Arby's Accidentally Unleashes the Meat Mountain Sandwich Because Why Not?

This is either a threat or a half-assed lie.

Whether you're thinking about it, getting in the mood for some good food, or just plain wanting it sliced fresh, Arby's has been making a genuine push to remain relevant in the fast-food wars. Be honest; Arby's is not your go-to fast food joint, and quite frankly, it does not litter the landscape the way other franchises do.

Well, it might not be on every corner, but it'll certainly be on your mind now with the new "secret menu item" the Meat Mountain sandwich.

Many places carry something like that to spark some interest with varying degrees of success. Starbucks has plenty of products that can stay secret forever, while Burger King has the "Suicide Burger," which is pretty excessive. Joining this train of excess is Arby's with a one-pound offering that dips its creative hands into every corner of the storage closet.

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March Against Monsanto Miami: More Than 1,300 Protestors, Senator Maria Lorts Sachs Attended (Photos)

Sara Ventiera
As part of a global day of action, over 1,300 protestors turned up to Miami's Omni/ Adrienne Arscht Metro station to take part in the worldwide March Against Monsanto.

Organizers say more than two million people took part in rallies across more than 400 cities spread throughout 52 countries -- much higher numbers than initially expected.

Miami's march involved a varied array of individuals from all over South Florida and included a speech by Senator Maria Lorts Sachs, who sponsored the Senate mandatory labeling initiative in the last legislative session.

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- Protestors Preparing for March Against Monsanto This Saturday: Senator Maria Lorts Sachs Speaking

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My Shamrock-Shake Obsession: When a Food Fixation Doesn't Pay Off

Thumbnail image for ShamrockShake_McDonalds.JPG
How many shades of food coloring can fit in one cup?
​A few years ago, a roommate and I Netflixed a portion of the first season of Punky Brewster. It was one of those months-later arrivals in which you open the red envelope and stare at the little white sleeve with zero recognition until Ah, yes -- alcohol and the Netflix queue

In a fit of nostalgia, aided in no small part by a hangover-induced inertia, we fired up the disc and spent an hour or so pretending to enjoy the trip down memory lane when in actuality, we were feeling old and betrayed by something that failed on all accounts to live up to expectations. 

I mention this because the Punky Brewster revisitation of 2008 taught me a few things. One, Netflix, like Facebook, should come with a "Sunday Afternoon Reset" button. Two, revisiting obsessions from one's youth only occasionally yields satisfying results. 

Take the shamrock shake. This McDonald's milk shake is a thing of legend in fast-food circles. Like a comet of mint-like, semifrozen food stuffs, the shamrock shake comes around but once in a great while, bringing with it hysteria of near McRib proportions. 

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McDonald's Gets Me High

Picture 1.jpg
One of my roommates is a highly driven young entrepreneur raised in Asia by American parents, and he is an enthusiastic consumer of all ingestibles, be they solid, liquid, or smoke. Like me, his favorite foods are uni and foie gras. Like me, he loves excellent craft beer, appreciates delicately carved usuzukuri, and values freshness of ingredients. He's a goddamned snob, frankly. Yet perhaps once a month, an evil gleam appears in his eye, and he says, "Brandon, you deserve a break today."

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South Florida Fair: Fried Food And Ferris Wheels

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Fairfood burger.jpg
Laine Doss
Krispy Kreme burger: You know you want it!
The South Florida Fair opens tomorrow, bringing with it two weeks of non-stop blue-ribboned animals, carnies hawking games of chance, and neon-colored rides.

Yada...yada...who are we kidding?  Do we really wait the entire year to watch a cow give birth (yes, there was a bovine birthing room last year)?  Or do we tremble with anticipation at the prospect of eating whatever can be put on a stick and deep fried? 

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Ashamed To Admit Your McDonald's Addiction? Try The Shame Mask (Video)

Thumbnail image for Mcdonalds11.jpg
McDonald's: Billions and billions of shameful eaters.
We admit it. Clean Plate Charlie eats fast food. We're human, too.  Even with all the good food that we eat and write about, sometimes we're in a rush...or on the turnpike...or dreadfully hungover.

When that happens, like you, we don't want a Martorano's meatball or sushi from Marumi...we want a Big Mac (and supersize, me).  The only problem (besides waking up in a pool of special sauce the next morning?) -- walking into a McDonald's and dreading the possibility of being recognized as a foodie that actually eats this crap.

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Raw vs. Cooked Seafood: A Debate Better Had Before This Happens

Are one of these the culprit?

Last week, I bought one bad clam, along with approximately a hundred of its siblings, from a perfectly respectable (and totally blameless) fish monger. The clam sojourned briefly in my refrigerator and then spent an hour or so atop my stove, in the company of tomatoes, coconut milk, chiles, and cilantro. The clam and its siblings were then laid across a bed of thin rice noodles and gobbled up by me, my partner, and two dinner guests.

I'd never cooked clams before, and hadn't intended to. Last Saturday, one of my dinner guests said he and his partner rather liked seafood, and I set about planning a dinner of maki rolls and unagi-don. Then, on Monday, the day before our date, this guest mentioned: "Oh, by the way -- we love seafood, but not sushi."

So much for maki. As we ate our clams Tuesday evening, I asked my guest why he and his partner didn't like sushi, and his response struck me as incredibly retrograde. "Well, it's raw," he said, giving me a look that suggested the wrongness of rawness ought to be self-evident.

"And?" I inquired, around a mouthful of poison.

"That's just not safe!" he said. I didn't argue with him then. But now, as I venture gingerly

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Maggot Burgers, Raccoon on a Stick Are Big Hits at State Fairs

Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs
And we thought maggots on your burger was a bad sign...
Remember when fried Oreos and pork parfait were the most outrageous food items at the fair?

In an effort to outdo fried butter, fried bubblegum, and Krispy Kreme burgers, Jungle George's Exotic Meats and Bugs is offering alternative protein items at the California State and Colorado State fairs.

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Happy Birthday, Waffle House! (Five Unusual Reasons to Love It)

Misha Grosvenor
Who's hiding in those bushes?

Labor Day weekend has finally arrived and you know what that means -- BBQ, beer, one less day spent enduring annoying co-workers, and of course, enjoying your annual Waffle House birthday festivus. This Labor Day, Waffle House turns the big 5-3.

Tricked out hash browns, doubled-down patty melts, and 24-hour waffles are just a few reasons to celebrate the Waffle House. Here are five overlooked reasons to dust off your party hat and kazoo...

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Taco Bell Nachos Supreme: Drunk Food for Under a Buck

Taco Bell's Nachos Supreme - drunk food done right.
Sure, when we're sober, we turn up our noses at the thought of Taco Bell (eating it is neither good for our image as foodies nor good for fitting into our skinny jeans).

But after a happy hour at Himmarshee Bar & Grille that turns into a late night at Elbo Room, the local Taco Bell looks mighty appealing to us -- especially after we spent all our money on booze.

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