Riverside Market Hosting Glades Pale Ale Bottle Release

Photo Courtesy Exposed PR
As far as we're concerned craft beer is one of the greatest things since sliced bread -- actually, it's better. And while we're all about hanging at a chilled brew bar with friends, sometimes you need to be portable, you just need bottles or cans.

Tomorrow night, Riverside Market is hosting a first-ever bottle release for Native Brewing's Glades Pale Ale.

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Char Hut Giving Away Free Fries for National Potato Day

Char Hut facebook fries
Potatoes are under-appreciated, in our opinion.

The precursor to great food items like French fries, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, latkes, pierogi, and so many others it's hard to count, the humble root is one of the most versatile and comforting -- no matter one's ethnic background.

Like every other dish and ingredient known to man, the potato is about to see its big day. National potato day is coming up and Char Hut is giving away free fries to celebrate.

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South Florida Food and Drink Events: Beer Dinner, Savor PGA, and More

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Photo Courtesy Bug Fest
Mini lobster season kicks off this week
Weekdays are the worst, unless you live in South Florida, where we refuse to let a moment go by without cramming it full of entertainment.

Whether you're looking to relax and recover from the weekend or would prefer to fill your weekday evening with distracting goings-on, there's something for you to do in Broward and Palm Beach counties this week.

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Five Best Food and Drink Events This Weekend: Psychic Encounters, Unlimited Drinks, and More

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Wikimedia unattributed author
Raise a glass to this guy (Ernest Hemingway) this weekend
Are you ready for happy hour? What about some psychic intervention? Even if you don't care about any of the myriad celebratory offerings this weekend, you're going to have to eat something.

We perused the highs and lows of the Broward-Palm Beach area and cooked up this tasty menu of awesome destinations. Whether you're looking for unlimited booze, all-you-can-eat bacon, some activism while drinking, or a celebration of Papa Hemingway's birthday (it just passed), this list has everything you need.

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SKYY Vodka and Freedom Freedom to Marry Hosting #ToastToMarriage Party at Georgie's Alibi This Weekend

Doug Fairall
Activism and award-winning burgers at Georgie's Alibi
This past week has held big news on the gay marriage front for the state of Florida.

Last Thursday, Circuit Judge Luis Garcia in the Florida Keys struck down the state ban of gay marriage, stating it violated the right to equal protection under the U.S. Constitution. He ordered the Monroe County Clerk of Court to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples starting on Tuesday.

He later rejected the emergency motion filed by bartenders Aaron Huntsman, 44 and William Lee Jones, 43, after republican Attorney General Pam Bondi announced she planned to appeal it.

While the later ruling was a major disappointment for the LBGT community and anyone who supports equal rights, this weekend offers a chance for solace and celebration for hopes of future progress. SKYY Vodka and Freedom to Marry are hosting a #ToastToMarriage event at Georgie's Alibi.

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Win Free Chicken for a Year at Pollo Tropical Delray Grand Opening Beach Party

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Photo courtesy Impact PR
We have new restaurants and bars opening all the time.

When it comes to fast food places, we tend not to pay too much mind -- unless, of course, we're talking Shake Shack or the first Chipotle (those were actually kind of a big deal).

While we have no bone to pick with Pollo Tropical -- we're more than happy to get down on some TropiChops and sweet plantains every so often -- a new location isn't exactly news.

But a beach party and a chance to win free food, on the other hand, actually is kind of interesting. The tropical chicken grill is hosting a grand opening celebration in Delray Beach next week.

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Riverside Market Hosting Water Conservation Fundraiser All Summer Long

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Exposed PR
Every South Floridian should be concerned with the health of oceans and waterways.

Aside from the fact that many of us directly or indirectly make our living off the oceanic ecosystem -- why the heck do you think tourists come here? -- it's a major part of why we call this coastal region home.

To do its part for the community (and for a great excuse to drink more beer) Riverside Market has teamed up with Sweetwater Brewery for a summer of drinking and waterway conservation. And it's hosting special events, with free stuff, starting tomorrow night.

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South Florida Food & Drink Events This Week: Chef Challenges, Wine Tastings, and More

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Photo by Candace West
Take a break from your busy schedule this week to test your trivia skills, paint with a glass of wine, or dance the night away to live music after enjoying a three-course meal. Living in South Florida, there is always an opportunity to find entertainment, no matter the day of the week.

From trivia nights to social dinners that can provide a distraction and good time, here are the top events happening and Broward and Palm Beach counties this week.

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Five Best Food and Drink Events this Weekend: Beer Excursions, Summer Suppers, and More

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Photo credit: Bella Amici Casual Italian via Facebook

The weekend has finally approached; a sign that busy work week tasks will take over our schedules no more -- for a couple days, at least.

Make the most of the time you have to yourself by learning the history of your favorite beer, sampling cocktails at the zoo, or savoring a tasteful dinner.

Whether your idea of unwinding after a long week is a gourmet experience wine tasting or a social dining event, South Florida has it. Here is this week's guide to the weekend's offerings.

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d.b.a./ Cafe Hosts Cigar City Anniversary Dinner: Five Courses Paired With Five Special Beers (Photos)

Sara Ventiera
The first course paired with Cigar City Tangerine Weisse
Miami might have the big name chefs and the cocktails, but Broward and Palm Beach Counties have the beer.

What we lack in celebrities and mixology, we make up for in the craft brew scene -- and we have some damned good chefs anyway.

To celebrate one of Florida's leading breweries, d.b.a./ Cafe hosted an anniversary dinner for Cigar City last night. Guests were treated to five creative courses paired with the brewery's line of Five Beers for Five Years.

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