Special Menu Item: Smoked Rack of Ribs at Granger's Grille Only Wednesday and Saturday

Photo courtesy of Granger's Grille
The restaurant's special smoked ribs are served on Wednesday and Saturday only.
Everyone has their favorite spot to dine out. It's usually the type of place where the waitress or bartender knows your order, your first (and last) name, and even what table you prefer.

Of course, you know all their secrets, too. Like special dishes that aren't listed on the menu, and what day to get them.

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Homemade Thai Iced Tea From Sushi Masa in Boynton Beach

Photo courtesy of Phood and Photos
Thai iced tea is made from strong-brewed Ceylon tea.
With a neon orange hue and pungent, herbal aroma, Thai iced tea is a perfect way to beat the end-of-summer heat in South Florida. It's also something you don't often see on the menu at your local Thai restaurant. In Southeast Asia, however, it's the drink of choice.

In Broward and Palm Beach counties, only a handful of restaurants are known to serve it. One family of restaurants makes it from scratch almost daily -- no pre-made mixes or fake food coloring.

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Myapapaya's Dreamy Greeny is the Best Smoothie on the Planet

Sara Ventiera
Chalk it up to inflation, if you want, but there once was a day in which the mere thought of a $9 smoothie would make you balk.

That was a time in which the vast majority of these "healthy" meal replacements were filled with processed proteins and sickeningly sweet syrup-covered berries.

Things have changed dramatically over the years, and smoothies and juices have returned to a more natural state.

Still, nine bucks seems like a lot to fork out for a non-alcoholic drink. But Myapapaya has one smoothie that has this highly opinionated food writer us coming back several times per week. It's called the Dreamy Greeny, and it is quite possibly, the best smoothie on the entire planet.

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Dawg House: Pompano's Only Real Chicago Style Hot Dog

Nicole Danna
The Chicago hot dog from the Dawg House in Pompano Beach.
The Chicago hot dog is a thing of beauty; from the poppy seed specked bun, to the colorful array of toppings.

You know how it goes, the canonical recipe referred to as "dragged through the garden," with bright yellow mustard, neon green sweet pickle relish, chopped white onion, a few dill pickles, sliced tomato and pickled sport peppers and finished off with a dash of celery salt. And there you have it, the Windy City's most iconic food.

Only a few places in South Florida offer the real deal, with ingredients sourced straight from the city itself. And one of those places is the Dawg House in Pompano Beach.

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The Taco Spot Serves Tropical Cocktails and Tex-Mex in Hollywood

Nicole Danna
The Taco Spot in Hollywood.
The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is many things. It's great for people-watching and rollerblading, for example. And -- of course -- our favorite: eating and drinking.

But with an expansive strip offering one establishment after another, it's not too long before you start to notice a few Greek menus and ice cream shops filing past. For a place loaded with Mediterranean-themed establishments and soft serve, the 1-year-old Taco Spot presents a different option for tourists and locals.

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Find Your Favorite Major Metropolis Inspired Foods at City-Eatz in Fort Lauderdale

Nicole Danna
A cheesesteak from City-Eatz in Pompano Beach.
The cheesesteak is the kind of thing that when you get it, you need it to be good. The bread needs to be just right, the cheese has to be Whiz, and the beef -- well, it's the point. At City-Eatz, which opened last February in the Pompano Flea Market Festival Mall, they get that.

Owner Gary Roskin grew up in Chicago, but traveled extensively to cities like Philadelphia, New York and Memphis where he would indulge in any of the city's most iconic eats. Years later, when he relocated to South Florida to open Nature's Table Cafe in Boca's Mizner Park, many of the foods he'd grown to love were not so easy to find.

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El Camino Gives Downtown Delray Beach Its First Tequila Bar

El Camino
The chicharron appetizer at El Camino.
It just makes sense that the owners of Cut 432 decided to bring the taste of the taco to downtown Delray Beach with their new taquería-ish El Camino.

El Camino owners Brandon Belluscio, Brian Albe, and Anthony Pizzo have brought Mexican soul-food and a top-notch tequila bar -- which opened its doors late December -- just off the city's Atlantic Ave. restaurant row. The establishment offers patrons a taste of Mexico through the lens of executive chef Victor Meneses, originally from Juarez, Mexico.

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Find 25 Flavors of Boba Milk Tea at The Black Pearl in Wellington

Nicole Danna
A boba tea from Black Pearl in Wellington.
Now here's something you don't see every day -- especially here in South Florida. A bubble tea bar. The Wellington Green mall is home to the Black Pearl Boba Tea bar, a sort of coffee house that specializes in Japanese milk tea, otherwise known as tapioca milk tea, pearl tea and momi milk tea.

What is it, though?

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LaSpada's Flagship Store to Relocate

Dori Zinn
After 40 years of handing out hoagies to the loyal Lauderdale-by-the-Sea residents, LaSpada's will close its doors at 4346 Seagrape Drive. More »

Fuku in West Palm Beach: "Angry Lobster" and a Food Network Star

Nicole Danna
Spiced angry lobster, one of Fuku's signature dishes.

It used to be that you couldn't find a descent Asian-themed restaurant anywhere near downtown West Palm Beach. That was until about six months ago, when several Asian-themed establishments showed up. Among them Fuku (pronounced foo-koo), a bold new lounge-like pan-Asian concept that opened this August on the far east end of Clematis Street. With dining-room décor that could be featured in the next issue of Architectural Digest and sexy takes on sushi created by a former Food Network Star competitor, Fuku offers a dining experience unlike any other downtown.

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