Get $5 Food Tickets for the South Florida Fair With The MegaSaver Pack

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Photo courtesy of Jungle George's Exotic Meats
Sample fried crickets and chocolate-covered ants at the South Florida Fair.
It's January, and for Palm Beach County residents that can only mean one thing: the South Florida Fair is back.

And -- if you're food lovers like us -- it also means it's time to chow down on all manner of fat-laden, deep-fried, sugary treats. This week the fair will take over the South Florida Fairgrounds beginning Friday and runs through Sunday, Februray 1. As usual, the two-week-long fair will features games, rides, concerts, pig races, animal exhibits -- and plenty of freaky fair fare from fried Oreos to chocolate-covered ants.

If all that sounds like your idea of a good time, you might want to consider purchasing tickets now. Even though the South Florida Fair ticket prices are down $5 apiece from previous years, the MegaSaver packets still present mega savings for those who plan to bring the entire family or make multiple trips.

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Pizza Hut Reveals New Line of Sauces, Pies: Meatbrawl, Cock-a-Doodle Bacon on the Menu

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Pizza Hut
Truer words have never been spoken.
Hear ye, hear ye, people of the Earth. You have exactly seven days in which to finish up that bucket list, reconnect with loved ones, and finally visit the Grand Canyon, because the world as we know it will end on November 19.

OK, that's a pretty bold statement. The world will not actually end on November 19. That's juts the day Pizza Hut will unveil its new "Flavor of Now" line of toppings, sauces, and crusts.

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Dunkin' Donuts' Croissant Donut: We Try One

All photos by Laine Doss
The Dunkin' Croissant Donut is here.
Dunkin' Donuts has just launched its new croissant donut, a hybrid of the best of American and French artery-cloggers.

The pastry, which hit the streets this week, is the fast-food, mass-produced version of Dominique Ansel's cronut, which still causes mass hysteria and hours-long waits at his Soho bakery in New York City. The trademarked pastry even has its own rules attached to it, including the suggestion that you arrive prior to 7 a.m. to claim your treat, which sells for $5. There's also a two-cronut minimum and a no-holding-a-place-for-friends rule.

Until now, restaurants and shops that have tried to make their own versions of the croissant/donut hybrid have been greeted with pushback from Ansel's people, who fiercely protect the pastry as it it were a cure for Ebola. So much so, that Clean Plate Charlie was actually warned not to use the name "cronut" in an article about Disney's Epcot offering croissant donuts.

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Jimmy John's Issues Noncompete Clause to Its Employees

This giant sub might become a bitter pill to swallow.

The lengths to which some companies go to protect their image can sometimes be, well, ridiculous at best. In the olden days, before chefs and foods became trendy and marketable, when mom-and-pop operations staked their claims and reputations on their family name, you found real quality control. Since larger culinary entities began their hostile takeover of American plates and palates, you'll find that quality isn't what it used to be. This has given over to some bizarre corporate paranoia.

It's bad enough that many of these entities barely represent hollow shells of what they purport to be -- Italian food chains that don't salt the pasta water, pizzamakers who want you to stink like their product -- the mind-boggling ideas that get green-lit in corporate boardrooms are at times too much to handle.

The food service industry has routinely been unkind to its employees, especially in these big-box companies. But Jimmy John's latest "idea" to keep itself above its competition, real and/or perceived, is laughable and incredibly sad all at once. Kinda like their J.J. Gargantuan sandwich.

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McDonald's Testing New Pastries on South Floridians Starting This Week

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Photo courtesy Smith & Knibbs PR
Mickey D's is classing up its pastries.
The words "McDonald's" and "experiment" can conjure some intimidating images -- like some kind of Frankenburger or other alarming mutated food item.

Don't get ready to let out a blood-curdling scream just yet; the fast-food chain is testing out inane (but probably equally unhealthy) treats in just a few days.

Starting this week, McDonald's Palm Beach-Treasure Coast is offering customers first dibs on its newest menu item, McCafé Mini Bundt cakes.

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Watch Redacted Tonight Show's "What a McDonald's Commercial Should Look Like" (Video)

Flickr/Jacob Enos
What's inside?
If you want to know what's in your Chicken McNuggets, you can find the ingredients online...though McDonald's doesn't make it easy for you.

The ingredients are listed on page eight of a 20 page PDF document on the company's website, making it difficult to just search for without having to hunt for the nuggets in question.

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McDonald's Florida Burger: Only in France

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McDonald's France
Florida & Beef. Better than a Royal with Cheese.
McDonald's has created some new American-based sandwiches, including a new Florida beef sandwich. They only catch? So far, they're available only in France.

According to the website, the sandwich was inspired by Florida, with "two chopped steaks and summer sauce." What's summer sauce? Your guess is as good as ours, but we're betting it has something to do with the color orange.

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Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Opening Two Boca Raton Locations

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Brooklyn Water Bagel Company
Next Monday, May 12, the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. will open a new location in Boca Raton. Located at 22191 Powerline Rd., the restaurant will be the 19th location in the nation for the chain originally founded in Delray Beach.

Currently, the company has several locations in South Florida, including Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Delray Beach.

Best known for pioneering the use of "Brooklynized" water for use in its food, beverage and bakery products, the restaurant uses its own proprietary water treatment system called "Brooklyn Water Works," to turn ordinary tap water into something special.

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Make Your Own Pizza Hut Derby Hat, Order "Thoroughbred" Sticks

All photos courtesy of Pizza Hat
Enchanting hat made from a Pizza Hut box.
The Kentucky Derby is so much more than a horse race. It's an iconic celebration of all things inherently Southern. Gentlemen wear seersucker suits and drink mint juleps out of pewter cups. Ladies wear flowered dresses and outrageous hats. Horses are showered with roses.

If you're not planning a trip to Louisville, there are Derby watch parties all over South Florida where you can drink bourbon, watch the "fastest two minutes in sports" and wear a silly hat. What? You don't have a hat? You still have plenty of time to get creative. Just pick up the phone, order a pizza from Pizza Hut and break out the glue and scissors.

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Ronald McDonald Gets a Makeover

Ronald McDonald..did you get Keratin?
It had to happen.

In these days of fashion obsessed celebrities, you just knew it was a matter of time before the McDonald's clown mascot got a makeover. It's about time for McDonald, who became the fast food's "spokesclown" back in 1963.

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