Charles Steadman of Jack's Grumpy Grouper on Prohibition, the Silver Age of Bartending, and U.S. Bartenders' Guild

Sara Ventiera
It's important to love what you do for a living -- think about how many hours of your waking life you spend working (a lot, most likely).

Whether it's tech, education, journalism, or the restaurant industry, it's actually a good thing to be considered a geek.

When it comes to mixology, Jack's Grumpy Grouper managing partner Charles Steadman is just about as nerdy as they come (in a good way, obviously). He loves what he does and everything about the industry.

We chatted with the excitable restaurateur and tender of bar about the history of cocktails in the 20th century.

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Drink Your Easter Treat: Easter Themed Cocktails From Chima (Recipes)

Duree & Co. PR
One might be under the impression that the Easter Bunny and all his candy are for the kiddies. One would be wrong.

From Peeps to jelly beans to whatever other cavity-inducing sweets you find in those eggs, entire generations of Americans have been conditioned since childhood to love that stuff.

Although we're more than happy to spike up the blood-sugar levels, we prefer getting our dose of sucrose with a bit of a buzz.

To honor the tradition, we got three Easter-inspired cocktail recipes from Chima Steakhouse to celebrate the holiday.

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Tap 42 Adds Spring Cocktails, Drinks on Tap

All photos Sara Ventiera
If you haven't noticed the recent random hot and humid days, spring is in the air -- soon enough it'll be raining everyday.

That's right, while the rest of the country is defrosting, we're about to head into full-on oven mode. Bad hair aside, it's not going to be pretty.

To help soothe the pain of the excessive heat, Tap 42 has introduced some new light and refreshing adult bevvys, including a new cocktail on draught.

We chatted with beverage director Paige Nast about her scientific cocktail experiments and new spirit discoveries.

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Dawn Werblin of Pistache French Bistro Make Us a Blood Orange French 75

Brickhouse PR
It may have started elsewhere, but the movement is starting to take flight in Broward and Palm Beach Counties: classic cocktails are making a comeback.

Whether its a dry martini, a stirred Manhattan, a bitter Negroni, a biting Sazerac, or even just a perfect Old-Fashioned, the popular drinks of yesteryear are finally a big deal again.

That being said, every resurgence comes back with a twist; creative mixologists and tenders of bar nod to tradition while creating unique versions of old favorites.

Yesterday we highlighted Pistache French Bistro's Dawn Werblin; and we got her to make us a new take on a classic, the Blood Orange French 75.

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Make A Stoli Vodka Game of Thrones "Mother of Dragons" Cocktail

Courtesy of GolinHarris
Mother of Dragons cocktail
Even though Game of Thrones has its own official beer, every television show needs a proper, matching cocktail. Leave it to Stolichnaya, then, to come up with one: the Mother of Dragons cocktail.

It's not endorsed by Game of Thrones and not available anywhere, it's just a drink anyone can whip up in a Stoli frenzy. Luckily, the purveyors of premium Latvian vodka shared the recipe with us.

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Bartender Q&A: Dawn Werblin of Pistache French Bistro on Favorite Drinks, Pickup Lines, and More

Photo courtesy Brickhouse PR
You need certain skills and attributes to make it in a field in which you deal with people on a constant basis.

From bubbly salespeople to friendly customer service representative (OK, that's actually rarely the case these days) to kindhearted nurses to affable service industry professionals, it takes a certain level of gumption to deal with crazy people while putting on a happy face -- or voice.

In terms of handling people, tenders of bar have a finesse like no other -- there's just no walking away from the nuttiness of the general public (you're literally stuck behind the bar).

Whether it's internalizing an eye roll of a ridiculous order -- person who orders an Emergen-C martini, we're talking to you -- laughing off absurd pickup lines, or just smiling while dealing with the indecisiveness of the general public, these folks see it all.

Dawn Werblin of Pistache French Bistro has been in the industry for more than a decade. She talks to us about her favorite drinks, least favorite pickup lines, and more.

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Mixologist John Lermayer Makes Us Some Smoky Scotch Cocktails

Jessica Kassin courtesy of M Booth
John Lermayer smokes cedar for his Black Bobby drink.
Let's be honest here: Scotch is an intimidating drink.

Like a Grand Cru Bordeaux, it elicits images of upper-crust socialites dressed to the nines, sipping ridiculously expensive beverages out of snifters in front of a fireplace framed by elegant Afghan hounds.

Or, at least, distinguished gentlemen like Ron Burgundy.

Point is, it's a picture that tends to stray far from your immediate reality.

With the craft cocktail movement that is now underway, millennials -- and, well, everybody -- are getting more and more into whiskey. While many aren't bold enough to dive headfirst into a single malt on the rocks, they're perfectly fine sucking down a cocktail or three.

At a recent media event for the Black Grouse (a smokier sister to the Famous Grouse), mixologist John Lermayer, cocktail consultant for Stache 1920's Drinking Den was at the Regent Cocktail Club in Miami Beach shaking up -- and stirring -- some smoke-filled drinks.

And we got the recipes.

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Saint Patrick's Day Coming Soon: Make Your Own Shots to Celebrate

Thumbnail image for irish_breakfast_shot__charles_steadman.jpeg
All photo Charles Steadman
Irish breakfast shot
The time to celebrate is almost here.

The day of Saint Patrick is coming up in just over a week.

In America it's the one day of the year in which everyone wants to have a good time -- and pretend to be Irish for the day.

While most South Floridians will be all decked out in green t-shirts and tutus, with pints of sewage-colored beer, it's not a hard set rule. Other inebriating liquids are allowed.

If you're looking to get drunk without the food coloring (or you just don't like beer), you might as well do some shots.

Mixologist Charles Steadman, managing partner of Jack's Grumpy Grouper, shook up some St. Paddy's day themed shots to help with the festivities.

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Five Valentine's Day Cocktails to Romance Your Sweetie at Home (Recipes)

Photo courtesy M Booth
John deBary of PDT in New York's BLVSH Cocktail
Just two more days until the international day of love is here.

Hopefully, you've made big plans for romance.

If not, you'll need to figure something out, like, now.

While most of the world is getting ready to dress to the nines for some big extravagant dinner, some of us would prefer to keep it low-key on V-Day.

But no matter what you do, alcohol always helps.

Whether you're entertaining girlfriends -- or boyfriends -- for a love-themed singles night or staying in with the love of your life, a good cocktail always seems to impress.

We drummed up five Valentines Day cocktails to make at home on Friday night.

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Cantina Laredo Now Serving Low-Calorie, Natural "Flip" Cocktails

Photo courtesy the Buzz Agency
Not much has changed in the world of cocktails over the past century.

Yes, we went through Prohibition and its repeal. And yes, that certainly changed the way Americans drink, but over the past few years, we've circled back to drinking the classics.

As happy as we are about the newfound obsession with drinks from the past, we also like to see new things.

Cantina Laredo is now offering lower calorie "flip" cocktails with an extra shot of liqueur made from fresh fruits and chiles.

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