Culinary and Medical Professionals Unite for Belle Glade Health Fair May 24

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Photo courtesy of Ron Duprat
Chef Ron Duprat
Culinary and medical professionals will unite May 24 at the Louise Lorraine Voltaire Multicultural and Educational Health Fair at Glades Central High School.

The fair itself is named after Louise Lorraine Voltaire, a registered nurse and vice president of the Haitian American Nursing Organization and Allied of Palm Beach, the nonprofit organization driving the health fair.

Special guest celebrity chef Ron Duprat will also be headlining the event.

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"Food Babe" Slams Pizza Chains for Using MSG, Approves Pizza Fusion as Safe Choice

Courtesy of
The "Food Babe" is a food blogger, Vani Hari.
There are lots of things that are sexy about food. And right now, the sexiest thing to happen to food since chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne is Vani Hari, a North Carolina-based food blogger who has been blowing up the spot on some of the country's biggest food companies with her writings as the "Food Babe."

Hari, an amateur investigative reporter, began her blog dubbed "Food Babe" in April of 2011 with a mission to educate the American public about harmful or disturbing ingredients lurking in everyday food items.

Her goal: to help people make the "right purchasing decisions at the grocery store, how to live an organic lifestyle, and how to travel healthfully around the world."

Today, Hari has an estimated 3 million followers and has researched major food and beverage companies, including Whole Foods, Lean Cuisine, McDonalds, General Mills, Coca-Cola and Chipotle. She was featured on Good Morning America and Doctor Oz for her push to get Kraft to remove petroleum-based dye from its food and, while consulting with Chik-Fil-A, pushed the chicken-peddling chain to promise it will be 100 percent antibiotic-free within the next five years.

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USDA Study Reveals Shocking Finding: Americans Eat a Whole Lot of Pizza

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batasan/Flikr Commons
8 out of 10 readers are salivating at this photo right now. The other two are actually eating a slice of pizza.

There's nothing more American than apple pie, right? Wrong. When was the last time you saw anyone eating a piece of apple pie? Exactly. That's why the USDA in its infinite wisdom conducted a four year study on the taxpayer's dime about the demographics of pizza consumption in this country. And the results were shocking: Turns out there's nothing more American than pizza -- except maybe french fries.

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Researchers Discover Oreo Cookies Are Just as Addicting as Cocaine

CC Flickr/Torben Bjørn Hansen
Not likely to spawn a multicontinental drug cartel.
As if they weren't already too busy chasing dope, agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency will have their work cut out for them big time if Oreo cookies are added to the list of controlled substances.

That white stuff sandwiched in between two chocolate disks may not be cocaine, but it could be just as addicting. Using lab rats, researchers from Connecticut College have demonstrated that Oreo cookies can affect the brain in the same way as cocaine or morphine.

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Britney Spears' Ex-Hubby Kevin Federline Sheds Pounds With Food Delivery Plan From Florida

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It looks more like the guy on the right ate the guy on the left than a before and after.
Kevin Federline's 15 minutes of fame hit the fan in 2008 when Britney Spears ditched him, provoked an ugly custody battle, and then shaved her head and fell off the deep end. The years since then have been especially rough for K-Fed as a tumor-like bulge of lard began growing where his waist should've been. Some blame cheetos, Federline blames depression.

After years of struggling with his weight, the bulge-o-lard is finally gone. Federline credits The Fresh Diet, a food delivery plan founded in South Florida.

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Whole Foods Markets in Broward to Donate Five Percent of Net Sales to YMCA of Broward County Today

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Whole Foods Market
WFM Pembroke Pines is donating five percent of their sales to YMCA of Broward County.
If you find your cupboard bare today, might we suggest restocking at Whole Foods?

Today, August 14, three Whole Foods Markets in south Florida will donate five percent of their net day sales to the YMCA of Broward County.

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Juicing Cannabis Is Better for You Than Smoking It

CC Flickr/M. Martin Vicente
Sorry, stoners -- this weed's for juicing.
Most of us may know cannabis as either a drug, a plant, or simply a flower. But now it's apparently being regarded as a vegetable, particularly because of the double whammy of health benefits not only from consuming the plant but also juicing it.

Cannabis, better-known in America as marijuana, has been classified as a dangerous Schedule I narcotic under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 and treated as such by law enforcement for more than 40 years.

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Flavor and Fertility: Taste Receptors for Sweet and Savory Linked to Male Reproduction

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cupcake couture valentines day.jpg
Sweets and babymaking: more closely tied than you make think
You've heard the term food-gasm before.

Maybe you've actually experienced one yourself. It's hard to deny that food is closely tied to sex; whether as an aphrodisiac or a sexual object in and of itself -- you've seen that sandwich-eating sex scene at the end of Bridesmaids. Hey, we're not going to judge.

Turns out the carnal ties to fodder might be more biologically intertwined than you may have thought; the genes that allow us to taste umami (savory) and sweet are same genes that are active in male reproduction.

On Tuesday, a study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that suppressing that gene can lead to lack of taste and reproduction issues.

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Food & Water Watch: Fight For Your Right to Have Genetically Engineered Foods Labeled

A film about genetically engineered fish.
By now, most people are aware of the controversy surrounding genetically engineered (GE) foods. You know: giant tomatoes designed to taste super-sweet, corn that naturally repels insects, and virus-resistent papayas. 

As debate continues over the safety of our nation's genetically modified grains and vegetables, a new type of genetic modification is making its way to a plate near you: genetically modified animals.

We recently reported on the "Frankenfish," AquaBounty's GE salmon. In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration began paving the way for approval the fish, known as AquAdvantage. Designed to look like its natural Atlantic salmon cousin, it can reach market size in half the time -- so it can get to market sooner and make more money, faster. 

Recently, the FDA declared the all-female, sterile salmon would have "no significant food safety hazards or risks," but many environmentalists remain concerned, suggesting the fish could contain harmful hormones, while a small percentage of these "Frankenfish" may remain fertile, and would most certainly escape man-made confines to contaminate naturally-occurring species. 

While the "Frankenfish" may not be on your plate just yet, as the first transgenic animal approved for human consumption, it could open the floodgates for other genetically modified animals like cows and pigs.

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The "Sex Salad" Recipe: Aphrodisiac Vegan Salad from the Hippocrates Health Institute

Can the right foods make for a better sex life?
When it comes to food, nothing says Valentine's Day like a big box of chocolates, an indulgent dinner and a bottle of wine or champagne.

Funny that -- from a health standpoint -- it's possible each of these things can ruin the mood for love faster than a punch to the gut, according to Hippocrates Health Institute co-directors Anna Maria and Brian Clement.

The Clements -- both certified nutritionists, naturopathic medical doctors and health counselors -- have worked with more than 200,000 people in North America and Europe instructing them on natural health, healing and longevity. Part of their work is not only giving tips on how to live a healthier life, but also how to have a healthier sex life.

For Valentine's Day, Hippocrates has a way to spice things up in the bedroom naturally. No Viagra, over the counter stimulants, or medicine required.

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