Wendy's Removes Soda From Kids' Meals

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Wendy's via Facebook
Hold the soda...keep the dino.
Fast food chain Wendy's is the latest restaurant to start serving healthier options to children.

According to USA Today, the announcement was made by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) , a Washington D.C.-based consumer advocacy organization that provides consumers with health and well-being information.

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Chipotle Drops Carnitas From One-Third of Its Locations, Florida Affected Too

Photo by user NYCArthur || CC Flickr
Some Chipotle locations in Florida are pulling carnitas pork from its menus over ethical concerns, according to a company spokesman.
Last week, Chipotle Mexican Grill revealed there will be a shortage of pork carnitas in some of its restaurants after it was discovered a supplier was not following company standards. It turns out that locations in Florida will be affected too, according to Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold.

In an email sent to Clean Plate Charlie, Arnold said, "The shortfall is currently impacting about a third of our restaurants. Restaurants in Florida are impacted by this shortfall."

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Harry Potter Chocolates Will Now Be Fair-Trade-Certified

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Universal Studios
Harry Potter's chocolate frogs will now be fair-trade-certified.
A win has been made for wizards and muggles alike with the announcement that Harry Potter--branded chocolates, sold at Universal Studio's Wizarding World of Harry Potter and at major retailers, will use cocoa that is fair-trade-, or Utz-, certified.

The catalyst of the announcement was a campaign initiated by the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), an organization with a staff of more than 60 volunteers and 295 chapters throughout the world. The HPA uses parallels from Harry Potter books to inspire hundreds of fans to "act as heroes in our world." So far, the alliance has sent five cargo planes to Haiti, donated nearly 200,000 books across the globe, and has made contributions to causes ranging from LGBTQ equality to environmental reform. Its latest cause was to engage Warner Bros. to make all Harry Potter chocolate fair trade.

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Girl Scout Cookie Season Is Here: New Gluten-Free Cookie Has Arrived

Girl Scouts
Girl Scout cookie season is upon us!
It's that time of year again, when grown adults turn into jelly at the mere sight of adorable green-clad girls selling cookies.

Girl Scout cookie season officially starts in Broward and Palm Beach counties on January 22. (Note: If you really need your cookie fix earlier, Miami-Dade's cookie season starts January 16.)

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Riverwalk Bringing Food and Activities to Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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Alex Markow

It looks like 2015 is turning out to be a year of change for downtown Fort Lauderdale. The nearly lifeless waterfront walkway along the New River is gaining new attractions in the coming weeks. The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale team has collaborated with the city to bring new food kiosks to the idyllic strip of land just north of the Andrews Avenue bridge.

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The Den at Kitchen Expands With Private Chef's Tasting Room

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Photo courtesy of The Kitchen.
The Kitchen in West Palm Beach expands to offer a more casual way to sample chef Matthew Byrne's menu.
Not even a few weeks into season, and West Palm Beach's Kitchen is already running on a two-week, pre-booking reservation schedule. The 36-seat dining room is booked full each night as chef-owner Matthew Byrne, once Tiger Wood's private chef, prepares his small tasting menu.

To expand the concept while still keeping with the original vision, Byrne and his wife, Aliza, recently took over the newly-vacated space next door to their small bistro. Dubbed simply The Den at Kitchen, the room is a causal extension of the main concept, offering a space that has multiple uses.

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Arby's Just Wants You to Know It Screwed Up -- and Has Pepsi (Video)

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Screenshot via YouTube
Arby's has Pepsi.
Budding Don Drapers of the world, listen up. There's one universal truth about the ad game, and that's turn chicken shit into chicken salad anytime you have the opportunity to do so.

Roast beef sandwich chain Arby's just released a 30-second commercial of a glass of Pepsi. That's it. Just a Pepsi.

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West Palm's Pizza Girls Celebrate Turning Sweet 16

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Pizza Girls' Facebook page
A different, XL pie every day for $16!

Ah! A girl's sweet 16 is a special coming-of-age celebration. This party, marking the transition into adulthood, has over time become a bit of a spectacle. The days of it being small parties at home have turned into full-on "bridezilla"-like monstrosities in hotels, boats, and/or halls with extravagant, thematic productions deflating many a father's wallet.

Thankfully not all of these celebrations have to be so invariably disproportionate so as to offset the economies of developing nations. No. Sometimes cooler heads prevail. Jen Morales and Phoebe Reckseit, the Pizza Girls, are collectively celebrating their business' transition into "adulthood" and are being very adult about it.

This month, the month of their birth, they will feature an extra-large pie from their gourmet menu as the pizza of the day for, you guessed it, a mere $16.

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Caleb's Kola: Craft Soda by the Makers of Pepsi

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Caleb's Kola. Back to basics.
"Tested batch after batch"... "sustainable Fair Trade cane sugar"... "a special blend of spices from around the world"... "a distinct foamy head."

Is this the description for a new, artisan, exotic beverage? In a way, yes. And no.

The above words are part of the launch campaign for Caleb's Kola, Pepsi's new foray into the craft beverage market.

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BC Cafe Celebrates National Taco Day Featuring "Taco's Greatest Hits"

BC Cafe via Facebook
Celebrate National Taco Day.
Once again, a made-up holiday steals our hearts. This time, it's National Taco Day. The taco, you'll be fascinated to know, predates the arrival of Europeans in Mexico, making it a truly authentic dish. And, although the first tacos were basically corn tortillas used as a way to hold tiny fish, we've since discovered it's the perfect food.

No one knows the versatility of the taco better than BC Cafe's Brett Chiavari who is celebrating National Taco Day with some unique creations.

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