Chipotle Drops Carnitas From One-Third of Its Locations, Florida Affected Too

Photo by user NYCArthur || CC Flickr
Some Chipotle locations in Florida are pulling carnitas pork from its menus over ethical concerns, according to a company spokesman.
Last week, Chipotle Mexican Grill revealed there will be a shortage of pork carnitas in some of its restaurants after it was discovered a supplier was not following company standards. It turns out that locations in Florida will be affected too, according to Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold.

In an email sent to Clean Plate Charlie, Arnold said, "The shortfall is currently impacting about a third of our restaurants. Restaurants in Florida are impacted by this shortfall."

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Q&A with Food Chains Director Sanjay Rawal, March Planned Monday at West Palm Beach Publix

Screen shot from Food Chains trailer.
Less than a decade ago, the Everglades farming town of Immokalee was often described as the headquarters of agricultural abuse in the United States. Stories of bosses beating, forcing free labor, and using horrifying intimidation tactics were commonplace.

The abuses were so widespread, that Immokalee was described by the Department of Justice as "ground zero for modern day slavery [in agriculture] in the United States."

Much of the dire poverty of the workers and exploitive practices of the agribusiness is chronicled in journalist Barry Estabrook's Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Detroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit.

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EarthSave Talks Turkeys, Hosts Free Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck Saturday

EarthSave Miami

Did you know turkeys are incredibly social creatures, have excellent hearing but no external ears, love eating peanuts (so much!), and were once so prized that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey the national bird before the bald eagle eventually won out? Nope, had no clue?!

While an estimated 45 million turkeys are used for Thanksgiving meals, there is a shift afoot to turkeyless dinners, vegan-friendly potlucks, and cruelty-free meal plans where everyone leaves full and happy with wishbones intact.

Whether you are oddly curious, wanting to get some ideas for what a vegan Thanksgiving spread looks like ahead of the actual holiday, or are a lifelong vegan in search of sharing a meal with other like-minded eaters, EarthSave is hosting a free community vegan Thanksgiving this Saturday (November 22) with its Zero Turkey Feast.

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Zinburger Fights Prostate Cancer With Pumpkin Stache Shake

Categories: Ethical Eating

Conceived in 2009 as a fun way of helping in the fight against cancer, No Shave November is the spiritual cousin of the Movember movement. Founded in 2009 by Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl, No Shave November has grown from an initial pool of about 50 Facebook supporters to a nationwide cause. The idea is simple -- instead of spending money in November for personal grooming (razors, creams, salon visits, etc.) -- participants are encouraged to donate that money to their partner, the American Cancer Society.

Over the years, the Hill family, having lost its patriarch in 2007 to cancer, has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars "to ensure that the funds raised in the annual campaign would be distributed to all of the areas that matter to the team: research, prevention, education, and continuing care. With every whisker grown and dollar raised, No Shave November celebrates the hair that many cancer patients lose..."

Cancer is terrible, that much is true, but fighting it doesn't have to be terrible. This month, Sunrise's Zinburger joins the Zero charity in the fight against prostate cancer with its Pumpkin Stache Shake.

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Growing Broward's Farm to Table Bus Tour Will Feed and Educate Foodies

Categories: Ethical Eating

Via Growing Broward on Facebook

Despite the fact that bountiful Broward County farms supply some of the area's best eateries, most diners will never see tomatoes, kale, or sweet potatoes anywhere other than on their plate. Or wrapped in plastic at Publix.

But this Saturday, Growing Broward's first Farm to Table Bus Tour will give foodies a glimpse of where their edibles originate while feeding, educating, and entertaining them along the way.

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Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow Author Randy Shore on Growing Cilantro, Pickling, and Balcony Gardens

Categories: Ethical Eating

Tracey Kusiewicz of Foodie Photography
Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (

Most of us are aware that growing our own food is the idea way to eat, but with tiny apartments, busy schedules, and the convenience of Publix, how often do we really toe the locavore line?

According to Randy Shore, author of Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow -- The Green Man's Guide to Living & Eating Sustainably All Year Round, sprouting at least some of your own food isn't all that hard. We spoke to Shore for his take on cilantro cultivation, making pickles and what to grow on a little baby balcony.

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Dreamers Corp Attempting to Change the World, One Community Garden at a Time

Categories: Ethical Eating

Photo courtesy of Dreamers Corp
Anyone and everyone who is into food is used to hearing the value in local produce: it tastes better, it's better for the environment, it supports the local economy, etc.

And hey, that sounds great. We like all of those things.

While buying from a local farmer is definitely a step in the right direction, that conversation is usually directed at those with some spending power, those who have a choice between Whole Foods, Publix, and a local farmers market -- that group does not include large segments of the population.

Florida Institute of Technology student Adrian Devezin (20) and his board of directors (two fellow students at the university) with the Dreamers Corp want to change that. The group hopes to change the world, one community garden at a time, starting with Florida.

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Palm Beach Beekeepers Association Hosting Statewide Conference This Week

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Photo courtesy of Florida Beekeepers Association
While most of the news regarding bees has been dire for the past several years, Palm Beach County has reason to get excited about honeybees this week.

Busy beekeepers from across the state are gathering together to buzz all about (all right, we're done with the jokes) the ins and outs of starting and maintaining hives.

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Rocco Mangel Brings "Tacos & Tatas" Fundraiser Back to Rocco's Tacos This October

Categories: Ethical Eating

Rocco's Tacos
Rocco's Tacos owner Rocco Mangel will be pouring shots at each of his locations to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.
These days, everyone knows Rocco Mangel -- owner of the eponymous Rocco's Tacos Tequila Bar chain -- for wearing his tequila-pouring shoes. If you catch him on the bar at any one of his restaurant locations, you know the shots will be flowing free that night.

But not many people know it's also how Mangel decided to start his now-annual "Tacos & Tatas," a fundraising campaign begun in 2011 to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

"When I first started pouring tequila shots, I was in my West Palm Beach restaurant, and people would always try to tip me while I was up there [on the bar]," said Mangel. "So it got me thinking: This would be a great way to raise money."

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Hallandale Beach Passes Resolution on GMO Labeling and Antibiotics in Livestock

Categories: Ethical Eating

Courtesy of Wikimedia
The genetically modified organism (GMO) issue rages on.

While states are facing lawsuits for mandatory labeling legislation, some cities are attempting to take things into their own hands.

Hallandale Beach is one.

Recently, "The City of Choice" became the first town in Florida to pass a resolution in favor of GMO labeling and a resolution supporting a ban on the overuse of antibiotics in livestock.

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