Eat This: Bacon- and Coffee-Infused Burgers at Gimme a Burger

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Courtesy of Gimme a Burger
Burgers are becoming gastronomic creations.

This is most evident with Gimme a Burger, a fast-casual burger restaurant chain with locations in Pembroke Pines and Deerfield Beach founded in South Florida by Yasmin and Serhad Oktay. Its infused burgers are something to consider the next time you're in the mood for more than lettuce, tomato, and beef.

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Homemade Thai Iced Tea From Sushi Masa in Boynton Beach

Photo courtesy of Phood and Photos
Thai iced tea is made from strong-brewed Ceylon tea.
With a neon orange hue and pungent, herbal aroma, Thai iced tea is a perfect way to beat the end-of-summer heat in South Florida. It's also something you don't often see on the menu at your local Thai restaurant. In Southeast Asia, however, it's the drink of choice.

In Broward and Palm Beach counties, only a handful of restaurants are known to serve it. One family of restaurants makes it from scratch almost daily -- no pre-made mixes or fake food coloring.

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Killer Pastrami Sandwiches at Blue Willy's Barbecue, But Only on Thursdays

Nicole Danna
The brisket pastrami sandwich from Blue Willy's Barbecue in Pompano Beach.
Most Texans will tell you the secret to blue-ribbon brisket is hours and hours of slow, smoky, moist heat. It's what helps transform the meat's connective tissue (all that collagen) to a gelatinous, tender state. Most barbecue places take a hunk of flat cut beef to undergo the process; rarely do you see a place that takes the navel plate end of the brisket to make pastrami.

Lucky for us, Blue Willy's in Pompano Beach is one of them.

It's not every day you get to sample something so decadently delicious. Which is probably why owner Will Banks doesn't serve it every day.

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Gov. Rick Scott Approves Medical Marijuana: Five Places to Pick Up Some Munchies Before You Get Stoned

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Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee
Well, we did it, Florida: Medical marijuana has been signed into law by Gov. movie villain Rick Scott.

While it's not time to pull the bongs out just yet -- the bill allows only the use of a noneuphoric strain (it won't get you high) to treat certain diseases -- it's a major step forward in our half-conservative state.

Anyway, we just want to make sure you're ready in case full legalization goes into effect. Or just to give you some advice for your ahead-of-the-law habits, in case you're in need.

Rather than be at the mercy of chain delivery pizza or greasy Chinese takeout, we've compiled a list of five dishes to pick up before you get stoned.

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Ten Restaurants Offering World Cup Specials in Broward and Palm Beach

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Ian Ibbetson
D'Angelo's Pizza Bianche: portobello, ricotta, spinach and Reggiano on a whole wheat crust.
As the 2014 FIFA World Cup festivities begin, Broward-Palm Beach restaurants are joining in celebration as they offer drink and dining specials for avid fans that join them in cheering on the teams during a showing of a World Cup game.

Here are ten places to sit down with family and friends while you enjoy a meal and some drinks while you watch the world's teams come together for FIFA fútbol.

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Green Bar & Kitchen Now Serving Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Vegan Ice Cream

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Instagram user gosavgo courtesy Green Bar
Ice cream is one of the world's greatest pleasures. In fact, we love it so much we may or may not have had a tab at the local parlor as a kid.

While most of us try not to eat the icy lactose-filled treat often due to dietary concerns, there are some poor souls who can't eat the sweet milk of the gods period.

Others abstain due to ethical concerns.

Either way, we feel bad for the non-ice-cream-eating segment of the population.

Green Bar & Kitchen has taken matters into its own hands. The vegan, gluten-free hot spot is now serving vegan ice cream that's suitable for most allergies, even nuts.

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Reef Jerky: Pot-Infused Beef Jerky is a Real Thing (Video)

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Courtesy of the Badfish Facebook page
Reef jerky is real.
The legalization of marijuana throughout the United States is a growing reality. More and more, citizens are lobbying their states to legalize pot. So far, Colorado and Washington have OK'd pot for medical and recreational use (albeit with regulations and restrictions) and several other states have legalized medical marijuana. The movement is growing, with Florida voters deciding on whether to legalize medical marijuana in November.

That means that we're going to need more pot. And there's more than one way to "smoke" weed. Introducing "Reef Jerky", the totally brilliant product for the Paleo pothead in you.

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Disney's EPCOT Has Croissant-Donuts Hybrid Fried Pastries

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Matt Stroshane for Disney
The Croissant Doughnut. Available at Epcot.
If you're planning a trip to visit the famous mouse's futuristic world known as EPCOT, skip breakfast at the hotel, because you've got a date with fried pastry.

(Just don't call it a Cronut®, OK? The Cronut® is a specific pastry created and sold in the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York and not to be confused with other donut-croissant hybrids.)

Besides this is actually a croissant-donut - totally different! - and it's real and available only at EPCOT's Refreshment Port.

So write yourself a Post-it® or print this up on your Xerox® to remind yourself - and don't forget to grab a box of Kleenex® to wipe away your tears of joy! - be cause this croissant-donut is not to be missed!

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World's First Lab-Grown Hamburger To Be Eaten Today, Live Feed from London

CC Wikimedia/NoNo
Can you have meat without killing animals?
Can you eat meat without having to kill the animal? Mark Post, a Dutch stem cell researcher, thinks you can and on Monday he will present the world's first lab-grown hamburger at an arts fair in London.

But don't take a bite just yet, the patty purportedly has cost about $375,000 that was grown in a lab at Maastricht University.

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Get a Free Taste of Trinidad's Indo-Sino-Carib Fare This Thursday

Image courtesy Hot Peppers Restaurant
Who knows, you might even get a bit of Carnival.
With the glut of Jamaican restaurants near U.S. 441 in Pembroke Pines, June Ali and her husband, chef Badal Ali, decided it was time to show off Trinidad and Tobago's food.

Their restaurant, Hot Peppers, is offering you a (free!) taste of some of the island's cuisine Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. The trademark of the island's food is the myriad cultures that have influenced it and the heavy spice and seasonings, such as culantro, called Shado Beni in Trinidad, found in many dishes.

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