Mellow Mushroom Celebrates Celiac Awareness Month, Debuts Gluten-Free Menu

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Mellow Mushroom is celebrating national celiac disease awareness month with a new gluten-free menu.
This May, Mellow Mushroom in Delray Beach is kicking off a gluten-free celebration of Celiac Disease Awareness Month with the launch of its new gluten-free pizza menu.

Today, more than 3 million Americans are affected by celiac disease -- a condition that can cause irritation and intestinal damage due to gluten intolerance eating wheat, barley, or rye. To find relief, following a gluten-free diet is the only way to go. So to make pizza -- or the dough that makes all pizza possible -- a more relevant dining option, Mellow Mushroom will be spotlighting several new "Magical Mystery Tour" pizzas that are all gluten-free.

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Five Places to Eat Healthy in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Gnocchi Aglio e Olio at Farmers Table.
Put down the beef; pick up the veggie.

We've been hearing about the dangers of the Western diet for quite a long time. Heart disease, stroke, obesity: All can stem from gorging on burgers, fries, and ice cream. And although we know we ought to eat mostly plant matter, we've all had that veggie burger that is strangely reminiscent of cardboard.

Fortunately for South Floridians, the food scene has been changing rapidly over the past couple of years, with a surge in health-centered restaurants. A lot of new joints are using fruits and vegetables in creative ways, and even meatcentric restaurants are offering lighter options and creative veggie dishes. The salubrious fare sprouting up at these wellness hot spots won't benefit just your waistline; it will excite your taste buds as well. From vegan to gluten-free to just plain wholesome food, some nourishing grub can be found at our favorite nutritionally sound eateries. Get a bite.

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Weezie's Kitchen Prepares Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinners To-Go

Jess Swanson
Louise Dutton rolling dough at her gluten-free shop on Oakland Park Boulevard.
Louise Dutton, the owner and chef of Weezie's Kitchen, can't pass the stuffing, the gravy, or the dinner rolls at the table. She's gluten-intolerant, and even the tiniest traces of the wheat protein can send her to the hospital.

Dutton understands the gluten-free fight is difficult during the holidays, especially on the most food-oriented holiday of them all, Thanksgiving. She's decided to keep her shop open on Wednesday and until noon on Thanksgiving to provide gluten-free, no-fuss Thanksgiving dinners to-go. (Just make sure you place your order by Saturday November 23rd.)

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Weezie's Kitchen Unveils New Gluten-Free Cinnamon Pumpkin Donuts

All photos taken by Jess Swanson.
Mhmmmm... donuts. Gluten-free donuts.
At this point, everything has undergone its seasonal pumpkin transformation. Lattes are pumpkin-ized. Pies are pumpkin-ized. And even donuts are being served in appetizing pumpkin spiced flavors. And while that's all really wonderful, the folks with gluten allergies or Celiac disease are left with a pumpkin-shaped hole in their stomachs.

Not if Louise Dutton of Weezie's Gluten-Free Bakery can help it.

Two weeks Dutton revealed her latest gluten-free concoction: cinnamon pumpkin donuts. And they've received quite the cult following since their debut.

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First Look: Green Bar & Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale

Green Bar Kitchen1.jpg
All photos by Falyn Freyman
Avocado Toast
In 2011, when nutritionist and holistic health coach Elena Pezzo, owner of Green Bar & Kitchen, learned of her brother Anthony's stroke and subsequent coma, she was devastated. Only a few years earlier, the 33-year-old New York native had lost both of her parents and had battled poor health and depression herself as a result.

Despite recommendations from numerous doctors that Anthony's family pull the plug, insisting he would remain a vegetable, Elena did not give up, and instead turned to spirituality and her holistic health food background to help bring back her brother.

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Brio Tuscan Grille Now Serving Gluten-Free Menu; Corporate Executive Chef Matt Harding Discusses

BRIO Chopped Salad_Best (1)-1.jpg

For a long time, people with celiac disease had a hard enough time following a gluten-free diet at home, and dining out in restaurants -- forget about it. But times have changed, restaurants are coming around, and gluten-free eaters now have way more options than a salad without the dressing.

Brio Tuscan Grille is the latest chain restaurant to come around; it recently added gluten-free options to its fall menu. Executive chef Phil Yandolino collaborated with the Gluten Free Association to concoct the recipes, so you know they're legit.

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Recipe: Gluten-Free Hazelnut Butter Toffee-Chocolate Chip Cookies -- from Aran Goyoaga

Little, Brown and Company
Aran Goyoaga's recipe for gluten-free hazelnut butter toffee-chocolate chip cookies
Yesterday, we caught up with Aran Goyoaga, the acclaimed blogger, photographer, and food stylist, about her upcoming cookbook. Today, we have a sneak peak into the book, which won't be released until October 23. This is her children's favorite cookie -- soft, chewy and packed with chocolate chips and homemade toffee.More »

Gluten-Free Fair at Whole Foods Plantation

celiac gluten free.gif
According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, one out of every 133 persons has Celiac Disease, a chronic disorder that, if untreated, can cause damage to the small bowels, infertility, osteoporosis, and chronic fatigue. The only treatment is adhering to a gluten-free diet.

There are other reasons to eat gluten-free. Eating gluten-free can lead to weight-loss, more energy, and less bloating. While there are many benefits to adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle, the problem is that many everyday foods we all love contain gluten including pastas, breads, beer, cereals, imitation meats and seafood, sauces, and marinades. Even communion wafers contain gluten. So what's left to eat?

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Cosi Duci Bakery in Boca: Three Course Lunch for $10

Thirteen kinds of biscotti and an array of Italian pastries line the shelves at Cosi Duci, an Italian bakery that draws recipes from Sicily. The appeal here isn't just the pastries, though. It's the three-course weekday lunch, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays for $10.

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Gluten-Intolerant? Five Beer-Pong-Worthy, Gluten-Free Options

New Planet.jpg
Misha Grosvenor
Bottoms up!
When making dinner plans with friends, I usually ask something along the lines of, "What type of food are you in the mood to eat?" Recently, after two botched outings with friends, I've realized that the first thing I should ask is, "Are you gluten-intolerant?"

Last month, I met with a friend at Palace India and, after being informed of her new wheat allergy a moment too late, found myself eating a plate of delicious samosas by my lonesome -- score! what a shame.

Most recently, I invited a new friend, Brian, to Tap 42, a recently opened gastropub in Fort  Lauderdale, not knowing that he was gluten-intolerant. Fortunately, Tap 42 has plenty of other  options for imbibing, but still, I couldn't help but feel compassion for those who are missing out on all the bounty that gluten has to offer -- namely, IPAs, pilsners, and stouts.

In an effort to help those of you who feel left out while watching your selfish, thoughtless friends play beer pong (no judgment), here is a list of five gluten-free beers to get you back in the game.

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