Sofia Vergara and Buca di Beppo Launch "Meatballs 4 Niños" Campaign

Buca di Beppo
Sofia Vergara: That's one spicy meatball!
Who doesn't love Sofia Vergara? The voluptuous celebrity manages to meld the comedic timing of Lucille Ball with the accent of Desi Arnaz into the body of a goddess.

Plus, the actress and model spends plenty of time in South Florida in a bikini.

Now, Vergara is channeling her energies into helping St. Jude Children's Research Hospital raise funds through the Buca di Beppo "Meatballs 4 Niños" campaign.

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Medical Marijuana Initiative Headed for Florida Ballot: Five Best Things to Eat and Drink While Stoned

Here's your preplan for the munchies
If you haven't heard all the ruckus about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado last week, you've either been stuck under a rock, working too much, or coming down from the worst New Years hangover ever.

Either way, a joint should help with those issues.

While weed still isn't legal in Florida, not even for medicinal purposes, pot activists say they are well on the way to getting one millions signatures on their petitions to qualify for the fall ballot as of next week -- they have until February 1 to submit more than 683,000 valid signatures of registered voters.

With all the commotion on tokin' going on lately, we figured it was time to come up with a list of the best stoner foods in South Florida.

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Pink Bagels at Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Benefitting Breast Cancer Awareness Wednesday

Seelensturm via Flickr Creative Commons
The saying goes, "Time flies when you're raising awareness for a good cause." That's how the saying goes, right?

On Thursday, another month bites the dust; we're that much closer to the winter (whatever that means down here). With the end of October also goes national pizza month, apple month, cranberry month, cookie month, and a whole bunch of other food items.

More importantly, national breast cancer month is about to come to an end. To end the month with a bang, Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is serving up pink bagels tomorrow to raise funds for the cause.

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Pink Tacos and Breast Cancer Fighting Hot Sauce at Tijuana Flats

courtesy of Tijuana Flats
Tijuana Flats has introduced the pink taco to its menu. For this month only, in honor of breast cancer awareness month, the Orlando-based Tex-Mex chain is offering customers pink-shelled tacos for an additional buck.

Now, clearly, putting any double-entendre menu item is going to garner laughs. And general manager Carolyn Lancheros, of the 1489 S.E. 17 Street outpost in Fort Lauderdale, admits she can't get through a shift without cracking up when her customers respond with:

'What do you mean? A real pink taco?'

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Panache Party Rentals, "Effects of the Current Funding Cuts... Require our Community to Step Up and Take Action"

courtesy of No Kid Hungry
According to Global Finance, the United States is the seventh wealthiest country in the world, sitting just behind Hong Kong and before the United Arab Emirates.

Last year, 49 million Americans -- 14.5 percent of the total population -- lived in food insecure households; that included 15.9 million children and 33.1 million adults.

To jump in and help where Congress is not, some local businesses are taking it upon themselves to see that the local residents are getting support. Panache Party Rentals has started a campaign to raise money and awareness on hunger in the region.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Local Restaurants Participating

Wish Upon a Cupcake via Flickr Creative Commons
October is a month that celebrates many things: Halloween, apples, cranberries, cookies, chilli, vegetarian awareness, and plenty of other not-so important options.

You will, however, be noticing a bunch of pink popping up all over town -- and no, it's not National Legally Blonde Month or anything along those lines -- the first full month of fall is also host to 31 days of National Breast Cancer Awareness.

To show support, some local restaurants are offering specials throughout the month.

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Date Night Florida Trying to Lower the Divorce Rate Through Restaurant Deals

Banjo D via Flickr Creative Common
People get into new relationships and even marriages everyday. In the beginning, its all new and exciting; you date, buy each-other presents, and do fun things together all the time.

A few years in, however, life kicks in: work is stressful, you're tired, you just want to turn off the world and watch TV. We'd be willing to bet boredom is as big a cause for divorce as anything else.

In an effort to curtail the divorce rate amongst local South Floridians, around two dozen area restaurants have teamed up with Date Night Florida to help married couples get out of the house and work on strengthening relationships.

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Whole Foods Boca Raton Celebrates 12th Birthday With Tri-County Humane Fundraisers

Tri-County Humane Society via Facebook
Meet this face. Fall in love.
Whole Foods Market in Boca Raton is celebrating a dozen years in the community. The grocery chain that sells environmentally conscious foods and sustainable seafood is also a good neighbor, giving back to charitable organizations in the community.

For its birthday celebration, Whole Foods Market is helping the Tri-County Humane Society raise funds to feed and shelter the dogs and cats in their care.

Recently, the Tri-County Humane Society made a trip to Oklahoma to rescue 65 dogs and 15 cats from overcrowded animal shelters in Oklahoma City, making room for those shelters to house animals found in the aftermath of the deadly tornado that leveled many communities.

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Starting Today Krispy Kreme and NASCAR Driver Kyle Petty are Raising Funds to Send Chronically Ill Kids to Camp

Krispy Kreme Dozen Box.jpg

The general consensus on doughnuts is to stay away. Seriously, how many fat cop and doughnut jokes go hand in hand?

While your doctor and dietician might warn to to keep your hands off those perfectly sweet and fluffy Krispy Kremes, right now you have the perfect excuse to eat up.

Starting today, Kripsy Kreme is teaming up with NASCAR driver Kyle Petty and the Victory Junction Camp for the fifth annual Drive for 45 Campaign, a program to brighten the lives of chronically ill children. Details after the jump.

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Cocktails and Canines at Posh: Help Save Desperate Dogs

amy 100+.jpg
Photo courtesy 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades facebook page
High five to drinking for the dogs
Anytime you go out on a Saturday night, you know you're going to blow through some money. Unfortunately, all you're going to get in return is a deflated bank account and some possible drunken remorse. 

If, for once, you would actually like to get drunk for a good cause, Posh is hosting a fundraiser for the animal rescue group 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. The group has been responsible for saving the lives of close to 700 dogs this year. But it desperately needs help. The event takes place Saturday, March 9. Details after the jump.

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