Grill Grrrl to Host Women's Grilling Clinic May 31

Courtesy Grill Grrrl
The grill is no longer a man's domain...
If you've ever watched any sort of TV sitcom or sat through a bunch of commercials during a football game, you'll see that grilling is a man's domain.

Well, at least that's what the honchos at advertising agencies and scriptwriters would lead ladies to believe. That, friends, is a bunch of horse pucky. (It's a thing.)

The truth is that grilling is something that both sexes should enjoy. After all, it's all about cooking outdoors -- and women have been playing with fire as long as men have.

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Grill Grrrl Robyn Lindars Offers Five Easy Barbecue Tips After Chopped

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robyn lindars.jpg
Robyn Lindars gives us some grilling tips.
Grill Girl Robyn Lindars on Chopped: Grill Masters

If you watched last evening's episode of Chopped: Grill Masters, you already know that South Florida's very own Grill Grrrl got chopped in the first round, after her oysters refused to open on their own on the grill (we could say that was very shellfish of them to not cooperate).

Regardless of the technical snafu, the judges were impressed by her flavor profiles, with Amanda Freitag praising her use of the duck bacon that was in the chefs' mystery baskets.

Although Lindars will not advance to the finals of Chopped: Grill Masters, we're sure Grill Grrrl will be extremely busy in the months to come. For now, Lindars shares a few grilling tips with Clean Plate Charlie readers.

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Grill Girl Robyn Lindars on Chopped: Grill Masters

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Food Network
Robyn Lindars competes on Chopped: Grill Masters
Robyn Lindars is a local south Florida woman on a mission to make grilling fun and accessible to women (and men, too). As Grill Girl, Lindars maintains her own blog, contributes to Clean Plate Charlie, and Kingsford Charcoal's grilling website. She also hosts seminars on grilling for women and competes in barbeque competitions with her father under the team name "Too Sauced to Pork."

Tomorrow, at 9 p.m., Lindars will compete on Food Network's Chopped: Grill Masters, the summer edition of the wildly popular chef competition where host Ted Allen provides a mystery basket filled with odd goodies to four chefs who, in turn, have to whip up a tantalizing meal from such mismatched items as blood orange, marshmallow peeps, and canned squid.

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Vintage Cookbooks, Magic Thermometers, and Other Gifts for Foodies

This vintage number looks Picasso inspired.

The holidays are here. It's time to impress your friends with your thoughtful taste in gifts. To show your foodie friends how much you "get them," here are some of my favorite food finds in the world of cooking, grilling, and being a culinary nerd.

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Grill Grrrl Grilling Clinic Scheduled for December 3 in Pompano Beach

Robyn Lindars Grill Grrrl.jpg
The Grill Grrrl shows you how it's done.

Robyn Lindars, a Clean Plate Charlie contributor also known by the handle "Grill Grrrl," recognizes how intimidating the grill can be for novices, including women who may traditionally cede that territory to the males in their lives. In fact, Lindars first got into the grilling game professionally after attempting to use her husband's propane grill and encountering a minor hitch. A faulty starter led to a "propane poof," and Lindars thought: "Screw this. I'm getting a new grill."

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The Five Best Competition Barbecue Team Names

competition chicken turn in box.jpg
photo courtesy of the Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Competition
Competition barbecue is serious business, with prize money and, perhaps more important, bragging rights at stake. But you wouldn't guess that from the team names, which often use double entendres as if they're saucing their meat.

Most competitions, such as the Jack Daniels Invitational, involve competing in categories such as pork ribs, pork shoulder/butts, beef brisket, and chicken for the title of grand champion. But here, we're looking for the grand champion of pork jokes, so below are our five favorite team names.

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"Atomic Buffalo Turds" and Other Fascinating BBQ Slang From Our Barbecue Glossary

Bacon Explosion Big Green Egg.jpg
photo courtesy of Mark Woodbury, Woodbury and Associates.
Mark Woodbury smokes a Bacon Explosion at Culinary Concepts, the local Big Green Egg dealer in Pompano Beach.

"Grill Girl" Robyn Lindars is a local grilling and BBQ fanatic and blogs about her adventures at

Those of us addicted to the art of barbecue -- a method of cooking meat low and slow for hours to achieve succulent, smoky results -- sometimes speak in a secret language that makes no sense to the outside world. Here's a breakdown of some insider jargon that will put you in the know.

Bacon Explosion: A bacon explosion is just that. Take a pound of sausage or a fatty (see definition below) and fill with your favorite fillings. Make a weave of bacon, sprinkle with BBQ rub, and wrap the sausage with the bacon. Smoke until the meat is cooked through. This technique was created by Jason Day and first documented on the BBQAddictsBlog and has become a BBQ and internet sensation. 

ABT: Short for "Atomic Buffalo Turd." An atomic buffalo turd is
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Five Easy Tailgating/Grilling Recipes from the Grill Grrrl: Fish Dip, Jalapeno Poppers, and More

Robyn Lindars

Robyn Medlin Lindars is our resident grilling and BBQ fanatic. Check out her blog at

Tailgating season is upon us: a season that glorifies drinking copious amounts of beer while wearing your favorite Gator/Dolphin/Hurricanes t-shirt, and eating large amounts of dip.

And jalapeno poppers.

Let's not forget the fire-roasted guacamole.

Here are my top recipes that will (hopefully) get your team lucky, you lucky, or you both lucky.

5) Prosciutto and Jalapeno Poppers:

--10 jalapenos
-- One (6-8 0z) package of prosciutto
-- 8 ounces of havarti cheese (or your favorite type of cheese).

-- Cut the tops off of the jalapeno peppers and scrape the insides out, removing the seeds.
-- Cut cheese into lengthwise pieces the length of the jalapenos.
-- Wrap a slice of cheese with a slice of prosciutto, then stuff it inside a jalapeno as far as it will go. Repeat this process with all the poppers.
--Prepare a grill for medium direct heat (about 350 degrees). Grill the poppers for about 8 minutes total, 4 minutes each side, or until nice char marks form and the cheese begins to melt.

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