Zinburger Fights Prostate Cancer With Pumpkin Stache Shake

Conceived in 2009 as a fun way of helping in the fight against cancer, No Shave November is the spiritual cousin of the Movember movement. Founded in 2009 by Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl, No Shave November has grown from an initial pool of about 50 Facebook supporters to a nationwide cause. The idea is simple -- instead of spending money in November for personal grooming (razors, creams, salon visits, etc.) -- participants are encouraged to donate that money to their partner, the American Cancer Society.

Over the years, the Hill family, having lost its patriarch in 2007 to cancer, has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars "to ensure that the funds raised in the annual campaign would be distributed to all of the areas that matter to the team: research, prevention, education, and continuing care. With every whisker grown and dollar raised, No Shave November celebrates the hair that many cancer patients lose..."

Cancer is terrible, that much is true, but fighting it doesn't have to be terrible. This month, Sunrise's Zinburger joins the Zero charity in the fight against prostate cancer with its Pumpkin Stache Shake.

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Rocco Mangel Brings "Tacos & Tatas" Fundraiser Back to Rocco's Tacos This October

Rocco's Tacos
Rocco's Tacos owner Rocco Mangel will be pouring shots at each of his locations to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.
These days, everyone knows Rocco Mangel -- owner of the eponymous Rocco's Tacos Tequila Bar chain -- for wearing his tequila-pouring shoes. If you catch him on the bar at any one of his restaurant locations, you know the shots will be flowing free that night.

But not many people know it's also how Mangel decided to start his now-annual "Tacos & Tatas," a fundraising campaign begun in 2011 to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

"When I first started pouring tequila shots, I was in my West Palm Beach restaurant, and people would always try to tip me while I was up there [on the bar]," said Mangel. "So it got me thinking: This would be a great way to raise money."

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Watch Five Celebrity Chefs Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Videos)

Martha Stewart
Martha accepts the ice bucket challenge.
By now your Facebook page has been filled with videos of friends (and celebrities) getting doused with buckets of ice water. Maybe you've even been dared to pour a bucket of water over your own head.

While in South Florida this may sound like a refreshing (though extreme) way of keeping cool during a steamy August afternoon, it's actually the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising stunt that went viral sometime this summer. Though the challenge has been around for a while, the ALS Association, the main beneficiary of monies raised by this challenge, credits 29 year-old Pete Frates from Beverly, Massachusetts for making the mere act of pouring a bucket of freezing water on your head a sensation. Frates, a former Division 1 college athlete with Boston College baseball, was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gherig's Disease, in 2012 and has dedicated his time to spreading awareness of the disease since.

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Palm Beach Applebees to Raise Money for Alex's Lemonade Stand

Courtesy Alex's Lemonade Stand
Tart drinks for a sweet cause.
Alexandra "Alex" Scott was just four years old when she decided to old a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for children with cancer.

That original lemonade stand raised over $12,000 but Alex wasn't happy until she reached a goal of a million dollars. This little warrior was fighting her own battle with the disease and, sadly, she lost her fight in 2004, before reaching her eighth birthday.

Alex's legacy lives on, with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 charity, raising more than $75 million toward fulfilling Alex's dream of finding a cure, funding over 375 research projects nationally.

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The Barman's Fund in Palm Beach County: Tipping for Charity

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kramer
Stephanie Kramer, second from left, and the Palm Beach County Barman's Fund donating to Little Smiles.
"Drink with a purpose" is a line probably heard sometime early in your drinking career. And that is all the bartenders in the Barman's Fund ask from you when they dedicate one bar shift per month to earning tips for charities.

Founded in 2011 by Brooklyn bartender Brian Floyd, the Barman's Fund is a "motley assortment" of bartenders from around the country who coordinate and dedicate one bar shift per month where every dollar earned in tips goes to charitable organizations or anyone who needs the money. There are five chapters in five U.S. locations, including Palm Beach County, where the newest one was formed by Lion and Eagle English Pub bartender and Boca Raton native Stephanie Kramer.

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Kill The Lights: Raise a Glass to Help Sea Turtles

Kill the lights...raise a glass.
It's that time of year again when lights go dim along South Florida's fabulous coastline in order to help sea turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean safely. Bright lights can disorient the babies and encourage them to migrate inland instead of toward the sea.

To encourage beachside residents and businesses to help protect nesting sea turtles, The Naked Turtle rum and Sea Turtle Conservancy is hosting a series of events Saturday, May 10 to raise the awareness of the importance of turtle-friendly lighting.

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Sofia Vergara and Buca di Beppo Launch "Meatballs 4 Niños" Campaign

Buca di Beppo
Sofia Vergara: That's one spicy meatball!
Who doesn't love Sofia Vergara? The voluptuous celebrity manages to meld the comedic timing of Lucille Ball with the accent of Desi Arnaz into the body of a goddess.

Plus, the actress and model spends plenty of time in South Florida in a bikini.

Now, Vergara is channeling her energies into helping St. Jude Children's Research Hospital raise funds through the Buca di Beppo "Meatballs 4 Niños" campaign.

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Medical Marijuana Initiative Headed for Florida Ballot: Five Best Things to Eat and Drink While Stoned

Here's your preplan for the munchies
If you haven't heard all the ruckus about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado last week, you've either been stuck under a rock, working too much, or coming down from the worst New Years hangover ever.

Either way, a joint should help with those issues.

While weed still isn't legal in Florida, not even for medicinal purposes, pot activists say they are well on the way to getting one millions signatures on their petitions to qualify for the fall ballot as of next week -- they have until February 1 to submit more than 683,000 valid signatures of registered voters.

With all the commotion on tokin' going on lately, we figured it was time to come up with a list of the best stoner foods in South Florida.

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Pink Bagels at Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness Wednesday

Seelensturm via Flickr Creative Commons
The saying goes, "Time flies when you're raising awareness for a good cause." That's how the saying goes, right?

On Thursday, another month bites the dust; we're that much closer to the winter (whatever that means down here). With the end of October also goes national pizza month, apple month, cranberry month, cookie month, and a whole bunch of other food items.

More importantly, national breast cancer month is about to come to an end. To end the month with a bang, Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is serving up pink bagels tomorrow to raise funds for the cause.

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Pink Tacos and Breast Cancer Fighting Hot Sauce at Tijuana Flats

courtesy of Tijuana Flats
Tijuana Flats has introduced the pink taco to its menu. For this month only, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, the Orlando-based Tex-Mex chain is offering customers pink-shelled tacos for an additional buck.

Now, clearly, putting any double-entendre menu item is going to garner laughs. And general manager Carolyn Lancheros, of the 1489 S.E. 17 Street outpost in Fort Lauderdale, admits she can't get through a shift without cracking up when her customers respond with:

'What do you mean? A real pink taco?'

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