Suri Tapas Bar Offers Traditional and New Age Dishes in Downtown Lake Worth

Nicole Danna
The Desayuno de Campeon or "breakfast of champions" combines blueberry pancakes and pork belly with a house made tomato jam.
A new restaurant has opened off Lucerne Ave. in downtown Lake Worth, taking the space formerly known as Fiorentina, an Italian restaurant that vacated the space over a year ago.

Suri -- which means "pickpocket" in Japanese -- will offer diners what co-owners John Pata and Matthew Barger term alternative American cuisine. Barger has worked as the general manager for Cucina Dell'Arte in Palm Beach and, most recently, The Coach House, formerly the Player's Club in Wellington.

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Yudy Bakery and Restaurant, Offers a Taste of Colombia in Hallandale Beach

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This past World Cup was a revelation of sorts. Without getting into the politicking of Brazil spending millions of dollars in order to look good on international TV while half of their favelas starve daily, there were some really good fútbol moments on the pitch. One of the biggest showings, regardless of how their campaign ended, was the Colombian squad who made it through to the quarter finals and, let's be honest, that game belonged to them.

Twenty-three-year-old former AS Monaco and current Real Madrid attacking midfielder, James Rodríguez was the most exciting player to watch this past cup. Apologies to my German and Argentine friends, this man was so good that ever since they bowed out from the action, this lowly scribe has been craving nothing but arequipe and salty sobrebarriga. Thankfully, these are not cravings that will go unfulfilled while cruising on the Hallandale Beach Boulevard corridor.

Yudy Bakery and Colombian Restaurant on the 300 block of the boulevard's got you covered on every end, from the sweet to the savory, served with that smiling drawl only your best parceros will offer. Will it be enough to hold you over until the next Cup? Probably not, but it is good to know that these nostalgic options are available without breaking your wallet.

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Barolo Ristorante: Authentic Italian Cuisine and Serious Wine in North Palm Beach

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We love food around here.

Whether it's flavorful Vietnamese, seafood-centric Japanese, bold Peruvian, or classic French fare, we'll try just about anything -- and enjoy it as long as it's done properly.

That being said, some cuisines stand out. And it just so happens that Italian is one of our favorites. Full of flavor and completely unpretentious, Europe's boot offers a wide range of styles and ingredients, all of which we're more than happy to shove down our gullets. (No matter our current diet.)

North Palm Beach was recently received it's newest Italian resident. Barolo Ristorante offers a wide range of authentic Italian fare with a huge selection of wines to match.

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First Look: Fork & Balls on Las Olas

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All photos by Sara Ventiera
The Spicy Italian ($14)
The usual Las Olas crowds tend to be fickle in their choice of hot spots.

Years ago it was Big City Grill. Then came YOLO and (several years later) The Royal Pig, pushing the masses to the western edge of the strip.

Somewhere in between all the back-and-forth Rocco's Tacos set up shop on the opposite end of the boulevard, holding in its grasp a steady and vibrant bar scene. Like the lone ranger on the eastern frontier, its kept the masses happy and drunk with its extensive tequila offerings, far away from the rest of the Las Olas eateries.

Now it has a new neighbor, one who might be able to reinvent that part of the street.

We took a peek at the Restaurant People's (the group responsible for YOLO, Tarpon Bend, and S3) newest concept Fork & Balls.

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Yonutz: Gourmet Maple Bacon and Tres Leches Donuts Come to Sunrise

All photos by Laine Doss
Yonutz: Yo, gourmet donuts in Sunrise.
A few days back I made a rather stressful trip to Ikea to return a few items and purchase some more. After waiting in the Motor-Vehicles-type line to exchange some extra items, I then had to wait in another queue to buy the things that I should have purchased in the first place. Driving out two hours later, I noticed a sign with the following equation:

Yonuts = gourmet donuts + gelato & soft serve treats.

This was math I could get into. Plus, after a trip to big-box retail hell, I deserved a treat.

