Three Creative Holiday Cocktail Recipes from Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria

Courtesy of Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria
Bring a little grown-up joy to the holiday season.
The holidays aren't all sugar plum and fairies -- at least not for us poor grown-ups.

But while you might tell yourself that hiding from your loved ones in the spare bedroom with a bottle of Bailey's because Bailey's is totally classy, we both know it's just kind of sad.

This time of year, social lubricant should come in the same flavors as your favorite lattes and they should be sipped from chic martini glasses.

Here's a few recipes, courtesy of the creative bartenders at Nick's New Haven-Style Pizzeria, to get you started. (And maybe leave one out for Santa Claus, too.)

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Boca's La Ferme Introduces New Craft Cocktail Menu

La Ferme
Mixologist and bar manager James Serra.

"James is one of the most talented mixologists we have ever worked with," says La Ferme's owner Bobby Shapiro in his latest news release. "Owning Flex Mussels in Manhattan and a number of other restaurants over the years, we've worked with quite a few mixologists, and James' cocktails are well worth trying."

And so James Serra's tenure as mixologist and bar manager at the modern Mediterranean eatery begins -- with a public vote of confidence and admiration from owner Bobby of the Shapiro family, seasoned restaurateurs of the U.S.'s eastern seaboard and Canada with past enterprises like La Louisiana, Dayboat, and Texarkana, among others, under their belts.

The Boca restaurant, with its stylized look reminiscent of a Stanley Kubrick film set and accentuated with artworks by Alex Katz, Mel Ramos, and Shepard Fairey, among others, is a staunch proponent of localized sourcing to supplement its imported fare. And with the changing seasons, it will be a drink and food pair-up destination worthy of tracking.

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Think Like Hemingway and Win a Bimini Getaway Courtesy of Papa's Pilar Rum

Laine Doss
Bimini. Just the way Hemingway left it.
Ernest Hemingway was so much more than one of America's most talented storytellers. In a world where the words "living legend" have lost all meaning, Hemingway truly embodied the term.

Not only was he a writer but the man, who hailed from a middle-class Chicago suburb, was a war hero, a newsman, a fisherman, a big-game hunter, a womanizer, a romantic, a fighter, and a drinker. Sure, not all of those traits are great, but together they make one hell of a character worthy of any Hemingway-penned novel!

Papa's spirit lives on in many of the places he loved and Hemingway and South Florida have always had strong ties. A trip to Key West isn't complete without hoisting a few at Sloppy Joe's or Captain Tony's or visiting the Hemingway House, where descendents of the author's multi-toes cats roam the halls and grounds like furry royalty.

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Autumn is in the Air: Five Fall Cocktails to Try in Broward County

Photo courtesy Bull Market
Pumpkin Martini, anyone?
In most of the northern hemisphere, fall signals a beginning of the end; the sweet days of summer are giving way to the cold winter wind.

Fortunately, in South Florida, it signals the complete opposite. The oppressive summer's heat and humidity is finally on the way out and the perfectly crisp breeze of the dry season is about to begin.

And with fall comes a fresh crop of flavors, ideally suited for weather.

If you're looking to get down on the flavors of fall, here are five to check out in Broward County.

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Stache 1920's Drinking Den Now Offering Mixology Team-Building Seminars

Photo by
Ever think back on what were the most successful lessons imparted to you during your school years? The ones that really stuck, like when you split into groups and got to do something fun and creative and everyone had a good time but that was the teacher's subtle way of using subterfuge and obfuscation to get something through your otherwise thick skull? Remember those?

Ever sat around at work fantasizing about adding a little spice to the ennui of office life and how completely boring things like paradigm shifts, cover sheets, and PowerPoint presentations could benefit from the therapeutic wonders of a delicious cocktail?

Wouldn't it be great if your employers got hip and with it and decided to blend the hands-on and fun approach to teaching with a work-related seminar that involves and is informed by the crafting and enjoyment of a perfect cocktail? The fine folks at Stache 1920's Drinking Den have just made that available to South Florida businesses looking to advance their productivity through staff development in a setting that gets it right.

