Boston's on the Beach Celebrating 35 Years in Delray Beach With Birthday Blowout Party

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Boston's on the Beach
The Patriot is a specialty cocktail available all month long at Boston's on the Beach in Delray Beach.
This month, Boston's on the Beach will be ringing in its 35th anniversary in Delray Beach. To celebrate, the longtime oceanside sports bar and restaurant will be offering a mega-lineup of specials from now until the grand-finale birthday blowout party on October 25.

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Drink Beer, Save a Puppy (or Kitty) at Due South Brewing Co.

All photos courtesy Tri-County Animal Rescue
April...looking for love.
Wook at this widdle face. This is April and, in case you're looking for love, she's available for adoption at the Tri-County Animal Rescue, a boutique no-kill animal shelter in Boca Raton.

Tri-County Animal Rescue is home to many cats and dogs just waiting for the right family to come along. They take in strays, surrendered animals, and rescues from high-kill shelters and provide them with care until they find a forever home...maybe yours?

Whether or not you have the room or commitment to adopt, there's a simple way to help the dogs and cats who call this place a temporary home. By drinking beer.

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Whole Foods Coral Springs Launches Craft Beer Tap Bar

Images courtesy Whole Foods
The craft beer choices.
A Coral Springs Whole Foods is the fifth branch of the national supermarket chain to offer a tap bar with a rotating selection of draft craft beers alongside an array of beer friendly bites.

"We're still in the beginning stages for this location," said Jonny Rose, a marketing team leader who's helping the spearhead the effort. In case you haven't realized it, South Florida has joined much of the rest of the country in the craft beer craze.

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Free Cold Sake Tasting at Sushi Jo

For me, very few shelves at Total Wine are more confounding than the sake section, and still more are far less mysterious. When it comes to sake, choices abound. There are small bottles, big bottles, mini bottles -- even champagne-style bottles. Some are cloudy and cloyingly sweet; others are clear, bitter and dry. Complicating things further, some are heated and served piping hot, while others are best served cold. And labels written in Japanese don't help one bit.

When I'm helplessly staring down bottles of this delicious fermented rice water -- debating whether a tiny $50 selection is really better than a $10 jug -- it's times like this I wish Broward and Palm Beach County had a real, honest sake bar. You know, a place totally dedicated to this plethora of rice wines, this endless array of styles, flavors and serving suggestions.

If you're anything like me, you'll probably be just as excited for the chance to learn about -- and best of all, sample -- some of the world's best sakes this Friday, January 25, when Sushi Jo in Juno Beach will be hosting a free cold sake tasting from 8 to 11 p.m.

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Leftover Champagne? Five Sparkling Wine Cocktails to Drink After New Year's Eve

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Many champagne cocktails call for bitters to brighten things up.
Champagne: the classic New Year's Eve drink. You toast with it, cheer with it, drink it straight from the bottle Diddy-style.

Of course, champagne isn't for everyone -- especially when taste largely depends on how much you want to spend.

Sure, there are uber-cheap knock-offs (think cava, prosecco and Cooks) that taste as bad as the hangover you'll have the next day. Then there are the crazy expensive ones -- just a few bottles and you've spent an entire week's paycheck. Honestly, when was the last time you even saw someone actually drinking Cristal? A 90s rap video?

Since you're probably going to have a few extra bottles of cheap bubbly hanging around after the holidays, a champagne cocktail may be just what you're looking for. Best part: you don't have to drink champagne just to ring-in the New Year. These drinks are good before, during and after the final countdown to 2013.

Whether you're a bubbly boycotter, or a lover of all things sparkling, with a few extra ingredients you can make a variety of fun, fruity, festive cocktails. All you'll need is a few bottles of semi-good bubbly -- and a really good hangover cure.

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Watch Man Hold 45 Glasses in One Hand to Break World Record (Video)

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Philip Osenton holds 45 glasses in one hand, leaving the other free to enjoy some cheese.
We're pretty clumsy here at Clean Plate Charlie. We trip over things, walk into doors, and break things. Especially glasses. That's why we love Ikea, home of the six-piece wine glass set for two bucks.

So we're adding the following to our list of things we can never accomplish (alongside climbing Mt. Everest, bungee jumping from the Grand Canyon, and having a small bourbon distillery run by squirrels):

Holding 45 wine glasses in one hand. At the same time.

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Three Creepy Cocktails Made With Lucid Absinthe

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Poison Apple 2.jpg
The Poison Apple cocktail.
Crime. Social disorder. Chaos.

Absinthe has been blamed for them all. The spirit -- originally made as an herbal tonic -- was once thought to produce medical conditions like epilepsy, and illness like turberculosis, and was eventually banned in countries like Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, France -- even the United States.

That was until 2007, when Ted Breaux created Lucid, the first absinthe to be sold stateside since the early 1900s.

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Media People, Get a Free Beer at BurgerFi Delray Beach

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Life in the trenches of the media is far from glamorous. The hours are literally endless, the pay is lousy, and we are constantly blamed by the general public and both ends of the political spectrum of spinning things one way or another.

If you are a poor schlub working in the "lamestream" media you could probably use a beer and BurgerFi in Delray Beach - yes where Romney made his campaign stop Sunday - has got just the surprise for you.

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Introducing Genie, the "Spirit in a Can," Coming to a Liquor Store Near You

Scottish Spirit Imports
Finally, all your alcoholic-beverage wishes are coming true, Fort Liquordale. From frozen cocktail ice cream and popsicles, to now this: Genie, the official line of "Spirits in a Can."

Yes, that's right -- coming soon to a bar, liquor store, or hotel minibar near you, we're talking hard liquor in a can for just $4.99, people.

Created by Scottish Spirit Imports -- which represents a line of flagship Scotch whiskeys produced by Reynald and Sons Ltd. based in Glasgow, Scotland -- Genie is the company's new product line of actual liquor in a can.
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Beer Pong Party Cup Koolers Keep Your Drink Cold in a Solo Cup or Pint Glass

Party Cup Kooler
Beer pong tournaments never looked so "kool."
Ever try to fit your red Solo cup into a koozie built for a beer can, only to have it topple over, spilling your beverage all over the person next to you? 

We know the feeling. On a hot summer day, there's possibly nothing worse than a warm cup of beer or melting cocktail -- especially when you're in the middle of a heated backyard beer pong tournament. 

Thankfully, 25-year-old Arizona native Christina Contreras felt the same way, and when she decided to start her own custom "kooler" company, it wasn't the advice of her parents, boyfriend -- even her friends -- that stuck in her head. 

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