Three Cheeses for National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day

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The real sacrifice is what we put ourselves through for you, dear readers.

Sometimes, there are some things you just can't make up. Take for example "National Cheese Purchase Sacrifice Day." Aside from other websites that are equally as baffled by its origin as we are, the mysterious National Cheese Purchase Sacrifice Day seemingly aims to do a combination of the following things: relieve you of otherwise much-needed monies, rid your home of furry vermin, and continue the proliferation of ridiculous "holidays" that keep the greeting card industry zipping along at a racecar's pace.

Well, we here at Clean Plate Charlie seldom shy away from food trends, and in the interest of trying to enjoy this "holiday," we put in some R&D into today's blog. The basic rule for this food holiday is that you buy yourself a cheese and sacrifice it to a mousetrap. This is kind of morbid, and we wonder why the PETA people haven't launched a campaign against it.

Oh well, before we share our findings, we'd sure be a bunch of dicks if we didn't ask you to first consider volunteering and/or donating to Feeding South Florida and Hands On Broward before spending your dosh and wasting a perfectly good bit of food. It certainly is the right thing to do. Plus if you do have mice in your home, use peanut butter in your trap. It works better than cheese.

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Steve Martorano Makes Mozzarella on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Courtesy Steve Martorano
Steve Martorano's name on the dressing room at Jimmy Kimmel Live.
If comedy and talk-show etiquette legend is true, the host of a show will save the best for last in the assumption that viewers will hang around through the dancing poodle act and the singing 3-year-old to watch Beyoncé. Or something like that.

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William and Kate Royal Addition Cheese Available at Whole Foods Market

Courtesy Whole Foods
Cheddar celebrates the royal arrival.
Those of us anticipating the arrival of the royal stork can now celebrate in the most cheesy way possible.

Whole Foods Market is announcing the launch of Westminster William and Kate Royal Addition Cheddar Cheese.

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Make Your Own Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese With The Tipsy Boar

The Tipsy Boar's Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese. You can do it at home. Seriously.
National gourmet macaroni and cheese month is now behind us, but it doesn't mean we have to return to eating those irradiated looking cheese sauces and powders you find lining grocery aisle shelves.

Your basic cheese sauce is cheap, easy and quick to make. It can be as thick or as thin as you like, and because you choose the cheese the sky is basically the limit. Hello blue cheese sauce with bacon.

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After the jump we'll show you how to make your own basic roux and reveal the Tipsy Boar's Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese recipe.

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Gulp! Food and Libations Hosts Cheese Making Course with Jojo Milano of Delilah's Dairy Farm at Bx Beer Depot in Lake Worth

Learn to make cheese at Bx Beer Depot this weekend.

CORRECTION: The cheese making course held Nov. 18 at Bx Beer Depot was organized, hosted and financed by Gulp! Food and Libations, and was part of the company's regular monthly food and wine educational events. For more information on future events, please visit the Gulp! Food and Libations website.

Love cheese? Ever dream of making your own? 

Well, now you can thanks to a new class offered by Lake Worth's Bx Beer Depot, which will be hosting its very first cheese making course in conjunction with Gulp! Food and Libations this Sunday, November 18th, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The course will be led by West Palm Beach's JoJo Milano, owner of Delilah's Dairy Farm, who will be instructing participants on the basics of cheese making during this introductory, three-hour class.

The event is currently open to as many as 30 participants who will work in groups of four to five people while sharing a home cheese making kit that includes all the materials and ingredients needed to make 30 pounds of cheese. 

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The Cheese Course Offers Mozzarella Making Classes

The Cheese Course
Make your own cheese at The Cheese Course
Do you ever dream about getting your hands on some cheese? We don't mean daintily nibbling on a little tidbit of cheddar -- we mean literally getting in there and plunging your hands into vats of liquid cheese in the act of making your very own mozzarella?

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Grilled Cheese Pizza: A Cheesy Trend?

Categories: Cheese News
Grilled cheese pizza was the winner of the Pizza Inn's in-house contest across the chain to come up with new types of pizza for its national menu. 

Though a variant abomination is portrayed on This Is Why You're Fat  -- with quarters jutting from a single crust -- the Pizza Inn versionMore »

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