So Delicious Launches Cashew Milk Ice Cream in Five Flavors

Courtesy of So Delicious
Snickerdoodle FTW!

While regular ice cream eaters have (at least) 31 flavors to choose from, those on a nondairy diet face a more limited menu for frozen treats.

But thanks to So Delicious Dairy Free, there are five new flavors rolling into local grocer's freezers, and thanks to cashews, they're supercreamy.

The nondairy company's new lineup includes flavors like Snickerdoodle, Salted Caramel Cluster, Cappuccino, and more.

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Green Bar Express Now Open on Galt Ocean Drive

Courtesy of GBK

Despite the continued prevalence of the SAD (Standard American Diet), there's no question that dietary priorities are starting to shift. More than ever before, Americans are moving towards plant-based, life-affirming foods, and Green Bar Kitchen is a prime example.

The popular Fort Lauderdale eatery, known for its healthy, organic eats and creative flair, has seen an overwhelmingly positive response since it opened in 2013. With community demand high, a second location was only logical. As of yesterday, Green Bar Express has kicked off its soft opening at 3429 Galt Ocean Drive.

From a breakfast bar with pancakes and sausage links to a lunch spread with curry chicken salad and buffalo tempeh, the gleaming new spot is offering a whole host of grab-and-go goodies, curated by owners and healthy lifestyle aficionados Charles Grippo and Elena Pezzo.

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How to Make a Romantic, Vegan Valentine's Day Menu by Chef Mark Reinfeld

Courtesy of Mark Reinfeld

Valentine's Day looms on the horizon, and now's the time to make with the planning if you don't want to be left trolling Tinder in post-breakup desperation come February 15th.

If your significant other is into eating plants over animals, the traditional V-day dinners probably aren't going to cut it. Luckily, Chef Mark Reinfeld has your back with a killer, four-course aphrodisiac-inspired menu.

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Vegan Valentine's Day Bake Sale in Deerfield Beach to Benefit Wildlife Center

All photos courtesy of Jennifer Mennuti

Instead of loading up on store-bought chocolate and candy hearts come Valentine's Day, know that there's a better option: a Vegan Bake Sale benefiting the lifesaving work of the South Florida Wildlife Center.

The donation-based event on February 14 will feature a whole host of cruelty-free goodies, plus nondairy milks, optional onsite yoga classes, and plenty of mixing and mingling with other health-conscious animal lovers.

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Animal-Free Super Bowl Feasts: Because Vegans Love Football Too

Field Roast
When you think big-budget organized sports like the NFL, a vegan fan base may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Save for the Skittles commercials this coming Sunday, most of the fancy halftime food ads are totally lost on us. Big Game supermarket deals focus heavily on the burger and barbecue variety, and local bars usually hock chicken wings by the bucketful while we sift through the bowl of complimentary peanuts and pretzels. But there are plenty of (nonleather) pigskin fans out there who will be in search of something fresh and meat-free to gnaw on while watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots this weekend. And for them, here is a handy dandy Game Day recipe guide.

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Hollywood Vegan Inner Circle Serving Beer Brats, Burgers, and Sweet Potato Pie

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

As a vegan, I find that home-cooked comfort food isn't an easy find -- at least outside of my own (amateur) kitchen. So it's a rare treat to discover an eatery that offers burgers, nachos, and chocolate mousse, all plant-based and cruelty-free.

That's the idea at Hollywood Vegan Inner Circle, a new shop and restaurant in the Yellow Green Farmers Market that specializes in hearty, inspired menu items.

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Support Vegan Black Metal Chef's New Campaign For $1 a Month

courtesy of the Vegan Black Metal Chef
His diet is green, but his soul is black!
It was an astute advice columnist who once said 'find that one thing you love...and then pursue it on night and weekends for the rest of your life, (thank you The Onion).

For many well-known faces on the internet (where most, if not all, content is free and ad revenue can be sparse) this means working the random 40-hour paycheck job and spending any other waking moments on that said One Thing because you just love it that much.

For Florida resident and Vegan Black Metal creator, Brian Manowitz, his 'thing' is donning evil, King Diamond-esque face paint, strapping on spiked metal armbands and black rubber body armor and creating easy and delicious vegan recipes, sung step-by-step in a terrifying but hilarious guttural howl.

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Yellow Green Farmers Market Now Has a Vegan Sushi Booth

All photos by Hannah Sentenac

Sushi is not an item that tends to be easily veganized. Pull out the sea creatures and it's rice, seaweed, and, if you're lucky, a chunk of cucumber. Most eateries aren't particularly creative with fish-free sushi concoctions.

That's why the Fancy-I-Naturals booth at Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmers Market is such a fabulous find. Husband-and-wife team Christopher and Sherine Audouin are now serving freshly made vegan sushi with healthy ingredients like guacamole, quinoa, beets, and other plants.

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Free Chipotle Burrito, Bowl, or Taco: How to Get Yours

Photo by Elvert Barnes || CC Flickr
Pay nothing for a free lunch at Chipolte on January 27.
Looking for a free lunch? If so, Chipotle is offering free sofritas grub starting January 27 in all U.S. and Canadian restaurants, including here in South Florida.

There is one catch, though: Buy something first. Specifically, you must purchase a sofritas item on January 26 and save the receipt. Then, you can then exchange the receipt on any day from January 27 to February 28, for a "bounce-back," or free, burrito, bowl, taco, or salad.

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Get Serious About Detoxing with Three-and-a-Half Day C.U.R.E. Retreat

Andy Roberts Flickr/cc

The holidays are gone, and with them, your excuses for overindulging. After months of champagne and coquito, you may be dying for a detox.

If you're looking for a little more than the usual juice cleanse, the upcoming C.U.R.E. (Cultivating Unlimited Rejuvenating Energy) Retreat will teach you everything you need to know to get your innards (and outards?) in tip top shape.

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