Five Deals to Try for Flavor Palm Beach

Photo courtesy Cafe Boulud
Time to eat well on the cheap
Who doesn't like eating out? You don't have to cook, you don't have to clean up, and, chances are, a restaurant chef can throw together a much better meal than you'll ever be able to conceive.

The only downside: the money.

For the next month, the cost to dine in many Palm Beach County restaurants is going down exponentially. Flavor Palm Beach is offering three-course meals at select restaurants for one set fee.

Since there are only so many days in the month, you can't sample them all; however, we've rounded up the five best places to try, so you can take save yourself the headache -- or the stomach-ache, at least.

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Flavor Palm Beach Returns in September: 30 Days of Deals on Three-Course Meals

Photo Courtesy Jove
Here's your chance to find a deal at this year's "Best Restaurant Palm Beach County."
Sampling new restaurants can be one of the greatest pleasures in life -- it can also be a gustatory burden from time to time, but that's another story.

After a while, however, this penchant for experiencing the finer things in life can start to do a number on the wallet.

That's not the case in Palm Beach County every September. Many local eateries line up to offer deals for the monthlong promotion Flavor Palm Beach.

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Flavor Palm Beach: September Dining Deals From Boca to Jupiter

The Omphoy
Malcom's at the Omphoy is participating in Flavor Palm Beach.
September is a month filled with promise. It's time to shed the summer lethargy and get back to school, back to work -- and back to dining at fine restaurants.

Flavor Palm Beach is a month long celebration of dining deals at some of the best restaurants from Boca Raton to Jupiter. Starting September 1, diners can enjoy a three course lunch for $20, and a three course dinner for $30-35 at one of 35 participating restaurants. Flavor, now in its sixth year, has grown from one woman's idea to a nationally renowned event.

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Burt & Max's Finally Open: Fire Pits and A Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar

burt and max's exterior.jpg
All photos courtesy the Gab Group

It's pretty much common knowledge that opening a new restaurant comes with a bunch of hiccups. It's rare for a newly built spot to actually open according to initial schedules. As is expected, that's part of the story of the newly opened Burt & Max's. The restaurant, which was originally slated to open on December 12, 2012, just opened its doors.

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The Lady Who Put the Flavor in Palm Beach

Flavor Logo.jpg
From Miami Spice to Tastemakers (Delray Beach and Boca Raton incarnations) to New Times' very own Pairings event coming up on September 13, foodcentric events are certainly nothing new to South Florida. After all, what is a social event without food, so why not center the whole thing around food from the get-go?

The near omnipresence of food events means we never think about how these things got started in the first place. Perhaps you think that your city tourism boards or chambers of congress are organizing these events to sponsor local businesses and foster fine dining for the locals? Sometimes. Other times, it's more like a foodie fairy godmother shows up and waves her magic wand.

Flavor Palm Beach is a month of foodie goodness, and the entire thing is organized by one fairy godmother, err, woman named Briana Beaty.

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Flavor Palm Beach: North County Edition

Flavor Palm Beach is in full swing, which means diners can gorge on a three-course lunch for $20 or graze on a three-course dinner for $30 or $35, depending on your dining strategy. North County is heavy on classics, served a stone's throw from spas, hotels, and golf resorts. After the jump, three menus that speak to the range of options up north.

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September is Flavor Palm Beach: Central County Edition

Flavor Palm Beach is in full swing, which means diners can gorge on a three course lunch for $20 or graze on a three course dinner for $30 or $35, depending on your dining strategy. Central County offers up some of the fancier dining options and biggest deals. Click to the jump for the top three central county picks.

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September is Flavor Month: Southern Palm Beach County Edition

Flavor Palm Beach is in full swing, and according to OpenTable, reservations for some of the more coveted seats are wide open. A twenty dollar bill buys a three course lunch and $30 to $35 pays for three course dinner through the end of the month.  After the jump, I've rounded up the stand-bys, crowd pleasers, and the more creative menus among participating restaurants in Boca and Delray Beach.

Read on for the skinny.

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