Farmer's Markets in Broward and Palm Beach: What's Staying Open and What's Closing This Summer

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Courtesy of Community Farmers Markets of South Florida
As June approaches and farmer's market enthusiasts plan on buying fresh produce for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month, only some markets will remain open during the summer months.

Emily Lilly, founder and manager of the Boca Raton GreenMarket which runs October through May, attributes the market's decision to close for the summer to two factors: Northern visitors leaving town and the growing season in Florida.

"We get the regulars from the area, from the community at large and then the numbers swell when the snowbirds come because they're used to green markets up North," Lilly said.

Opening year-round is not an option for the market since it caters to Florida-grown produce and must run according to the growing season.

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Jon Favreau On Chef and How Miami Cuisine Inspired the Indie Flick

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Open Road Films

When Jon Favreau was filming the third installment of the Iron Man franchise, his work brought him down to South Florida. Since this time around he was not directing the film - only co-starring and producing - he found himself with plenty of free time and with an urge to explore the city.

All he really wanted to do, he tells New Times, was immerse himself in the culture, especially the food.

"I wanted to taste the food, I wanted to buy a real guayabera, I wanted to hear real Cuban music," he says. He commented to a friend on set that he could probably go down to South Beach and find what he was looking for, "he said, 'no, no, no, you're coming with me,' and he picked me up in his car and drove me to Calle Ocho. First he took me to CubaOcho for a meal and some music, and then we went to Hoy Como Ayer."

It was that authentic Miami night out that later inspired him to write his latest indie flick, Chef.

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Nugtella: Creamy Hazelnut and Pot Treat Is Real

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Nugtella via Facebook
Nugtella is real.
We all have our favorite "stoner food." Some love a Taco Bell run; others can go through a dozen donuts. And then there's Nutella.

Straight from the jar, the chocolate-and-hazelnut combination satisfies like nothing else when we're jonesing for a little somethin' somethin'. Now, what if we told you that some genius company thought of a way to combine Nutella with marijuana?

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SPAM Introduces Sir-Can-a-Lot, Partners With Roy Choi

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Roy Choi and Sir-Can-a-Lot make SPAM more fun.
Americans' love/hate affair with SPAM goes way back to 1937 when the canned meat, named SPAM (short for spiced ham) was launched by Hormel Foods.

We're not sure how well it was initially received, but soon World War II broke out and the canned meat was in high demand to feed Allied troops.

In fact, between 1941 and 1945, over 100 million pounds of the "meat" was sent overseas to feed our soldiers.

Since then, over seven billion cans of the pink, squishy-yet-solid meat have been sold. It's featured on t-shirts, has its own song, fan club...and museum! 

And yet...SPAM has always been more the punchline of a joke than the basis of a delicious meal.

SPAM, celebrating its 75th birthday, has decided to change that with the launch of a new mascot, Sir-Can-a-Lot which, we guess, keeps in keeping with the whole Monty Python-meets-meat-that-requires-no-refrigeration theme.

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Fiscal Dairy Cliff: Farm Bill Stall Could See Milk Prices Double

Kathy Coatney/Farm Bill Facts
Milk prices could double by January if Farm Bill fails.
Leaving cookies and milk for Santa could get pretty expensive if Congress doesn't pass the Farm Bill, created in 1933 to provide subsidies to U.S. farmers during the Great Depression. 

Since then, the Farm Bill has grown and expanded to include not only farm subsidies, but disaster assistance, crop insurance, livestock disease prevention, and conservation issues. According to the American Farmland Trust, the bill, which is passed by Congress every five - seven years, helps American farmers stay in business and helps regulate the prices of crops by providing minimum amounts that crops and products can be sold for.

The last farm Bill was authorized by Congress in 2008 and the bill was up for reauthorization this month.

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Twinkies Actually Can Survive Anything -- Even a Workers' Strike

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hostess out of business tweet.jpg
Just kidding!

As everyone in the western world already knows, on Friday, November 16, Hostess announced it was going out of business because its workers went on strike. Turns out, that might not actually be the case. Yesterday, CNBC broke the news that Hostess agreed to mediation talks with the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International union, most likely, today.

Workers decided to strike because Hostess cut wages by 8 percent and benefits by 27 percent or more.

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Publix Recalls Frozen Tempura Shrimp

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Lakeland-based Publix supermarkets has issued a voluntary recall for 11oz packets of frozen

Not so fast, guy

shrimp tempura. Actually, the shrimp is OK. It's the dipping sauce packets, which that contain soy but aren't labeled as such, that sparked the recall.

No illnesses have been reported, according to a Publix press release.

Customers with additional questions can call the company's customer care center at 1-800-242-1227 or visit Publix's website at

Customers also can contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at 1-888-SAFEFOOD (1-888-723-3366).

Publix has recalled nearly half a dozen products in 2012. Most recently it was

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Treat Your Boss to a Rockefeller-Inspired Meal at Morton's for Boss's Day

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The Men Who Built America.jpg
Morton's The Steakhouse
Dine like the 1% at Morton's
Today, October 16, is boss' day. If your boss is a real mover and shaker, a trip to the local lunch buffet just won't do. We suggest taking him or her to Morton's the Steakhouse for the Men Who Built America dinner menu.

The steak-house chain has teamed up with the History Channel to create a menu inspired by the new series The Men Who Built America.

The show, which premieres tonight, October 16, at 9, focuses on the men who helped shape America in the beginning of the 20th Century.

What did Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan have in common besides building American dynasties? They ate well, especially the Rockefellers. More »

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