Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough Ice Cream Available Now

Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry's
Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Dough.
Ben & Jerry's, the Vermont-based ice cream known company for its celebrity-inspired flavors (remember Schweddy Balls?) has announced a new flavor named after late night's brightest star, Jimmy Fallon.

The ice cream, aptly named the Tonight Dough, was introduced last week during the season-two premiere of Fallon's Tonight Show. Ben & Jerry's cofounders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield served up the frosty treat, a combination of caramel and chocolate ice creams with chocolate cookie swirls, chocolate chip cookie dough, and peanut butter cookie dough, to the live audience.

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Fort Lauderdale to Evict Oasis Café

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Courtesy of Voice Places
Twenty-one-year-old Oasis Café faces eviction by the city.
Sitting at Oasis Café's swinging chairs with a cocktail while enjoying the ocean breezes was a favorite pastime for both locals and tourists alike for more than two decades.

But soon, the simple enjoyment of some conch fritters and a piña colada alfresco will end once Oasis Café closes on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

The café, which sits on city-owned property, is being thrown out of the prime spot it's been on for the past 21 years.

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The Shamrock Shake Returns to McDonald's

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Photo courtesy of McDonald's
The Shamrock Shake is back for a limited time at participating McDonald's restaurants.
It's neon green. It's minty. And it's here for only a limited time.

The McDonald's Shamrock Shake, the chain's seasonal ice cream treat in honor of St. Patrick's Day sold at all American and select Canadian restaurant locations during February and March, is back.

If you aren't familiar with the drink, it could be that you haven't been through a McDonald's drive-through in a few years. Don't worry -- we won't get down on you for that. But this shake wasn't made an official national menu item until 2012, when it became available at each of the chain's 14,000-odd locations during its seasonal release.

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Mai-Kai Added to National Register of Historic Places

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Fort Lauderdale's world famous Mai-Kai.

Pass by Mai-Kai on Federal Highway and you'll get a sense of another time, even before you walk through the doors.

This homage to 1950s kitsch has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, securing the tiki palace's place in Florida history.

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Mojo Donuts Creates the Baklacropolis on Cooking Channel's Donut Showdown

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Photo courtesy of Mojo Donuts
The baklacropolis doughnut is available on weekends at Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines.

It's not baklava, and it's not just an ordinary doughnut. The baklacropolis is really a cross between the Greek dessert and a doughnut-croissant hybrid, and the only place to find it is Mojo Donuts -- for a limited time.

The Pembroke Pines doughnut shop has created more than 300 types of specialty doughnut and, to show off its stuff, recently participated in the second season of the Cooking Channel's Donut Showdown.

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Five Best Garlic-Infused Foods Coming to This Year's Garlic Fest in Delray Beach

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Monica McGivern
Get garlic ice cream at the 16th-annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest, taking place February 6 to 8.
Locals call it the "Best Stinking Party in Town." If you're from out of town, you might just refer to it as the Delray Beach Garlic Fest.

And if you don't know by now, all you need to do is walk by the festival grounds over the course of the three-day event and you'll get a pretty good idea. You can smell the garlic in the air. Lots and lots of garlic.

The annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest is returning to Delray Beach from February 6 to 8. Now in its 16th year, the event has become the signature food and entertainment festival for the seaside city. Produced by a dedicated team of 500 volunteers, the festivities include live entertainment, local artists, and crafters, and -- of course -- plenty of garlic-infused cuisine.

This year, be sure to grab some of our top picks for garlic festival fare.

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Super Bowl Snack Safety Tips From the USDA

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Bru's Room Facebook
Super Bowl means lots of chowing down.
This Sunday evening, it's a safe bet to guess that the average American will be watching the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. And with that viewing comes the inevitable snacking down on chicken wings, nachos, beer, and pizzas.

But did you realize that all that eating and drinking officially makes Super Bowl Sunday the second-largest food consumption day of the year in the U.S. (behind Thanksgiving)?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA, that also means that Super Bowl Sunday is a hotbed for the spread of germs, food poisoning, salmonella, and other unwanted watch-party guests.

Luckily, the good folks at the USDA have shared some tips to avoid all that nasty stuff, or what they call a "food safety fumble." Here are some good takeaways to remember when preparing your watch-party spread.

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Events Added to 16th-Annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest

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Find Lil Mr. Garlic and win free entry to the 16th-annual Delray Beach Garlic Fest and more.
The Delray Beach Garlic Fest is returning to take over downtown Delray Beach February 6 to 8. Now in its 16th year, it is known nationwide as the signature food and entertainment event for the seaside city.

Over the years, Delray Beach's longtime restaurants -- 32 East, 50 Ocean, Dada, and Luna Rosa -- have set a culinary standard for creativity, inspiration, and food trends. Today, they're a main attraction for an event that crosses all cultural boundaries and ages, providing something for everyone, from a full liquor bar and garlic-inspired fare to the House of Appliances Garlic Chef Stadium and more than 180 unique vendors, children's activities and rides, and professional-level cooking competitions.

This year, two inaugural events are helping to bring even more excitement to the three-day lineup.

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Florida Food and Farm Magazine Launches in Florida

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Photo courtesy of Florida Food and Farm
If you've ever wanted a one-stop shop to find all the area farms, farmers' markets, artisan food crafters, and more, your prayers have just been answered.

Former Clean Plate Charlie contributor and South Florida food writer Jan Norris has stepped into her latest role as editor for a new magazine known as Florida Food and Farm. The free, 80-page quarterly publication is something new to the local food scene with the goal of connecting Florida farmers, food producers, and local markets to consumers.

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KFC's Double Down Dog: Nothing Compared to South Florida Fair Food

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KFC Phillipines via Facebook
The Double Down Dog: Your colon is frightened.
Although it sounds like it, Double Down Dog is not an advanced yoga pose. It is, in actuality, the exact opposite of one.

The Double Down Dog is KFC's latest foray into the "shock and awe" food category, which includes such tantalizing gut-busters as Pizza Hut's Vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza (available only in Australia), and the Dunkin' Donuts' glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich.

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