Casa D'Angelo Featured on Cooking Channel's Emeril's Florida (Video)

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Courtesy of Emeril's Florida
Emeril eats well at Casa D'Angelo.
Angelo Elia, one of South Florida's most respected chefs, gets the spotlight this weekend when Emeril Lagasse visits his Casa D'Angelo for this week's episode of Emeril's Florida.

The episode, titled "Big Night Out," sees the beloved chef best-known for his catch phrase "Bam!" dining at some of Florida's chicest restaurants, including Salt at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, honored with a AAA Five Diamond award; and Michael's on East, Sarasota's only AAA Four Diamond award restaurant.

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Anthony Bourdain Is a Cartoon Character... Again

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Courtesy Nickoledeon
Anthony Bourdain is a cartoon.
Anthony Bourdain will guest-star as famous TV food dude Anthony Gourmand in an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon's Sanjay and Craig slated to air sometime in 2015.

In the episode, Craig becomes obsessed with Anthony Gourmand, the host of a television series called Foodventurer. Sanjay and Craig meet Gourmand at the Frycade, where the fictional TV star is seeking out the "ultimate food." Of course, things get out of hand when Gourmand turns out to want to eat Craig, who happens to be a talking snake.

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Tiny Hamster Challenges Kobayashi to an Eating Duel (Video)

Screenshot via YouTube
Tiny Hamster takes on champion eater Kobayashi.
The world can be a harsh place. There are bills to pay, climate change to worry about, and bosses so evil they should sprout horns and carry around pitchforks at the weekly sales meeting. That's why we need diversions on the internet to give us a few minutes of sheer joy in our rotten, miserable existences.

This is the sole reason why Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos exists, people. And what's not to love? A tiny hamster is shown waddling to his widdle table and eating a teeny burrito with his microscopic, yet dexterous, rodent hands.

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3030 Ocean's La Tasha McCutchen Makes it to Week Two on Hell's Kitchen

Photo Courtesy Brustman Carrino
While you may think you know everything there is to know about being a chef from watching reality T.V., cooking competition shows are nothing like working in a real kitchen.

Sure, tempers flare whether the cameras are there or not. But in a real-life situation, you'd be hard-pressed to find a chefs teaming up with their competitors or digging through sandcastles to find geoduck clams.

3030 Ocean kitchen supervisor La Tasha McCutcheon can add those skills (or tasks) to her resume. The Hell's Kitchen contestant made it through week one and will be returning to the show to compete next week again.

We got a chance to speak to the amicable chef about week one, Gordon Ramsay, and the Hollywood treatment.

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Dolphins Wife Christy Denney, the Girl Who Ate Everything, Releasing Cookbook September 9

The Girl Who Ate Everything
Double-decker taco cupcakes.

For all the turbulence one can come across in the media stemming from the shenanigans of NFL players, it is refreshing when an NFL-tinged story comes out that does not involve nightclub beatdowns, bullying, locker-room vitriol, and so-so seasons. Yes, we're talking about the Miami Dolphins. But this is not a story about the Miami Dolphins, directly. This is a story that happens to involve the wife of the longest current-serving member of the Miami Dolphins.

We're talking about long snapper and all-around solid special teams member John Denney, a man who has kept a low profile, a level head, and an unquestioned relevance within the team.

It is no surprise that as the mother of their five children, Christy Denney also exhibits a calm and dignified demeanor. This Mormon family has kept out of the limelight and has managed to carve for themselves a pretty good life in South Florida as members of the Dolphins franchise. John's gargantuan caloric needs as an athlete were evident soon after they married, and Christy's passion for food was reawakened. In 2008, she took to the internet with her blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything, and has worked as a recipe developer for General Mills.

John has been the first line of defense for "the benefits of the dishes that turn out and stomachs the ones that don't."

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Chris "Birdman" Andersen Named Hard Rock Energy Drink's Spokesperson

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All photos by Laine Doss
Chris "Birdman" Andersen: Tough life.
Chris "Birdman" Andersen, the colorful Miami Heat power forward/center, has been named Hard Rock Energy Drink's spokesperson.

The drink, which comes in two flavors and a sugar-free version, is produced, marketed, and distributed by Enterprise Beverage Group, a majority-owned subsidiary of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

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3030 Ocean's La Tasha McCutchen Competing on Hell's Kitchen (Video)

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Photo courtesy of Brustman Carrino
3030's La Tasha McCutchen
Somewhere, Gordon Ramsey is gearing up his foul mouth yet again.

On Wednesday, September 10, his scream-filled cooking show Hell's Kitchen is premiering again, and this time only one South Florida chef has made it to the competition.

3030 Ocean's La Tasha McCutchen is competing for a head chef position at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, a total prize value of $250,000, and the glory of winning on the show's 13th season.

And we got a sneak peek of her journey.

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Watch Five Celebrity Chefs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Videos)

Martha Stewart
Martha accepts the ice bucket challenge.
By now your Facebook page has been filled with videos of friends (and celebrities) getting doused with buckets of ice water. Maybe you've even been dared to pour a bucket of water over your own head.

While in South Florida this may sound like a refreshing (though extreme) way of keeping cool during a steamy August afternoon, it's actually the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising stunt that went viral sometime this summer. Though the challenge has been around for a while, the ALS Association, the main beneficiary of monies raised by this challenge, credits 29 year-old Pete Frates from Beverly, Massachusetts for making the mere act of pouring a bucket of freezing water on your head a sensation. Frates, a former Division 1 college athlete with Boston College baseball, was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gherig's Disease, in 2012 and has dedicated his time to spreading awareness of the disease since.

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Celebrating Julia Child's Birthday with Four French Chef Moments (Videos)

Julia Child about to pick a dancing partner.

Ah, Julia Child, the original celebrity chef. The relatively tall woman who brought the pleasures and delights of French cookery into the American home through the miracle of television is not only a revered icon of the culinary arts, but an American institution as well. The former employee of the Office of Strategic Services married fellow staffer Paul Child in 1946 after meeting during her posting in Sri Lanka. The marriage would last until his death in 1994.

Paul and Julia's love was legendary and more than likely fueled by her incredible and hard-earned skills in the kitchen. By now, a decade after her passing, Julia Child is a household name. Through numerous biographies, television archives and the book/film Julie & Julia, she's forever in our minds. Is she responsible for the propelling of chefs to megastar status?

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Shannon Briggs and Wladimir Klitschko in Food Fight at Hollywood Restaurant (Video)

Screenshot via YouTube
Mama Mia Italian Ristorante was the scene of a crazy food fight.
Two heavyweight boxers decided to go a few rounds in Hollywood, Florida, the other day. Unfortunately, the incident occurred in a restaurant instead of a ring.

The bizarre incident occurred at Mama Mia Italian Ristorante in Hollywood, where Wladimir Klitschko was enjoying a quiet lunch.

Apparently, Shannon Briggs barged in and started eating the heavyweight champ's food, saying, "What you do, I do, champ."

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