Ten Places to Watch Fireworks and Celebrate the Fourth of July in Palm Beach County

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Photo by Ivon David Rojas
From fireworks to cookouts and pure patriotism, the Fourth of July is one of those holidays that offers something for everyone to enjoy. This year, Palm Beach County is hosting a variety of festivities for the holiday -- both old traditions and new celebrations. Whether you are looking for a pool party, a barbecue, or a concert to attend, Palm Beach County has it all.

Here are ten celebrations taking place this Independence Day.

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Ten Places to Watch Fireworks and Celebrate the Fourth of July in Broward County

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City of Hollywood
The Fourth of July is the day of the year for Americans to go above and beyond in showing their beaming pride.

Whether you're looking forward to Independence Day as an excuse to paint your face and feel like a kid again, run around hauling the American flag and patriotic gear, or simply as a day to appreciate our country with loved ones, there is a place -- from parades and barbecues to concerts and car shows -- for everyone.

Here are ten festivities taking place in Broward County that will have spectacular fireworks, food, and plenty of fun.

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Fort Lauderdale Police Cracking Down on Beach Booze This Memorial Day

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Wkimedia Commons
Don't say we didn't warn you.
If you're planning on spending Memorial Day on Fort Lauderdale Beach with a six pack of beer and a good book, you'd best think again, buckaroo, because the Fort Lauderdale Poilce Department are going to be be out in full force to make sure the coastline stays alcohol-free.

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Rapoport Restaurant Group Brings Back "Passover to Go" Menu

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Rapoport Restaurant Group
When it comes to holidays, nothing says food and feasts better. That goes for Passover, a weeklong celebration commemorating the Israelites' release from the slavery of Egypt. And part of this traditional Jewish holiday means two sumptuous holiday feasts. But with all that cooking, who wouldn't welcome an easier alternative?

This year, why not choose a convenient, stress-free option? Instead of cooking, there's always Passover to Go, a special à la carte to-go menu of items tailored specifically for the traditional Jewish meal, including a Seder plate, soup, appetizers, entrée, and desserts with convenient pickup at Henry's, a local restaurant already well-known for its annual Passover dinner.

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Insane Cookies Offers Irish Creme Dream Cookie Shots for St. Patrick's Day

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Insane Cookies
Irish Creme cookie shots: A little shot of cookie goodness for St. Patrick's Day.
If you're planning a St. Patrick's Day party you're going to need to have shots. And by shots, we mean cookie shots from Insane Cookies.

This Pembroke-Pines-based cookie company is making special Irish Cream Dream cookie shots for the holiday, made from red velvet cookie dough that's dipped into Irish cream syrup (non-alcoholic) and topped with butter cream icing and green sugar sprinkles.

Insane Cookies CEO Brandy Cohen explains that these shots are not cupcakes, they're shot-shaped cookies. "We bake our red velvet cookie dough into metal shot glasses. The cookies are baked taller and thicker, but they still have the chewiness and consistency of cookies. Then, while they're still warm, we place them into plastic shot glasses and add icing because what's not good about icing?"

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Super Bowl 2014: Ten Places to Eat, Drink, and Watch the Game

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gargudojr via wikimedia
Find a Hot Place to Watch While the Players Freeze in New Jersey
After months of heading over to friends' homes or visiting your favorite bar to watch football every first day of the week, the culmination is here.

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday -- your favorite weekend activity is about to take a break.

You better make sure you celebrate properly while you have the chance.

To help you put together a game plan for the big game we've rounded up a list of ten places to eat, drink, and be merry while watching Super Bowl XLVIII this week.

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Steve Martorano Offers Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve, Shares Mussels Marinara Recipe

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Courtesy Steve Martorano
Steve Martorano is cooking on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is celebrated in many different ways. Some people prefer to celebrate with cocktails by the fire with friends, some enjoy hot cocoa and caroling, and some feast on countless treasures of the sea.

The feast of the seven fishes is an Italian tradition that celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus. Italian-American families gather for the meal which, although it's called "seven fishes", can contain many, many more dishes. For hours, plates brimming with shrimp, clams, mussels, and baccala are served with plenty of wine.

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Thanksgiving Horror Stories: Pig Abuse, Dead Presidentially Pardoned Turkeys

Matt Compton/WhiteHouse.gov
Turkey gets pardoned. Sentenced to death anyway.
Today, NBC ran a story about pig abuse at an Oklahoma farm that supplied animals to Tyson Foods. An undercover video shot by Mercy for Animals in September or October of this year shows workers "kicking, hitting, and throwing pigs and slamming piglets into the ground." The video, a public relations nightmare for Tyson, prompted the food giant to terminate its contract with the farm and take possession of the remaining animals. Gary Mickelson, a spokesman for Tyson Foods said, "We're extremely disappointed by the mistreatment shown in the video and will not tolerate this kind of animal mishandling."

So, does this story have a happy ending? Of course not! This isn't the only time Tyson's farms were caught in the act of animal abuse.

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Thanksgivukkah Recipe: Introducing the Turbrisket or the Trisket (Video)

Andrew Veety
The trisket: the perfect dish for your Thanksgivukkah celebration.
This year, Hanukkah starts the evening of Wednesday, November 27, which means instead of having the traditional Hanukkah/Christmas celebration where your menorah is lit along with the tree and chocolate gelt is eaten with candy canes, we merge the festival of lights with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgivukkah is a thing -- complete with apparel and greeting cards.

In fact, this could be a genius new holiday. After all, the foods go so well together, as we realized when we perused a menu at a local market offering holiday dinners. For $199 you got your choice of Thanksgiving dinner (with turkey) or a Hanukkah meal (with brisket). But why stop there when you can have both?

Which is why we love (drumroll, um, drumstick roll, please):

The turbrisket...or the trisket! Both are perfect for Thanksgivingkkah meal, yet they're as different as apple pie and pumpkin pie. Let's explain.

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Sriracha Stuff: Ten Rooster-Sauce-Themed Gifts for the Spice Lover in Your Life

Wear your rooster love with pride.
If you have someone in your life who revels in the red-faced, sweat-inducing, endorphin rush that is the almighty sriracha sauce, chances are they have plenty of the red stuff on hand. Some even carry it in their bag. (Don't you dare judge us!)

So if you are tapping into their palate preferences for gift ideas, you can't go straight to the bottle. You need to get a little creative. Thankfully, a lot of other entrepreneurial-minded folk have already done that for you. Here are ten non-DIY sriracha gift ideas.

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