PAC Pastries, Hollywood-Based Vegan Food Truck, Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Courtesy of PAC Pastries
Fix that truck!
Shelbey Ganzel has been passionate about baking her entire life, so buying a food truck last year seemed like a way to make her dream a reality. But sometimes on the road to success, you get a flat tire. Literally.

Ganzel purchased a used food truck last year and turned it into PAC Pastries, a mobile bakery offering organic, vegan, and gluten-free treats. But just as she started establishing a good following, the truck broke down. "We just hit our one-year anniversary in August. Last year, I bought the truck used, and there was always something wrong with it. I wasn't very familiar with the food truck industry, so I thought, 'Oh, this happens to everyone.' But things went wrong too many times."

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Ipek's Wykked Kitchen Is the New "Lord of the Lamb" in South Florida

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Courtesy of İpek's Wykked Kitchen
Music and food share similarities as forms of art. Passion drives both, and as such, you'll have true practitioners of their crafts in the forms of master musicians and master chefs. Anything of lesser honor or execution can immediately be relegated to the arenas of "top 40" drivel or the fast-food wasteland. You wouldn't commission an operatic libretto from Justin Bieber the same way you wouldn't trust a coq au vin to some pimply teenager at the burger joint.

In South Florida, many of the kitchens are filled with chefs, cooks, and preparers who also perform music. Anthony Bourdain might've referred to kitchen staff as "pirates" or "pirate-like" in his 2000 memoir, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and he wasn't too far from the mark. There's something about the heat of a stage or a kitchen that just draws a certain type of person in.

One of the newer trucks joining the tricounty scene is İpek's Wykked Kitchen, manned by İpek "Warnock" Bilgin, the longtime frontwoman of South Florida extreme metal outfit Wykked Wytch. We had a chance to discuss music and Turkish food with her and in the process learned of early pop stardom in her native Turkey and what one bad dish can do to a person.

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Filet Mignon Sliders and Stuffed Chicken Wings From Sauced Up Food Truck

Sauced Up
South Florida, the food truck loves you: warm weather all year long, a melting pot of culture and cuisine from Broward to Palm Beach, and hungry people eager to stand in line for whatever can be procured from a giant kitchen on wheels.

Since the food-truck trend started several year ago, the meals on wheels have appeared in packs, overtaking neighborhoods, unleashing feeding frenzies in parking lots as far north as Jupiter and Wellington and all the way south to Miami.

Each year, still more hit the streets for the first time, hoping to win the crowds with special takes and fusions with the familiar favorites. So it comes as no surprise that one such food truck, Sauced Up, has taken the slider and chicken wing and upped the ante.

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South Florida Food Trucks on Good Morning America (Video)

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Courtesy B.C. Tacos
If a food truck is good enough for Phillip Phillips, it's good enough for us!
South Florida food trucks were the focus of a Good Morning America segment on the safety and cleanliness of the mobile eateries.

Blogger Burger Beast alerted us to the three-minute feature that cites a recent study conducted by the Institute for Justice. In the report, titled "Street Eats, Safe Eats," the civil liberties law firm researched more than a quarter of a million restaurant and food-truck inspection reports in seven cities, including Miami.

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Kiss' Gene Simmons, Fall Out Boy Spotted at BC Tacos

Brett Chiavari and the BC Tacos crew lived their own personal rock 'n' roll fantasy last week when they met some rock icons at Cruzan Amphitheater.

The BC Tacos truck is a fixture at the music venue during most of its concerts. And while most celebrities usually just go to their green room before a concert where an assortment of food and booze usually awaits, along with a dish of red-only M&M's, two dozen white roses, and a rainbow unicorn, many of the musicians who play the Cruzan make it a point to stop for a taco at the caveman-themed food truck.

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Eats and Sweets Serves Gourmet Sweet and Salty Crepes

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Eats and Sweets Catering

Regina Sacca wasn't familiar with crepes when she decided to buy a food truck in 1999. Once greeted by a crepe maker inside, however, she began learning how to make them using a recipe that a co-worker gave her from a family member in Luxemburg. She picked it up immediately.

"I had never had a crepe before I made one," Sacca said.

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Help Name BC Taco's Caveman; Vote for One of These Five Finalists by April 11

BC Tacos
Hes's got lunch...but no name.
You've seen him before on the side of the BC Tacos food truck and seen him at the BC Cafe -- but did you realize that that poor caveman never had a name?

Scandalous, really, but finally BC Tacos' owner, Brett Chiavari, is prepared to give his adorable, neanderthal mascot a title -- because even a caveman gets annoyed at being referred to as "buddy" and "pal" forever.

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BC Tacos: Tacomaker to the Stars at Cadillac Championship (Photos)

Courtesy BC Tacos
BC Tacos' Brett Chiavari and Travie McCoy: lunch worthy of a billionaire.
This past weekend the Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral Miami saw an array of stars both on and off the famous (and revamped) Blue Monster.

Of course, you've got to feed those thousands of hungry A-listers, so there were tons of options: Joe's Stone Crab, Sushi Maki, and Coral Gables' Eating House to name a few. But with all these Champagne-type options, it seems that celebs are real people, after all. And what do real people like? Tacos!

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Burger Beast's Burgie Awards: Watch the Recap (Video)

Screenshot via YouTube
Thousands of people gather to enjoy food trucks at Burgie Awards.
Thousands of fans of food trucks, beer, and music gathered in downtown Fort Lauderdale's Esplanade Park this past Saturday for the fifth Burgie Awards.

The Burgies were, of course, created by South Florida food blogger Burger Beast as a way to acknowledge trucks and restaurants that specialize in affordable comfort food. The evening saw a huge crowd eating, drinking, and enjoying the balmy winter weather before the big moment -- the actual awards.

The big winner of the evening was Blue Collar restaurant in Miami, which took home awards for best fries and best restaurant. Broward/Palm Beach winners included Charm City (Best Burger), Mojo Donuts (Best Doughnut), and Rolling Stove (Best Food Truck Broward/Palm Beach).

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Cooking Channel's Eat Street to Film Palate Party at Funky Buddha Brewery

Palate Party via Twitter
Eat Street films Palate Party. You're invited.
Eat Street, the Cooking Channel show that highlights the best food on wheels is returning to south Florida to shoot some food trucks.

We know our trucks are high quality, but we also suspect the fact that the production crew is from Canada has something to do with their filming around Florida in January.

This weekend, the crew is in Orlando, filming for a few days before heading south to Funky Buddha on Friday, January 17 to film Palate Party for a future episode.

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