Get Serious About Detoxing with Three-and-a-Half Day C.U.R.E. Retreat

Andy Roberts Flickr/cc

The holidays are gone, and with them, your excuses for overindulging. After months of champagne and coquito, you may be dying for a detox.

If you're looking for a little more than the usual juice cleanse, the upcoming C.U.R.E. (Cultivating Unlimited Rejuvenating Energy) Retreat will teach you everything you need to know to get your innards (and outards?) in tip top shape.

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No Meat Athlete Group Hosting Fort Lauderdale Beach Run & Brunch This Sunday

Courtesy of Alex Ruiz

Healthy lifestyles are a lot easier to maintain when you've got a team of people cheering you on -- hence the popularity of Weight Watchers meetings and Crossfit boxes.

So if you need a little extra motivation to stay meat-free and on the move, the No Meat Athlete run group is probably a perfect fit. The fitness and social group, which has branches all over the country, recently launched a Miami arm.

This Sunday, it's hosting a run and brunch outing in Fort Lauderdale, so Broward County is getting a little love too.

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Green Bar Kitchen Kicking Off Group Cleanse; First Meeting January 5th

Asha Pagdiwalla Flickr/cc

The new year is here, which means the annual tradition of bemoaning holiday overindulgence has probably started in your household. WHY OH WHY did I eat that fruitcake? Did I really need to drink a whole gallon of eggnog? How could mom let me raid her butter cookie stash?

Regrets, however, are entirely pointless. Instead of feeling guilty, now's the time to start fresh with a new routine. That's the idea behind Green Bar Kitchen's seven-day group cleanse, kicking off on January 12th. If you're interested in learning more about the collective effort, you can attend GBK's information meeting on Monday, January 5th at 7 p.m.

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Five Best New Vegan Products of 2014


January is imminent, which means your Facebook feed is full of summations about the year behind us -- lists upon lists upon lists judging 2014 by various criteria. The best of this, the worst of that, the most whacked out Floridian nonsense.

We love lists, so we're adding to your influx with yet another -- the five best new vegan products of 2014. In a year full of awesome plant-based products hitting the market, it was tough to choose, but choose we did.

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VegNews Names Esther the Wonder Pig as Person of the Year; Award Given to a Nonhuman for the First Time

Esther the Wonder Pig on YouTube.

Each December, vegan lifestyle magazine VegNews names its favorite places, products and people, from Restaurant of the Year to Cookbook of the Year to Person of the Year. And in 2014, it's making history with the latter choice.

For the first time, the popular publication has named a nonhuman as its Person of the Year: Esther the Wonder Pig. If you're unfamiliar with Canada's porcine celebrity, she's larger than life (literally).

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Five Awesome Gifts for Vegan Foodies

Via Miyoko's Kitchen on Facebook

Foodies tend to get lots of love around Christmastime, since the stores are awash with indulgent sweet treats and sky-high gift baskets. But what about your foodie friends who are vegan? What can you buy them besides mail-order pears or a lifetime supply of tofu?

With plant-based businesses popping up like Orville Redenbacher, there are more options than ever before. Here are five awesome gift ideas vegan foodies will be stoked about.

A Vegan Gives Ten Reasons to Skip the Turkey This Thanksgiving

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A Holiday Chain Restaurant Survival Guide for Vegans

wikimedia commons/
Holidays can be truly problematic for vegans, as they are a celebratory chance to be with people you love deeply, but they are often gathered around a holiday roast, of one species or another.

While meals at their home can prove to be a little easier if you bring a dish to share, chances are some time in the next two weeks, you will be dragged to a chain restaurant.

And just like that, what could've been a moment showing them how easy and satisfying being vegan is turns into failure. You'll be convincing them that you eat a veritable rainbow of options as a vegan while ordering a greasy basket of fries as your main course because that's all that the restaurant offers sans meat.

So go in prepared with this handy little list of veg-friendly options at places the family will most likely visit this holiday season.

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Make Egg-Free Egg Nog for Christmas (Recipe)

Courtesy of Compassion Over Killing

Buttered rum? Mulled wine? Hot toddies? You call these holiday drinks? Puleeease. Eggnog puts them all to shame.

Sadly though, eggnog is hardly suitable for the dairy-free drinkers among us, what with the egg and, um, nog. Luckily, the amazing animal advocacy group, Compassion Over Killing, has a mouthwatering recipe for egg-free eggnog that'll impress all your dinner guests.

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Seven Vegan, Holiday Dinner Items to Snag at Trader Joe's

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Slaving over a hot stove is all well and good -- if you've got oodles of vacation time and a penchant for forearm burns.

For the rest of us, however, pre-made food and delicious mixes are what get us through the gauntlet of holiday dinners and picky relatives.

To make your life easier this season, here are seven vegan products from Trader Joe's -- all delicious, all hassle-free.

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Rouxbe Online Cooking School Offers Plant-Based Courses; Partnering With Gardein Meatless Protein

Courtesy of Gardein

These days, you can learn anything and everything online. Because let's be real: Who has time to drive to class, deal with parking hell, then sit through hours and hours of instructionals? Not nobody, not no how.

It only makes sense that cooking schools would be making the migration to online forums too. Founded in 2005, Rouxbe is all-online and has students in more than 180 countries, so it was really at the forefront of the web-based learning revolution.

Best of all, it even offers a plant-based learning track and has partnered with meat-substitute manufacturer Gardein for a meatless protein syllabus.

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