Martha Stewart Shows Us How to Make a Gingerbread Downton Abbey (Video)

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Behold the majesty that is Gingerbread Abbey!
As if our holidays weren't filled with enough pressure, Domestic Diva Martha Stewart has just nullified all our plans for making an adorable little gingerbread house, decorated with gumdrops and candy canes.

No longer is a simple Hansel and Gretel-style cookie cottage in vogue. Because Ms. Stewart has just forever upped the ante for edible real estate with her recreation of Downton Abbey in gingerbread.

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Seven Vegan, Holiday Dinner Items to Snag at Trader Joe's

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Slaving over a hot stove is all well and good -- if you've got oodles of vacation time and a penchant for forearm burns.

For the rest of us, however, pre-made food and delicious mixes are what get us through the gauntlet of holiday dinners and picky relatives.

To make your life easier this season, here are seven vegan products from Trader Joe's -- all delicious, all hassle-free.

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The Haiku Winner of Four VIP Liberty Belle Winterfest Dinner Cruise Tickets

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Courtesy of Liberty Belle
Will it be you sitting here during the Winterfest Boat Parade?
Earlier this week we gave your, our dear readers, the opprotunity to win four VIP tickets for a luxurious dinner aboard the Liberty Belle paddlewheel vessel during the 43rd-annual Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade taking place at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

You came through and we loved them all. Here's the entries including the winner!

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Six Best Gifts for Coffee Snobs

Via Bernhardt Coffee on Facebook

In every circle of friends, there's one brew snob who wouldn't touch a Starbucks cup with a ten-foot pole, one coffee fiend who's better at detecting notes of Arabica terroir than balancing a checkbook, one caffeine aficionado who worships at the altar of Chemex.

For this person, a Dunkin' Donuts gift card just won't do. Go the extra mile and show your favorite coffee snob some love. Here are six gifts sure to bring joy to their caffeine-fueled hearts.

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Be Part of the Winterfest Boat Parade, Win Four VIP Tickets to Dinner Aboard the Liberty Belle

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How'd you like to see the Winterfest Boat Parade from one of the parading boats; the Liberty Belle?
The Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade is a 43 year old South Florida tradition. Afterall, if you're going to make the trek down to the palm tree filled tip of the nation's southernmost peninsula, you probably aren't interested in snowmen and ice skating. You want your holiday happenings to be tropical, warm, and probably nautical.

The Winterfest Boat Parade serves up all of these - parade organizers can't actually control the weather but even a nippy night for the natives is pretty balmy for newbies, snowbirds, and northern visitors.

There are lots of lovely vantage points from which to watch the boats go by, from the historic Riverside Inn to the waterfront mansion of your mega rich friend.

But there's no better way to experience this most Floridian winter tradition than from inside it -- i.e. from inside a luxury cruise vessel receiving VIP treatment.

All aboard the Liberty Belle! You could purchase tickets, of course, but we've got a way you can win your way on for free.

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Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Day Dinner in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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Photo by Candace West
Thanksgiving: our nation's annual food-focused holiday, commemorating the harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. Held the fourth Thursday of November, the day marks an epic feast.

It also means someone has to cook. A lot. For what seems like the entire extended family. Which means you shouldn't spend the day in the kitchen when you can have someone else cook Thanksgiving dinner for you. And for the house full of stranded friends, kids with kids of their own, and unwanted relatives.

This year, forget the long lines at the grocery store, all that sweating and laboring over the stove, and avoid the piles of dirty dishes no one is going to help you clean. Instead, take the drama out of your Thanksgiving dinner and bring the family to one of the many local restaurants preparing a special holiday meal. It's all the mouthwatering memories you'll ever need -- without the work.

From upscale resort restaurants, to a Brazilian steak house offering a variety of all-you-can-eat meats, South Florida's finest dining establishments have Thanksgiving dinner covered this year.

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Have a dinner we didn't mention? Mention it in the comment section below, and we'll be sure to add it to the list.

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Turkey Emergency? The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is Open

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screenshot via YouTube
Sure you want to do that, Captain Kirk?
Even celebrities screw up their turkeys. Take, for example, William Shatner, who made this video for State Farm about the dangers of frying a turkey:

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Taste Burger 21's Turducken Burger Before It's Gone

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Courtesy of Burger 21
This time of year is all about turkey. And, every now and then, turducken -- the engastration of deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a deboned turkey.

The idea isn't new. It's actually been around since the 1800s, when gastronomist Grimod de La Reynière produced his now-famous rôti sans pareil: a bustard stuffed with a turkey, then goose, pheasant, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, teal, woodcock, partridge, plover, lapwing, quail, thrush, lark, ortolan bunting, and finally a garden warbler.

These days, the idea has been expounded on. A gooducken is a goose stuffed with a duck and chicken. And then there's the quaduckant, an upscale version that's pheasant stuffed with quail and duck. And if fowl isn't your thing, there's such a thing as the cherpumple -- a cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie baked into a cake. You get the idea.

And, here in South Florida, we have a Broward restaurant to thank for the ultimate portable portmanteau meal: the turducken burger.

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Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving Is the Best Holiday Gift Ever

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Screenshot from Hello Denizen
Tiny Hamster talks turkey.
It's not even Thanksgiving and Christmas has come early in the form of a teeny package. The tiny hamster, that eating machine disguised as a fur ball with whiskers, is back.

This time, he's invited a few friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey at Boynton Beach's Heritage Hen Farm

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Crazy Hart Ranch
Crazy Hart Ranch sells pasture-raised Narragansett birds.
November isn't here yet, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for the country's most fabulous annual feast a little early.

Each Thanksgiving, the routine goes something like this: a few days before the big day you head to the nearest grocery store to stock up on things like stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and pumpkin pie. If you planned ahead, maybe you already ordered the turkey. If you're feeling fancy, you might have even sprung for a free-range, organic bird.

But if a frozen bird is all that's on the menu, think again. Rather than subject your family to yet another dry and tasteless turkey, try cooking a pasture-raised heritage bird, instead.

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