Where To Get Free Coffee During National Coffee Day (and All Week)

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Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
Monday, September 29, is National Coffee Day. To celebrate, national coffee retailers including McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Krispy Kreme are offering special deals. And that means free coffee.

The special offers also include the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., which has several Palm Beach County locations brewing up a one-day-only deal in recognition of the national food holiday.

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Carvel Opening in Palm Beach Gardens, Offering Deals for a Week

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Courtesy Photo
Over the past few years, dairy has been added to the list of nefarious food items by health food warriors looking to demonize all that's good in the world.

We may think guzzling down a glass of milk while eating cheese pizza is disgusting -- seriously, what are you people thinking? -- however, we're all about all the wonder forms that lactose can take: cheese, butter, cheesecake, crème brûlée, flan, whipped cream, and, of course, the best dairy-filled treat of them all, ice cream.

Palm Beach Gardens is about to get a new ice cream shop this week. Carvel (best-known for those perfect little crunchy things) opened this weekend, and the shop is offering a week's worth of deals to celebrate.

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Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day With a Free Cheesy Burger at Burger 21

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Photo courtesy of Burger 21
Everyone loves free food, and everyone knows the best time to find free food is on a food holiday. In case you weren't able to get a free slice on National Cheese Pizza Day last month, you have another opportunity to score some free food this week.

In celebration of National Cheeseburger Day this Thursday, September 18, Burger 21 in Davie will reward members of its email club -- the B21 Club -- with a free cheesy burger.

But you have to act fast: To receive this special offer, you'll need to join the restaurant's B21 Club before Wednesday, September 17. If you do, you'll also receive a free french fry offer to use during another Burger 21 visit. Consider it a "thank you" for signing up.

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McDonald's Giving Away Free Coffee for Two Weeks

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Courtesy Photo
From car payments to insurance to groceries to rent: life can be freaking expensive -- and the bills seem to never stop rolling in.

Every once in a while, it's nice to get a break on one daily expense.

Starting next week, McDonald's is lowering the cost on your daily caffeine-intake. It's offering free coffee for two weeks.

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Get a Free Slice For National Cheese Pizza Day Today

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Every second, Americans are chowing down on about 350 slices of pizza. Even if you don't feel compelled to participate by adding in with your personal quota, today presents a great opportunity to put down a few pieces of pie. Why?

Because it's National Cheese Pizza Day, that's why.

While we generally don't need a holiday as an excuse to stuff our faces with a slice or two, in honor of this food day a few pizza restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach are offering special deals on cheese pies and slices. That includes one Boca Raton restaurant that's giving slices away for free.

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Free Jamba Juice This Morning

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Voice Media
Free Jamba Juice if you hurry.
If your hump day isn't exactly as cheerful as that camel makes it to be, maybe you need a little free pick-me-up.

So, head out the door - because Jamba Juice is buying.

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Char Hut Giving Away Free Fries for National Potato Day

Char Hut facebook fries
Potatoes are under-appreciated, in our opinion.

The precursor to great food items like French fries, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, latkes, pierogi, and so many others it's hard to count, the humble root is one of the most versatile and comforting -- no matter one's ethnic background.

Like every other dish and ingredient known to man, the potato is about to see its big day. National potato day is coming up and Char Hut is giving away free fries to celebrate.

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Serious All-You-Can-Eat: Chance to Win PDQ for a Year

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Courtesy of PDQ
It doesn't matter the occasion or the prize, but everyone likes to win something from time to time -- heck, even if it's just bragging rights.

But when food is involved, there's a bit more cause for excitement. Hey, we all need to eat and food always tastes better when it's free.

To help promote itself bring out your competitive streak, PDQ is offering guests a chance to win free food for an entire year.

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7-Eleven Giving Away Free Stuff for a Week Starting Friday: Slurpees, Twinkies, and More

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Photo via Nehrams2020 on wikimedia
We're all for finding deals around here, but what really gets us going is free stuff.

Burritos, burgers, iced coffees: We don't care what food item it is -- we'll down it (and love it) as long as there is no cost.

Tomorrow is 7-Eleven Day -- yep, that's a thing -- and to celebrate, the chain is kicking off an entire week (eight days, actually) of free junk food.

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Free Iced Tea Big Gulp at 7-Eleven for National Iced Tea Day

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Courtesy 7-Eleven
Free iced tea Big Gulps today only.
Happy national iced tea day! Yes, friends, another silly holiday -- with a great perk attached to it.

According to the Tea Association of the USA , Americans drank over 79 billion servings of tea (that comes out to about 3.6 billion gallons of the golden liquid). And how do we like our tea? Iced, of course. Approximately 85% of tea consumed in America is iced.

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