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Bistro 1902 Brings a Taste of Paris to Downtown Hollywood

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Bistro 1902's sweet lemon meringue tart
You might not know you like French food yet, but you do. Cuisine as we know it would not be where it is without the influence of classic, haute French cooking. From sauces and sous vide, to bistros and brasseries -- as well as plenty of groundbreaking chefs and ambitious restaurateurs -- the panorama of plating food is, at its core, française.

Although South Florida is certainly no bastion of French fare, a few places have found their way into the fray and made a name. In Hollywood, Bistro 1902 fills the franco void thanks to its owner, Paris-born Karim Laitaoui. He is often at the front of the house, greeting guests and helping to seat them -- a necessary evil for any true, family-run establishment. But his real job is in the back of the house; Laitaoui is executive chef, on the line each night executing each dish with nascent precision, despite no formal training.

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Ceviche Street in Hallandale Is a Bold Statement of Peruvian Cuisine

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Ceviche Street's Facebook page.

On the unassuming corner of NE First Avenue and NW Third Street, surrounded by auto mechanics and flanked by the train tracks, sits a 1-year-old Peruvian restaurant that might just be Hallandale Beach's best-kept secret. The décor does not fall into the kitsch of "ethnic," nor does it strive to be what it isn't. It is a pragmatic setup of family and couples tables with a few park-styled booths that are overseen by a refrigerated counter by the kitchen. It is clean and roomy but retains that sense of coziness that helps elevate mom-and-pop operations above their corporate competitions.

The mom and pop in question are chef/owner Segio Riglos and his delightful wife, Malena. Riglos, a native of Lima, spent many years working in New York City kitchens before heading south and getting serious with his craft at Miramar's Le Cordon Bleu School and working in diverse joints like the Miami Beach Caffe and Juvia. Everyone knows Peruvian cuisine is the it cuisine right now, and rightly so: The diversity of influences, access to some of the world's best fisheries, and the uniqueness of certain ingredients can yield a hedonistic bounty in the right hands.

Such are the hands and vision of Chef Riglos at Ceviche Street.

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The Chick Pea in West Palm Beach Offers Healthy Food Fast

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Andrew Durgee
Hummus...where chick peas go to party

Lunch, the ubiquitous time of day that can sometimes be more of a lingering question than a meal. Where to go that will satisfy everyone in your increasingly hungry party? Healthy, sure. Fast, that goes without saying. Both at the same time? Dream big.

Well, that's exactly what Amange Foad did by opening The Chick Pea on Clematis Street in April. The first and only hummus bar in South Florida, The Chick Pea is taking your lunch options head on.

Foad has lived in South Florida for over 15 years and noticed a big discrepancy around lunch options. "Around 11:30 p.m. or so you start thinking, where am I going to eat today?" says Foad. "It was either McDonald's or Burger King, something really bad for you and quick. Or you would have to sit there and wait for an hour to get your food. So we saw a need for something faster but also healthy. That was the whole idea behind The Chick Pea."

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Bull Market Offers Creative "Shares" and "Ticker" Beers (Photos)

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All photos Sara Ventiera
Alligator Tacos ($13)
Stocks at record highs right now and it looks like we're about to enter the greatest bull market in the last 85 years.

That's great for those who are playing: bad for anyone who wants to get in.

For those looking to try their hand at the ticker, Bull Market in Downtown Fort Lauderdale may be your answer. (Although, aside from getting drunk, there's no way to win.)

The bar offers beers priced according to supply and demand and creative share plates.

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Daily Melt Now Open in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

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All photos Sara Ventiera
When it comes to daytime dining on Las Olas, you're more likely to find yourself in the power-lunch scene than an affordable cafe -- unless you happen to stumble into the Subway, of course.

That's not the case anymore.

Daily Melt recently opened just off the main drag of the boulevard. We stopped by the newest outpost of beloved South Florida chef Allen Susser's casual (and childhood favorite) concept.

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