bucks and some change in your car (if all you have is a couple bucks and change in your car, you probably shouldn't be drinking). Always up for cheap drinks and discounted food, I emptied my piggy bank and headed to happy hour.

Landlubber's, on Pine Island and Sunrise, doesn't radiate beauty at first glance. Actually, it doesn't do it on the second glance either; it's in a shopping plaza in between State Farm and a Blood Bank (nothing like updating your insurance and donating a bag of blood to work up an appetite). But there are plenty of pretty things coming out of

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Happy Hour: JG McGuinness In Weston Town Center

JG Happy Hour.jpg
Weston's JG McGuinness opened in March in the location that Swig, a martini bar for moms, used to call home. The decor, reminiscent of every other high-end Irish pub, still looks new and well-maintained. But one look at the crowd and it's obvious: these roots might be growing from a different kind of tree. (Maybe a flower?)

This is more of a place that soccer moms

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Happy Hour: Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar In Fort Lauderdale

roccos tacos.jpg

When I moved back to Fort Lauderdale from New York, I moved hungry.  I asked everyone I knew for their list of places I had to check out. Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar tucked itself into most of those lists. Everyone raved about its alcohol-heavy margarita pitchers and the guacamole -- made table-side in a pig-faced molcajete. I was stoked. Of my years working in the restaurant business, over half were with Mexican cuisine. I love the spice and flavors of Mexican food, and I'm convinced there's no greater feeling than that of being stuffed of tacos and enchiladas. Well, maybe cheesecake. Can Mexicans make cheesecake?

I made a reservation for their highly touted Tuesday night;

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Happy Hour: Duffy's Sports Bar On University Drive

duffy chicken sandwich.jpg

Duffy's on University Drive is the mega-center for mega-sports. Upon entering you're smacked by flat screens everywhere you look. I counted thirty, got dizzy and gave up (a hostess saw me struggling and informed me there are 70+).

Its decor is clean combination of football fanatic frat boy and every Ale House, everywhere. The staff, fitting right in, looks like they just got back from an employee softball game (I assume they won, as both of my bartenders were in a great mood). And most importantly, the reason I was there... happy hour is from 4pm-close EVERY DAY. Not every weekday, but every day 365 days a year. 2-4-1 everything. I know, it's making me all hot and giggly. 

With 16 beers on tap, I considered just drinking 2-4-1's until they closed,

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Happy Hour: Big Bear Brewing Co. in Coral Springs

Jatinder Channa

Beware of bears... making beer that you're going to love!

Big Bear Brewing Co. in Coral Springs is the brewery you imagine tucked away deep in the mountains making small batches of witches' brew in ceramic drums. Okay, not really... but after a couple 7.5% alcohol Kodiac Belgian Dubbels it's fun to pretend.

In the area for over fifteen years, it's home to locals when they're looking for a pint of something crafted with kick, taste and "two more of these," because it's damn good beer. And going by the number of personal mugs hanging above the bar,
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Happy Hour: YOLO in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

yolo_fort lauderdale_happy hour.jpg

"You only live once, but if you drink enough, once is enough." - A drunk I met in Europe

YOLO in downtown Fort Lauderdale is the swanky spot you take someone you want to impress. Maybe the upper management after work? Maybe the cute new girl from work? (Though I'd caution on the latter, as relationships in the workplace usually end up with your car being keyed and having to watch one of the awkward videos issued by the HR department.)

But whomever you choose to dine with,

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