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Blue Nun Wines Lift their Habits for Summertime Cocktail Fun

Photo by Andrea Schmidt
One might think that Germany and the strictness of nuns can have nothing in common with booze and fun. Well, that's not true. That's taking the opening literally and ignoring the proud brewing traditions of Deutschland and that one nun who was always kind albeit a little loopy. No, what we mean here are German wines which are delicious and oftentimes ignored due to the popularity of their European cousins and the rigidness of many a Franconian label. Established in 1857 by Hermann Sichel, Blue Nun Wines has redefined itself with the changing times and as such has proven a popular wine choice outside of Germany.

Currently undertaking another salvo of reinvention, Blue Nun joined recently with Miami-based Bar Culture consultant Chris Hudnall to apply the current line of wines (Riesling, Authentic White and Sweet Red) to summer-themed cocktails in a Think Magazine sponsored tasting at C&I Studios in Ft. Lauderdale. Now owned by the Langguth family, themselves involved in Germany's wine production since 1789, current International Managing Director Patrick Langguth was present to provide a little history on the company and to illustrate their new directions of "finding new ways of drinking wine" that are "fun and a little crazy."

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Cantina Laredo Releases Sorbet Cocktails for Summer

The Buzz Agency
Raspberry Chipotle 'Rita
Summer is hot everywhere, but South Florida can feel like a freaking oven -- and a damp oven, at that. A damp, suffocating oven.

While everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere is running around, enjoying the sunshine and mild weather, we're down here in a perpetual state of perspiration.

It's not cute.

To help cool you off -- or get you too drunk to care -- Cantina Laredo Modern Mexican has released sorbet 'ritas for summer.

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Memorial Day: Try These Pinterest Pitcher Cocktails For Your Barbecue

divya via Flickr Creative Commons
We know Memorial Day started as a day to commemorate our lost and fallen soldiers -- and we still think it should be -- but we also can call a spade a spade: it really has become national barbecue day.

Rather than throw back the same old beers and wines that you do at every other outdoor party, why not switch it up this time?

How about some pitcher cocktails?

We scoured the interwebs (i.e. Pinterest) to find alcoholic recipes to quench your thirst and help with the party.

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Sweetwater Bar & Grill Now Offering Cocktails on Tap, Daily Happy Hour, and Live Entertainment

Nicole Danna
Sweetwater Bar & Grill now serving kegged cocktails.
Cocktails on tap? Yes, it's here South Florida. And while it may be a quietly whispered trend that started sometime last year, the kegged cocktail has finally made its way to Palm Beach County compliments of Sweetwater Bar & Grill owners Clint Reed and Sean Iglehart who have been offering aged concoctions via tap for close to a year, making them the first in the area -- if not the first in the state alongside places like Batch Miami.

It should come as no surprise the option to grab your drink on draft is now a highlight at the trendsetting Boynton Beach imbibing destination, which set the tone for the county-wide craft cocktail revival we now know at nearly every upscale and in-the-know watering hole around. The new specialty-made, nitrogen-fueled keg system allows bartenders to pour up to five gallons of Iglehart's unique recipes from two taps behind the bar.

Worried draft cocktails will kill off the art of bartending and anything freshly smoked, muddled or mixed? It won't. But will it usher in a new era of bartending and drink selections? Most definitely.

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Charles Steadman of Jack's Grumpy Grouper on Prohibition, the Silver Age of Bartending, and U.S. Bartenders' Guild

Sara Ventiera
It's important to love what you do for a living -- think about how many hours of your waking life you spend working (a lot, most likely).

Whether it's tech, education, journalism, or the restaurant industry, it's actually a good thing to be considered a geek.

When it comes to mixology, Jack's Grumpy Grouper managing partner Charles Steadman is just about as nerdy as they come (in a good way, obviously). He loves what he does and everything about the industry.

We chatted with the excitable restaurateur and tender of bar about the history of cocktails in the 20th century.

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