National Iced Coffee Day: Five Places to Pick Up a Cold Brew

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Kenny Louie via Wikimedia Commons
Look, we're all about eating and drinking all sorts of things over here, but in today's fast-paced society -- yes, we're busy too -- one consumable reigns supreme: coffee.

No, it's not good for you; however, caffeine is an absolute necessity (and yes, we're well aware that it's an addiction).

Even so, we're not about to stick just any caffeinated beverage down our gullets. No matter what, food and drinks should be savored; it needs to be enjoyable in the process.

Today is National Iced Coffee Day. And to celebrate the best morning (and midafternoon and evening) drink in the world, we compiled a list of the five best places to pick up a cool cup of brew in Broward and Palm Beach.

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National Garlic Day is Tomorrow: Five Awesome Local Garlic Dishes to Try

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Nicole Danna
Sure, it's odoriferous, but garlic is one of the best culinary discoveries known to man.

It adds layers of flavor to every type of food, almost everywhere in the world, and the bulbous plant is known for a multitude of health benefits: antioxidants, respiratory and circulatory benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, food poisoning prevention, vampire preventer - the list goes on.

Basically, it's just awesome.

Tomorrow -- Saturday, April 19 -- is National Garlic Day, a celebration of the world's best cooking ingredient.

To honor the day, we've rounded up the five interesting garlicky food items in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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More Easter Brunches to Check Out in Broward and Palm Beach

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easter peeps sam howzit.jpg
Sam Howzit
Spring has technically been here for weeks already, but it's not official until Easter comes around.

The time to pull out those pastels, ribbons, and bows is just around the corner, which means you'll need somewhere to go when you're dressed for the day.

Whether you're looking to get in on a light brunch, a big all-you-can-eat brunch, or a celebratory dinner, options abound in South Florida.

Here are some more Easter specials in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Kosher Coca-Cola Is Back for Passover

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Laine Doss
Kosher for Passover Coke is back.
Kosher Coca-Cola is back, folks, and there's a small window of opportunity to grab a few bottles of this holiday special beverage.

If you're asking yourself, "What the hell is Kosher Coke?" you're not alone. In fact, I just received an email asking if regular Coke has some hidden "pork products or something."

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OMG! Dunkin' Donuts Has Peeps Donuts!

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Courtesy Dunkin' Donuts
How cute are these?
We interrupt this blog to share a bit of cuteness overload.

Dunkin' Donuts now has Peeps donuts!

These cutie-patooties are actually flower-shaped donuts, decorated with pastel pink or green icing. Then they're topped with an honest-to-gosh pink or yellow Peep!

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Today Is National Ravioli Day: Spadini's Pizzeria Celebrating With Deals

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Photo courtesy of Spadini's
Pasta has to be one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Yes, it's filled with gluten, that diabolical substance that has become a major no-no in many individuals' diets. And yeah, it's not exactly the healthiest food choice.

But comfort has to count for something in life, and few things are more soothing than a heaping plate of pasta on a bad day (followed by some calorie-dense dessert, of course).

Today is National Ravioli Day, which gives you a perfectly good excuse to forgo the salubrious alimentary regime and give in to your gluten craving.

To celebrate the day, Spadini's Pizzeria in Boca Raton is offering deals on fried and baked ravioli.

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St. Paddy's Day Secret Menu Items: McDonald's McLeprechaun Shake, Starbucks Shamrock Frappuccino

Thumbnail image for krynsky_shamrockshake.jpg
Holiday drinks from secret menus for St. Paddy's Day.
Happy St. Patrick's Day. This evening is all about the green beer and corned beef and cabbage. But some of us have jobs to go to that require thinking and motor skills. That means that we'll have to save the Irish whisky and Guinness for later and head over to McDonald's or Starbucks for a little Saint Patrick's day non-alcoholic refreshment.

Sure, you can order a Shamrock shake, that frosty green beverage that comes around this time each year. But, you know what's better than the minty sweetness of a Shamrock shake? Adding chocolate, which is basically what a McLeprechaun Shake is, thanks to

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National Margarita Day: Five Recipes to Try at Home

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Photo courtesy Kapow! Noodle Bar
We're not breaking any news here, but South Florida is freaking hot.

Sure, we get a few cold fronts from time to time, but it's mid-February, and it's bright, sunny, and, frankly, a bit humid.

When it comes to refreshing alcoholic beverages, few concoctions compete with the margarita -- mojitos aside, it's like the unofficial drink of South Florida.

While it doesn't make sense throughout the rest of the country, tomorrow is national margarita day (we're assuming it's used as a mental means for escape from the cruel winter days).

How you choose to celebrate is totally on you: If you want to go out and score some deals, we have a handy guide or you can stay at home and mix those babies your own way.

For that, we have five margarita recipes for you to try on National Margarita Day.

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Tomorrow is National Margarita Day: Five Places to Drink the Day Away

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Photo courtesy Milagro
We love beer, we're huge fans of wine, and we have no problem throwing back a few martinis from time to time; but there's nothing like an ice cold margarita on a sunny day.

Those tequila-infused Mexican drinks are so good, they are worthy of their very own holiday.

The day for celebrating the might margarita is here (or about to be), fine friends: Tomorrow -- Saturday, February 22 -- is National Margarita Day.

Obviously, there are many ways to commemorate the occasion, but revelry is always best with company.

Here's a list of five places to hang for this very special day.

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Valentine's Day Dinner: How to Cook Dolce Vita with Fabio Viviani (Recipes)

Thumbnail image for fabio2.jpg
Fabio wants to cook for you for Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day is today and the way we see it, you've got two alternatives. You can take your significant other to a schmancy restaurant filled with other people...or you can prepare a decadent dinner-for-two at home.

Don't know what to make? Allow Fabio Viviani to assist you. The Top Chef All Stars alum, restaurateur, cookbook author, and all-around hottie, has shared two Valentine's Day recipes. The beets tartar with poached lobster is sophisticated and decadent, while the strawberry risotto for dessert is simply over-the-top amazing. Pair with a few bottles of Prosecco and you've got a rose-hued dinner that's more intimate than any restaurant meal could ever be.

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