Former Wild Sea Chef De Cuisine Jon Sanchez, "I Refused to Produce Mediocre Food"

With Sanchez gone, will Sunburst Trout appear on future menus?
After butting heads with the Riverside Hotel's Executive Chef Toby Joseph, Jon Sanchez, the 28-year-old chef de cuisine at Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille, has parted ways with the restaurant.

"The executive chef asked me last week to 'dumb down' the menu for the clientele," Sanchez said. "I refused to produce mediocre food."

It's unclear whether Sanchez quit or was fired.

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Dirty Blondes Bouncers Fired, Patrons Plan to Sue

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Screenshot from Instagram via keelan_lftm_dumont
Dirty Blondes bouncers arrested for altercation with patrons.
The three bouncers that allegedly participated in the brutal beating of several patrons at Dirty Blondes were terminated from their positions nearly two weeks after the incident happened.

According to New Times' news blog, Dirty Blondes owner AJ Yaari fired the bouncers and issued the following statement:

"We do not and will not condone these types of actions within the confines of our businesses or anywhere for that matter," Yaari wrote. "As we take swift and calculated measures to move forward, we appreciate the patience of the public, the fairness of the media and support of our city and business leaders."

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Dirty Blondes Incident Has Fort Lauderdale Police Seeking Help From Public

Categories: Food Fight

Screenshot from Instagram via keelan_lftm_dumont
Fort Lauderdale police are asking for assistance.
Sunday's incident at Fort Lauderdale beach dive bar Dirty Blondes is raising more questions and, although two people were arrested, the Fort Lauderdale Police are asking for help in trying to figure out what happened.

Detective DeAnna Greenlaw of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's media relations team issued the following statement regarding the widely distributed video, which disturbingly shows a bouncer pushing and punching a patron before stomping on his head:

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Dirty Blondes Bouncers Beat Customers; Customers Lawyer Up (Video)

Categories: Food Fight

Screenshot from Instagram via keelan_lftm_dumont
A bar brawl leads to arrests at Dirty Blondes.
Details are still sketchy about exactly what happened in the moments leading up to what appears to be several bouncers hitting a group of patrons outside of Fort Lauderdale Beach dive bar Dirty Blondes on Sunday afternoon.

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Is Tipping an 'Abomination' or Should it Remain Common Practice?

lone photowolf flickr creative commons
In many ways, tipping can be an annoying practice.

Consumers get stuck trying to figure out how much to tip per level of service, while restauranteurs get away with paying waiters as low as $4.77 per hour in the state of Florida.

An article written by Brian Palmer, recently published on Slate, claimed that tipping is an abomination and we should abolish the practice.

"Tipping is a repugnant custom. It's bad for consumers and terrible for workers. It perpetuates racism. Tipping isn't even good for restaurants, because the legal morass surrounding gratuities results in scores of expensive lawsuits."

While it did raise some valid points, we decided to look into it further a bit further. We chatted with some local servers and bartenders to see how they felt about getting rid of common gratuity procedures.

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Hollister Nurse-in an "Eyesore": Mothers are Pissed

Categories: Food Fight
Thumbnail image for breastfeeding.jpg
Love it or hate it: in most states women are allowed to breastfeed in public. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of that fact--restaurant, store, and mall managers included. Being that the majority of the population is not well versed in breastfeeding law, mothers with their boobs out tend to get involved in awkward situations.

Due to an incident at a Hollister store in Texas, breastfeeding advocates across the country staged a nationwide nurse-in. In most malls, the protests went smoothly: mothers and babies just nursing away. However, the events at one Delaware mall led to the police being called and a Facebook page bitchfest. Someone from the mall was quoted as saying: "I hope you don't mind if suck on my wife's breast in public."

More after the jump.

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Sorry, Drake: YOLO Has Been Trademarked

Categories: Food Fight
drake yolo-macys.jpg
Earlier this week, Canadian rapper Drake uploaded some instagram pictures of clothing bearing the acronym "YOLO" at a Walgreens and a Macy's suggesting the businesses pay up for using "his" catchphrase.

Clean Plate Charlie spoke to restauranteur Tim Petrillo, co-owner of YOLO in Fort Lauderdale to get his take on Drake's lawsuit threats. Petrillo's response, "I think Drake saying that is such a joke."

Why so funny? Because Petrillo actually holds the YOLO trademark.

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Rapper Drake Thinks He Owns the Term YOLO -- But Did He and Rick Ross Crib the Phrase from the Fort Lauderdale Restaurant?

Categories: Food Fight
YOLO (You Only Live Once).jpg
YOLO: love it or hate it, it's the new 'in' acronym. It's become the catchphrase excuse for all things ridiculous: drunken sorority girl hook-ups, speeding, frat boy public urination, Darwin Award-like behavior, or any other insignificant experience deemed to be worthy of a hashtag by social media users themselves. We get it, you've seized the day.

While the term has been a part of our lexicon for years now, it was popularized in Drake's 2011 song "The Motto." Now the rapper wants royalties for use of the phrase. Clean Plate Charlie spoke to Tim Petrillo of the Restaurant People -- the group that owns Fort Lauderdale restaurant ;YOLO -- to get his take on the trademark catchphrase.

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Donald Trump Tells Glenfiddich, "Ya Fired!"

Categories: Food Fight
trump and fiddich.jpg
"'Fiddich, ya fired!"

Every once in a while the overgrown toddler that is Donald Trump throws a billionaire-sized temper tantrum because something didn't go his way or someone hurt his wittle feewings.

Like any self respecting megalomaniac, he unilaterally assumes that everyone in the universe except the offender is on his side.

In this case, the entire nation of Scotland and Trump are supposed to be offended. The perp? Distillers of Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky, William Grant & Sons.

Of course, it was the nation of Scotland that collectively did the thing that offended Trump, but when you're a billionaire, you don't let pesky little details like facts and reality get in your way.

Follow the jump for some facts and reality...
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13 Year Old Girl Wants Easy Bake Ovens To Be Marketed To Boys

Categories: Food Fight

Easy Bake -- should we make one in blue?

If you ask any chef working in an American kitchen today, you'll probably hear that the industry is male-dominated. Though there are a fair share of women behind the burners, the kitchen is physically demanding, sometimes dangerous, and usually off-color. There's no time for crying, feelings, or even a break.

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Last year, Clean Plate Charlie interviewed chef Michelle Bernstein who confirmed that the majority of kitchen workers are men, possibly because of the conditions, "No one in school or on cooking shows tells you how labor-intensive it is. It's backbreaking work. You look like shit. You can't wear anything attractive. This is not appealing to most women." More »

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