Homebrewed Beer Spotlighted at Riverside Market's Spring Break Competition

Doug Fairall
Midnight City brewer Craig Nelson with the golden Riverside Market first-place trophy.

Around 70 people showed up this past Saturday for the spring-break-themed homebrew competition at Riverside Market in Fort Lauderdale, where local amateur brewers (in the noncommercial sense) tapped more than a dozen kegs to compete for cash and bragging rights.

Myself, Lauren Bowen of Harpoon Brewery, Adam Fine of Native Brewing Co., Ian Salzberg of Brown Distributing, and Ryan Sentz of Funky Buddha Brewery all joined Julian Siegel in the painstaking task of judging the beers put on offer.

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Homebrew Hits Mardi Gras Casino In Hallandale Beach

Categories: Homebrew

Doug Fairall
Eric Guerro of Angry Union Brewing manning the jockey box.

This past Saturday, fourteen homebrewers, either through clubs, small groups, or individuals, entered the Mardi Gras Casino's First Annual Homebrew Beer Competition, a BJCP certified event taking place track-side at the Hallandale Beach casino. All of the brewers were looking to win the coveted first place prize of $1000, one of the highest I've personally seen in the area.

With cool weather, and clear skies, it was the perfect day to get outside and sample some of the most creative beers from the sometimes mad scientist minds of area homebrewers.

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Riverside Market Gave a Platform for Homebrewers With End of Summer Contest

Homebrewers setting up in front of the Riverside Market.

This past Saturday, deep in the residential wilderness of the Riverside Park neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, homebrewing pilgrims flocked to the veritable mecca of craft beer in Broward County, the Riverside Market.

There, a dozen enthusiastic homebrew teams and individuals arrived to participate in the End of Summer homebrewing competition -- an event formulated to allow these beer makers the opportunity to show off their craft to a receptive crowd and to have their beers reviewed by a panel of beer judges. For $25, potential competitors could have entered up to two different beers -- and for $10, curious onlookers could themselves sample from the entered beers and whatever else these brewers brought with them.

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End Summer With A Swig - Riverside Market Hosting Homebrew Competition

Courtesy Riverside Market
Jeff Evans of Angry Union Brewing pouring beer at the previous Riverside homebrew competition in March. They won People's Choice.

Homebrewers, clear your calendar. Fans of experimental brews might want to do the same.

In two weeks, on September 21st at 7 p.m., Fort Lauderdale's venerable craft beer hotspot The Riverside Market will be hosting a homebrewing competition to mark the end of summer.

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Brewzzi, Due South Score Awards at Best Florida Beer Championships

Brewzzi, a Palm Beach brewpub, scored a total of ten medals at the 2013 Best Florida Beer Championships on Saturday in Tampa, winning two gold, four silver, and four bronze medals.

Due South Brewing Co. of Boynton Beach also came away with several medals, winning four silver and three bronze.

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Holy Mackerel Beer Opens Brewpub in Broward, Replaces Stage 84

Holy Mackerel Beer
Hey, Broward, if you love local beer and you want to find the source, then you don't have to go far, because Holy Mackerel brewer Bobby Gordash opened the Mack House, a brewpub specializing in nothing but Holy Mackerel brews. 

The new brewpub houses Gordash's new Holy Mackerel nano brewery, and it replaces Stage 84

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Texas Barbecue Addiction and the Equivalent (or Lack Thereof) in South Florida

Photos by Robert Sietsema
This is where the barbecue addiction begins.
Right around 9 o'clock last night, a cheer was raised in the kitchen. The overworked FedEx folk had finally delivered the barbecue.

It was Texas barbecue, and for one of the ten individuals staying in our home for the holidays  -- Lance, he's called -- this is fable food, memory food. It came in a massive cooler from a legendary Texas meat temple called the Salt Lick. We got 30-some-odd pounds of the stuff. Ribs, brisket, enormous links of sausage, along with the necessary accouterments. Salt Lick hot sauce is somehow creamy, tart, and spicy at the same.

I loathe barbecue, but in the years I've known Lance, I've come to love Salt Lick. All of Salt Lick's meat is astounding. The brisket's especially so, achieving a synthesis of fat and muscle More »

Forget the Grill: Five Tips for the Perfect Burger

Categories: Homebrew

​It's June, which means people all over will be firing up the grill for backyard cookouts. And what goes better at one of those cookouts than that most American of sandwiches, the hamburger?

A grilled burger can be fantastic. The high heat of the flames caramelize the outside of the patty, lending it a lovely charred texture. Meanwhile, the smoke from the fire bastes the burger, creating layers of flavor. It's an experience as central to outdoor cookouts as cold beer and Slip 'N' Slide.

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Yet for serious burger aficionados -- the kind who pine for thick, juicy burgers for the ages -- the grill just can't compare to another cooking method: the stove.

The reason cooking on a flat surface makes for a better burger than the grill has to do with a little bit of food science. But you can't just use any old burner or any old pan. Read on to find out how, by using a little ingenuity, you can make a stove-top hamburger that will stomp whatever is put out on the grill.

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WilliamsWarn Creates World's First Personal Brewery

With the foodie movement in full effect these days, craft beer is all the rage. If you are a regular reader of our popular columns Beer of the Week and Booze Hound, you know what we are alluding to. For those new to the scene (Did you just surface from a bomb shelter?), here's some advice: Please don't be caught dead with a Corona in your hand. Don't know where to start? Blue Moon's a good one for beginners.

"Craft beer?" The phrase sounds as douchey as the word foodie. What does it mean? In layman's terms, it's the opposite of mass-produced beer. More in-depth, the producers leave out a lot of the crap that can normally be found in a Bud or Miller Lite, like chemical preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.

At-home brewing kits have been around for at least 20 years, and we know many a makeshift chemist who's dropped a lot of dough for the stuff. But, since brewing is actually a science, you'd be better off just flushing your $$$ down the toilet. Unless you are a real chemist, the final product's going to have problems: no carbonation, too hoppy, too wheaty, etc...

Thankfully, some smart kiwis have figured out a solution to your problem.

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Bacon-Infused Liquor: Make Your Own at Home

bloody mary resize.jpg
Bacon-Infused Spicy Vodka Bloody Mary
Mmm, bacon. The salty, smoky meat can make anything better... even our favorite cocktails.

A technique called Fat-Washing can be used to infuse the flavor of any fatty meat (such as bacon) into liquor. It's become popular in restaurants to infuse the fat of bacon especially into liquors such as bourbon and vodka.

Learn how to infuse liquor at home and make a doggone good bloody mary!

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