Reef Jerky: Pot-Infused Beef Jerky is a Real Thing (Video)

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Courtesy of the Badfish Facebook page
Reef jerky is real.
The legalization of marijuana throughout the United States is a growing reality. More and more, citizens are lobbying their states to legalize pot. So far, Colorado and Washington have OK'd pot for medical and recreational use (albeit with regulations and restrictions) and several other states have legalized medical marijuana. The movement is growing, with Florida voters deciding on whether to legalize medical marijuana in November.

That means that we're going to need more pot. And there's more than one way to "smoke" weed. Introducing "Reef Jerky", the totally brilliant product for the Paleo pothead in you.

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Disney's EPCOT Has Croissant-Donuts Hybrid Fried Pastries

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Matt Stroshane for Disney
The Croissant Doughnut. Available at Epcot.
If you're planning a trip to visit the famous mouse's futuristic world known as EPCOT, skip breakfast at the hotel, because you've got a date with fried pastry.

(Just don't call it a Cronut®, OK? The Cronut® is a specific pastry created and sold in the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York and not to be confused with other donut-croissant hybrids.)

Besides this is actually a croissant-donut - totally different! - and it's real and available only at EPCOT's Refreshment Port.

So write yourself a Post-it® or print this up on your Xerox® to remind yourself - and don't forget to grab a box of Kleenex® to wipe away your tears of joy! - be cause this croissant-donut is not to be missed!

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World's First Lab-Grown Hamburger To Be Eaten Today, Live Feed from London

CC Wikimedia/NoNo
Can you have meat without killing animals?
Can you eat meat without having to kill the animal? Mark Post, a Dutch stem cell researcher, thinks you can and on Monday he will present the world's first lab-grown hamburger at an arts fair in London.

But don't take a bite just yet, the patty purportedly has cost about $375,000 that was grown in a lab at Maastricht University.

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Get a Free Taste of Trinidad's Indo-Sino-Carib Fare This Thursday

Image courtesy Hot Peppers Restaurant
Who knows, you might even get a bit of Carnival.
With the glut of Jamaican restaurants near U.S. 441 in Pembroke Pines, June Ali and her husband, chef Badal Ali, decided it was time to show off Trinidad and Tobago's food.

Their restaurant, Hot Peppers, is offering you a (free!) taste of some of the island's cuisine Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. The trademark of the island's food is the myriad cultures that have influenced it and the heavy spice and seasonings, such as culantro, called Shado Beni in Trinidad, found in many dishes.

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Pizza Hut Poutine Pizza? Get Dairy Belle's Italian Poutine Instead

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Pizza Hut
Poutine pizza. It's real.
We've got good news, bad news...then some great news for you. First the good news:

Pizza Hut has announced the introduction of the cheesy beef poutine pizza. Deemed, "Pizza Hut's unique spin on a true Canadian classic", the pizza starts with the fast casual restaurant's pan crust, then adds shaved seasoned steak, crispy fries, cheese curds and mozzarella to make a messy calorie bomb that we desperately want to try. The pizza is part of a launch of several new pizza varieties including grilled chicken club, Asian barbeque, and smoky maple bacon. Pizzas start at $15 for a medium size.

Now for the bad news:

The cheesy beef poutine pizza is only available for a limited time -- and only at Canadian Pizza Huts. So what's a poutine-loving Italian food addict to do?

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Celebrate National Doughnut Day Here

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mojo deservaadonut.jpg
Laine Doss
You deserve a donut.
Oh, doughnut. We have such a love/hate relationship with you. Even as we delight in your sweetness, we know that you're not good for us. Yet, while our brains tell us there's something better for us lurking around the corner, our hearts yearn for you in all your glazed glory. In short -- we love you like we could never love a bowl of oatmeal.

To show our love, we're celebrating National Doughnut Day tomorrow, June 7, with an all-day doughnut fest. Here's where you can celebrate, too. Hint: It's Friday, so take a box of doughnuts to the office and score mucho points with your co-workers as you host a "really close to weekend" party!

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Marijuana Diet? American Journal of Medicine Study Says Pot Might Be Good For You

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Good news potheads: aside from the obvious legal implications, there is no reason to put down your bongs--or that full package of double-stuffed Oreos.

Turns out new studies have claimed that marijuana is not only helps with cancer, but has a whole host of other health benefits, as well--including weight loss.

Even though getting high can give you a massive case of the munchies -- causing some smokers to 'inhale' an extra 600 calories per day -- that extra junk food doesn't show up in the pot-smoking communities' Body Mass Index (BMI). Meaning, the munchies don't make you fat.

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German Bread Haus Bakes Bavarian Delights in Fort Lauderdale

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GermanBreadFront 300.jpg
Zach Fagenson
The pink-and-red gingerbread-looking house on East Commercial Boulevard could have been plucked out of Epcot Center's German pavilion and dropped in the middle of Fort Lauderdale.

Sure Norma and Dieter Dauer sell apple and cherry strudel, poppy-seed cake, and crumb cake out of the pocket-sized house that Hansel and Gretel could call home. Yes, they've got an almost endless, always-changing selection of buttery cookies, including soft butter cookies filled with sweet raspberry jelly and bittersweet chocolate ones filled with sweetened shredded coconut.

However, the German Bread Haus' bread, to be cliché, is their bread and butter. They sell more than a dozen kinds of loaves, everything from an organic four-seed fruit-and-nut bread to a Bavarian farmer's rye.

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How to Eat Durian, AKA Stink Fruit

All photos by Nicole Danna
Durian fruit
If you've ever walked into your local Asian grocer and gasped for air, just wait until you get up close to a durian. Also known as "stink fruit," this exotic import can have an odor so offensive it's actually banned from most public places in Southeast-Asia, including hospitals, buses, trains and hotels.

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Even so, Clean Plate Charlie was intrigued enough to sample some fresh, cut straight from the spiked seed pod that resembles a giant pinecone on steroids. Eating it wasn't the hard part -- finding one was.

A seasonal fruit, durian are most readily available in the summer. We found ours at New Oriental Market in West Palm Beach where they have been selling last season's fruit for the past several months. Many purveyors will freeze the late harvest, the store owner tells us, and will thaw them before putting them out for sale. If you can't find the whole fruit, don't worry. It's likely many will carry frozen durian meat out of the pod, which is guaranteed to be just as stinky.
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Looking to Get Healthy: Five New Year's Resolutions to Try

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Instagram user portorico
A few too many of these?
It's about time: the holidays are over. And your body could not be more grateful. The time has come to stop the binge drinking and junk-food eating. Let's be honest: there's a reason new gym memberships astronomically explode after the New Year. After the past month's excess, you're probably feeling like shit.

Sure, you could try the master cleanse or some other crazy detox, but that may not exactly help your cause. Naturopath Jessie Keener of Shumway Wellness offers some advice on healthy resolutions for the New Year.

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