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What's inside?
If you want to know what's in your Chicken McNuggets, you can find the ingredients online...though McDonald's doesn't make it easy for you.

The ingredients are listed on page eight of a 20 page PDF document on the company's website, making it difficult to just search for without having to hunt for the nuggets in question.

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McDonald's Florida Burger: Only in France

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McDonald's France
Florida & Beef. Better than a Royal with Cheese.
McDonald's has created some new American-based sandwiches, including a new Florida beef sandwich. They only catch? So far, they're available only in France.

According to the website, the sandwich was inspired by Florida, with "two chopped steaks and summer sauce." What's summer sauce? Your guess is as good as ours, but we're betting it has something to do with the color orange.

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Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Opening Two Boca Raton Locations

Categories: Fast Food

Brooklyn Water Bagel Company
Next Monday, May 12, the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. will open a new location in Boca Raton. Located at 22191 Powerline Rd., the restaurant will be the 19th location in the nation for the chain originally founded in Delray Beach.

Currently, the company has several locations in South Florida, including Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Delray Beach.

Best known for pioneering the use of "Brooklynized" water for use in its food, beverage and bakery products, the restaurant uses its own proprietary water treatment system called "Brooklyn Water Works," to turn ordinary tap water into something special.

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Make Your Own Pizza Hut Derby Hat, Order "Thoroughbred" Sticks

All photos courtesy of Pizza Hat
Enchanting hat made from a Pizza Hut box.
The Kentucky Derby is so much more than a horse race. It's an iconic celebration of all things inherently Southern. Gentlemen wear seersucker suits and drink mint juleps out of pewter cups. Ladies wear flowered dresses and outrageous hats. Horses are showered with roses.

If you're not planning a trip to Louisville, there are Derby watch parties all over South Florida where you can drink bourbon, watch the "fastest two minutes in sports" and wear a silly hat. What? You don't have a hat? You still have plenty of time to get creative. Just pick up the phone, order a pizza from Pizza Hut and break out the glue and scissors.

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Ronald McDonald Gets a Makeover

Ronald McDonald..did you get Keratin?
It had to happen.

In these days of fashion obsessed celebrities, you just knew it was a matter of time before the McDonald's clown mascot got a makeover. It's about time for McDonald, who became the fast food's "spokesclown" back in 1963.

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Taco Bell Breakfast and the Ronald McDonalds: Behind The Scenes Footage (Video)

Laine Doss
Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell's breakfast.
By now, you've probably tried Taco Bell's new breakfast items (check out our sister blog Short Order's take on the awesome waffle taco).

For years, the Mexican fast-food chain has nipped on the heels of McDonald's like a rabid Chihuahua in an attempt to gain some traction and market share.

In the past, Taco Bell has enlisted the aid of a celebrity chef (Lorena Garcia) and a Chihuahua in its advertising campaigns. But now, Taco Bell has recruited the least likely of spokesmen for its morning meal campaign -- Ronald McDonald!

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KFC Surveys Americans About Lunch: We Like 'em Hot

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Courtesy KFC
Hot lunches are the best.
How do Americans like their lunch? That's the topic of a new survey conducted by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The KFC Famous Bowls Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research, polling 1,000 adults 18 and over in the United States using random-digit telephone dialing. The survey, which was released today, gives insight into what we like to eat and how we like to eat it.

What makes us happy and satisfied at our mid-day meal?

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McDonald's Mighty Wings: Ten Million Pounds Sitting in Storage

Categories: Fast Food

McDonald's courtesy photo
Mighty Wings...not so mighty, after all.
Once in a while, even what seems like a great idea turns out badly. Take, for example, McDonald's Mighty Wings.

We can imagine the discussion over at the Mickey D's R&D lab. "Everyone loves chicken wings. We have to introduce these on our menu. They'll be the new McRib!"

Well, maybe not, because the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the mega-giant fast food chain has a surplus inventory of ten million pounds of the snack.

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Heinz Ketchup Hires Former Burger King Exec, McDonald's Ends 40-Year Relationship

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stevendepolo/Flikr Commons
Looks like ketchup, but this food fight is bloody.
The 40-year partnership of McDonald's and Heinz Ketchup has been one of the longest relationships of our time. With the rise of super-short Hollywood marriages like Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, McDonald's and Heinz Ketchup was something Americans could rely on.

All high-profiles relationships brave smiles in the limelight even though there is usually more festering in the shadows. And beneath the smiles on McDonald's happy meals, the fast food chain has been hiding a history of turbulence with its condiment partner, Heinz.

Sure, their break is widely attributed to Heinz Ketchup bringing former Burger King chief executive partner and sworn McDonald's enemy Bernardo Hees to the helm. And once McDonald's heard about the choice, they ended their partnership and blamed the parting on irreconcilable differences.

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Florida Woman Gives Birth to Son at McDonald's

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Michael/Flikr Commons
It's no surprise that McDonald's can whip up a Big Mac five minutes after ordering, but this Lake Wales Micky D's can also deliver a baby boy in that time too.

On the way to a doctor's appointment last Monday, 20-year-old Shardonnay Hill asked her grandmother to quickly stop at the McDonald's on Central Avenue in Lake Wales to use the restroom. Then she went into labor.

"Get some boxes, and let's flatten them out and get her to lay down," Hill's grandmother told the staff. "She can't have the baby over the toilet.'"

With the help of three employees and the Polk county 911 dispatcher, Hill gave birth to a baby boy five minutes into the call. Officially named Joshua, the newborn's aunt explains that the boy will forever be nicknamed Ronald to honor the heroism of the McDonald's staff and because it's also his mother's favorite restaurant.

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