An Alternative Avocado Recipe for National Spicy Guacamole Day

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Stuart Spivack via Wikipedia

September 16 might be the official National Guacamole Day as well as the day of celebration for the Grito de Dolores that began Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla's fight against the Spanish Crown in the Mexican War of Independence. For some reason, November 14 is National Spicy Guacamole day. While South Floridians might be subjected to the expensive and tiny Hass cultivar, guacamole could be enjoyed during the winter months in South Florida thanks to the region's Choquette avocado.

Granted, not as tasty as its itty-bitty Californian cousin, guacamole's avocado base can always be worked upon by the addition of traditional ingredients like cilantro, lime juice, tomatoes, onion, spices and jalapeƱos. Making guac at home is easy and far more delicious than the store-bought stuff that usually contains ingredients colorized in some Berol/Crayola nightmare sequence. Click ahead for another avocado-based recipe that can hang side-by-side with the best homemade guacs.

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Celebrate National Kale Day October 1

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Apura Kale Salad - the Gab Group
Five years ago, if we were to throw a national day in honor of kale, chances are the only people in line to celebrate the cruciferous veggie would be none other than the top brass of Pizza Hut, because back before everyone from your semi-annoying paleo coworker to your prediabetic uncle was cramming its health benefits down your throat -- the Hut was the biggest purchaser of the leafy green.

And no, not as a pizza topping (although it's probably already a thing) but as the sad filler decoration on the buffet somewhere between the dessert pizza and the bacon bits, eggs, and various other heart cloggers that, when mixed together, constitute a "salad."

While you can still occasionally see kale relegated to decoration status at the cold cases at Whole Foods, for the most part, kale has truly come into its own as a food -- sorry, make that SUPER FOOD (ALL CAPS!). So much so, in fact, that we even have a national day for it, October 1.

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Celebrate National Hot Mulled Cider Day the Floridian Way, Late

Have apples? Make cider!
It's officially Autumn now, but you could be forgiven for not having noticed if you live in South Florida - though, relatively speaking, 87 is actually a nice break from the tortuous heat of summer.

While "Food Holidays" are a fun and trendy way of enjoying certain foods we might not entirely gravitate towards on our own, they're also vastly vapid annoying reminders that we live in an area that enjoys one and half seasons year long - summer and not-so summer.

Take National Mulled Cider Day, for example, which took place yesterday, September 30. While the rest of the contiguous United States begins to whip themselves into the frenzy of Fall and the coming Winter months, we here in South Florida continue to wear shorts and bikinis.

So, we ignored it out of solidarity with our fellow sweat citizens. It's just too damn hot and a pox on those who say that drinking hot beverages on a hot day is better for you corporeally - bollocks! There's nothing nicer than a cold and refreshing beverage with alcoholic friends in tow on a scorching hot day!

But then we thought, why let those stinkin' northerners have all the fun?

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The German American Society of Hollywood Kicks Off Oktoberfest Celebration This Saturday

Photo courtesy of the German American Club of Hollywood
South Florida can celebrate Oktoberfest this weekend at the German American Society of Hollywood.
In the United States, we know it's time for Oktoberfest when all those seasonal beers start hitting the shelves in late August and early September. Next, come the month of October, cities nationwide begin their regular Oktoberfest celebrations -- smallish events modeled after the original (and much larger) European festival that takes place in Munich, Germany each year.

But the real German Oktoberfest -- what is considered the world's largest annual festival since its inception in 1810 -- actually begins in September. Already this year, across the state of Bavaria and beyond, Germans have been swilling beer and scarfing down large amounts of pretzel and sausage as part of the 17-day festival, which runs from mid-September to the first weekend in October. During that time, more than 16 million people from around the world travel to attend the event.

This weekend, South Floridians can celebrate their own little slice of German Oktoberfest at the German American Society of Hollywood, which begins its annual Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday, September 27.

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BC Cafe Celebrates National Taco Day Featuring "Taco's Greatest Hits"

BC Cafe via Facebook
Celebrate National Taco Day.
Once again, a made-up holiday steals our hearts. This time, it's National Taco Day. The taco, you'll be fascinated to know, predates the arrival of Europeans in Mexico, making it a truly authentic dish. And, although the first tacos were basically corn tortillas used as a way to hold tiny fish, we've since discovered it's the perfect food.

No one knows the versatility of the taco better than BC Cafe's Brett Chiavari who is celebrating National Taco Day with some unique creations.

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September is National Bourbon Month: Celebrate With Whiskey-Infused Recipes

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All photos courtesy Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Bourbon BBQ-Braised Short Ribs
Ah. September. Let us count the ways we love thee.

After months of feeling like we're living in a sauna, the breeze is starting to cool down (ever so slightly), the kids are back in school, and we're finally gearing up for season to come back around.

As much as we love all of the above, there's yet another reason to celebrate the first month of fall: it's national bourbon month.

While we're sure you have plenty of ways to consume Kentucky's most prized beverage, we figured we'd throw out a couple of extra options -- hey, there's no such thing as too much whiskey.

We got the folks at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to share some hooch-filled recipes.

Chef Johnny Tucker of Council Oak Steaks & Seafood has handed over his tricks for bourbon-BBQ braised short ribs and chef Ray Roach has given up directions for bourbon Cholula chicken wings.

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Brazilian Independence Day is Sunday: Celebrate With Caipirinha Recipes

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All photo courtesy Chima
The traditional cairpirnha
The eyes of the world were on Brazil this summer for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

While it's been wrapped up for quite some time now, we're still slightly obsessed with all thing Brazilian -- beaches, bikinis, beautiful people, brigadeiro (those little chocolate bonbons that are utterly addictive), the list goes on and on.

Sunday is Brazilian Independence Day; to honor the country that's all about having fun -- hello, carnival -- we thought it would be appropriate to enjoy a cocktail, or two.

Chima Steakhouse gave us recipes for traditional and acai caipirinha.


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National Oyster Day is Today: Five Places Get Your Bivalve Fix

Candace West
Oysters from Wild Sea.
Today is National Oyster Day and, according to the official website, there are over 100 different varieties and over a million different ways of enjoying them.

Not only do these fruits from the sea taste delicious, they're rich in amino acids, which are vital for a healthy sex life, which may be the basis for the oysters claim as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Whether you like them fried, baked with some cheese, in a shooter, or just slurped out of the shell with a touch of hot sauce, here are some of our favorite places to enjoy our favorite bivalves.

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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Palm Beach Airports Named Worst for Food

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Wiki Commons
Hungry? Tough luck.
There's no joy left in flying. You arrive at the airport rushed and cranky at least two hours before your scheduled flight so you can partially disrobe in front of strangers and get that brand new bottle of contact lens solution confiscated because it's slightly too large.

Once you're past TSA screening, there's not much to do except grab a bite or a drink. Even with the knowledge that all airport food is overpriced and over processed, we still eagerly purchase a coffee or a beer. But what if you're in the mood for a meal or a crafted cocktail? You won't be going here:

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Today Is Peruvian Independence Day: Five Best Peruvian Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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July is a big month in terms of national celebrations: The U.S. parties it up for Fourth of July (AKA Independence Day), the French guzzle Champagne (or they should) for Bastille Day, and Peru commemorates its Independence Day on July 28 (today).

You've definitely done the whole barbecue-and-fireworks thing. And you've probably indulged in some French fare in honor of the storming of Bastille -- or hopefully attended the annual waiters' race at Pistache. Peruvian Independence Day, on the other hand, we doubt you've experienced.

If you're looking to get down on one of the most revered cuisines in the world for Peru's birthday, here are the five best Peruvian spots in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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