J. Flynn's Irish Gastropub Now Open on Clematis St. in West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
J. Flynn's Irish Gastropub off Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.
In downtown West Palm Beach, on a main street filled with dozens of restaurants and cuisine, a new gastropub-themed establishment has taken root. Known as J. Flynn's Irish gastropub, it's taken up space between the newly opened Oli's Fashion Cuisine and the soon-to-close Dr. Feelgoods club off Clematis Street.

Designed to evoke the dining experience of the famed pubs of Dublin, this new 4,500-square-foot restaurant endeavors to bring a taste of Ireland to South Florida. Owner and creator John Flynn, an Ireland native, enlisted the help of Cleve Mash and consulting chef Frank Eucalitto -- chef-owner of the Palm Beach Gardens restaurant Café Chardonnay -- to create what they term a "modern, gourmet-inspired take" on the Irish pub experience.

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Sky Thai Sushi on Las Olas Fuses Traditional Thai and Authentic Japanese

Sara Ventiera
Sky Thai Sushi's Pad Thai
Las Olas Boulevard is home to dozens of restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world.

From seafood to French to Italian to American to Brazilian and everything in between, there are multiple options for each kind of fare on the busy little strip.

Recently, the boulevard got its newest Thai Sushi addition to the west end of the street. Owned by the the team behind Tee Jay Sushi in Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors as well as Thai House in North Miami Beach, the Sky Thai Sushi offers a combination of traditional Thai, authentic Japanese, and fusion of the two to the downtown business district.

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Mr. M's Subs Opens Second Location in Davie After 34 Years

All photos taken by Jess Swanson.
The Ultimate sub (the name says it all).
In January 1979, Dennis and Ginny Maier opened Mr. M's Sandwich Shop in Dania Beach with the simple premise of serving the freshest sandwiches. After 34 years of whipping up some of the greatest sandwiches in town, their son, Paul Maier (also a Mr. M), has set up a second Mr. M's outpost only eight miles away in Davie.

Across the street from Nova Southeastern University, it's attracting a new customer base of hungry college students between classes. Other than the addition of the beer and wine that's expected to appear on the menu soon, everything (from the menu to the family in charge) has stayed the same.

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Himmarshee Public House, an Upscale "Sports Lounge," Opens This Week in Fort Lauderdale

Doug Fairall
It's impossible to miss this massive corner space.
The soon-to-open sports lounge and "global comfort food" hot spot in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Himmarshee Public House, is poised to bring customers on a journey of flavors in an atmosphere more familiar to many than the traditional white-linen tables of old-school foodies.

This is a space dominated by marquee lights, wrap-around lounge booths reminiscent of a Miami nightclub, and pub-height tables just begging to be used to stand next to rather than sit at. It's a typical South Florida mashup of interiors: Chicago Prohibition-era warehouse décor and a modern and subtle beige and wood color scheme. In other words, open and roomy without being flashy.

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First Look: Piccolo Ristorante in Fort Lauderdale

Alejandro Avayú
Everyone has his own definition of comfort fare.

To some, it's a warm and creamy potato soup; to others, it's a giant slab of meat; to many it's a heaping bowl of pasta paired with a glass of Chianti.

If you fall under the latter category, Fort Lauderdale has a new, soothing neighborhood spot for you to check out. Piccolo Ristorante, meaning "little restaurant," serves traditional Italian specialties from all across Italy.

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Cheesesteak Experience: Proud Philly Natives Bring Authentic Cheesesteaks to South Florida

All photos taken by Jess Swanson.
This is not a dramatization.
John Straus stands at the gargantuan grill and throws a mound of shredded red meat down which sizzles when it makes contact with the metal. He sprinkles some grilled onions on too and quickly tosses the blend around with the spatula. The meat and onions begin to brown and white smoke wafts around him. Straus confidently flips the spatula in the air and catches it without flinching.

"Whiz wit, right?" the young cook asks me anxiously. He's incomprehensible and I stare at him blankly like a tourist from another country. "With cheese whiz and onions right?" Straus repeats again, but slower and with better enunciation. I feel like an idiot and nod.

Straus and his family don't mind, they're used to it. They moved to South Florida from Philadelphia six years ago. During that time they have tried to keep their environment from shaping them as they aim to bring the community the most authentic Philly Cheesesteak outside of Pennsylvania at their small eatery, Chessesteak Experience. Besides it's reassuring to hear the staff speaking in their native tongue. It's definitely an experience.

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IT'SUGAR Opening Today in Delray Beach: Buy The World's Largest Pack of Nerds

Find giant candy like this: the world's largest Wonka Fun Dip at IT'SUGAR in Delray Beach.
Two new sweet spots are opening off Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach, each serving up sugar in two of its finest forms: candy and ice cream. While we have a few weeks to wait before we can indulge at the newest Sloan's ice cream location, a candy superstore is now officially open.

Boca Raton-based IT'SUGAR will be celebrating the first day of business for its tenth South Florida store today, one of 60 planned to open this year, and 100 slated by the close of 2014.

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N2 Winebar Opens Today in Delray Beach; Wine on Tap, Tasting Events, and Education

Nicole Danna
N2 Winebar will be using the Enomatic wine dispensing system.
For downtown Delray Beach -- a city rife with restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafes -- it seems nearly every cuisine and concept has been covered. What could possibly come next?

How about a wine bar that's more self-serve than sit-down, with a line-up of events as varied and approachable as its menu? Welcome N2 Winebar to Pineapple Grove.

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Trader Joe's Opens in Miami: Here's What to Expect

All photos by Laine Doss
Trader Joe's in Pinecrest. Worth the drive.
Here's some Trader Joe's-related good news and bad news for your Friday.

The good news: Southeast Florida finally has a Trader Joe's. The store officially opened at 8 a.m. today, October 18, with a ceremonial lei cutting.

The bad news: This particular Trader Joe's is in Pinecrest, a tony suburb, located about six miles south of downtown Miami. That means a bit of a schlep if you live in Broward and Palm Beach.

More good news
: Palm Beach County will be getting three Trader Joe's locations soon, with a 12,500-square-foot TJ's opening in Boca Raton's East City Center in the near future; and another shop opening at Delray Place in Palm Beach Gardens in October, 2014.A Wellington store is also in the works.

More bad news: Broward residents, so far, are left to drive north or south to experience this grocery chain's own brand of tiki-inspired awesomeness.

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So what's in store for you at Trader Joe's and why are so many people fanatical about a grocery store? Well, it could be something in the green plant juice that everyone was raving over at the opening celebration down south, or it could just be the sheer awesomeness of the store itself. Here are a few highlights of what to expect:

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SaxSay Cafe: Peruvian Deli in Tamarac Moves to Bigger Location, Changes Name

Photo courtesy of SaxSay Cafe Facebook
It's a story everyone has heard before: Renzo Salini worked in real estate, and when the bubble started to burst in 2006, he decided to get out of housing and open a restaurant, SaxSay Deli.

While he certainly wasn't the first or only person to do so, he was one of the lucky ones -- he succeeded. What started out as a small Peruvian deli with 40 sandwiches and five signature dishes quickly turned into a home-style Peruvian restaurant serving around 40 traditional menu items with about five sandwiches.

After more than five years in business, Salini and his wife, Claudia Pinglo, decided to pack up shop and move to a larger location earlier this year, just down the street, renaming the restaurant SaxSay Cafe.

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