Five Most Outrageous Burgers in Palm Beach County

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Photo Courtesy Minneapolis City Pages' The Hot Dish
If you eat meat, chances are you love a good burger.

Whether it's wood-fired, charcoal grilled, or seared in its own fat on a flattop, nothing beats the taste of ground up meat between two buns and the sensation of grease dripping down your chin.

Although we're good to go with a patty, a slice of cheese, and LTO on any old sort of bun, sometimes we're looking for a something more, something special in our burger consuming endeavors.

It could be a slice of bacon -- or two -- or, maybe even, a slab of pork belly.

Heck, sometimes we like to go for some seafood.

Point is, there are times when we want our burgers to be a bit more indulgent.

Here are the five most outrageous burgers in Palm Beach County.

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Five Most Outrageous Burgers in Broward County

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Photo Courtesy Minneapolis City Pages' The Hot Dish
There's something about a hunk of ground meat in between two buns that just comforts the soul.

Whether it's fond childhood memories, the soft pillowy bun, the fatty burger, the cheese, or the combination of delicious ingredients in perfect handheld format -- that's right, we frown upon eating burgers with a knife and fork around here -- sinking our teeth into a greasy patty makes us immensely happy.

While we're all for the plain cheeseburger, there are times when we want to kick it up a gluttonous notch in our burger consumption with seriously decadence.

Here are the five most outrageous burgers in Broward County.

Word to the wise: wear an elastic waistband.

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Red Robin Opening First Palm Beach County Locations in Wellington and West Palm Beach

Nicole Danna
Red Robin is opening its first Palm Beach County location inside the Wellington Green Mall.
Red Robin, the casual fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1969 known for its fire-grilled burgers, is making its Palm Beach County debut with the area's first location opening soon in Wellington. The Red Robin chain is best known for offering more than two dozen "gourmet" burgers, its signature seasoned bottomless steak fries, and a wide variety of salads, soups, appetizers, entrees, desserts, and signature beverages.

We're drooling over the chain's newest menu creation, the smoke and pepper burger styled after a 2013 Food Network's South Beach Food and Wine Festival "Best of the Bash" award winning sandwich.

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Fort Lauderdale Shula Burger Redesign Presented by Don and Dave Shula

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Shula Burger
Restaurants may use customer feedback to their advantage, but it may not be so obvious how they use it. Shula Burger in Fort Lauderdale, however, redesigned the store.

It gets better: Don and Dave Shula (father/son) will present the new design and hold a little public Q&A session today at the Fort Lauderdale location from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to talk about the store's new design, what makes the perfect burger, and football and the Miami Dolphins, of course.

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National Cheeseburger Day: Five Places to Stuff Your Face

Photo courtesy of he Office
As you may have already figured out, every food has a holiday of its own. Some are important: burgers, pizza, hot dogs, tequila -- the four basic food groups.

Things like National Salad Day (May 1), on the other hand: Who the hell cares?

Today is one of those days worthy of celebration. Whether you're willing to admit it or not, cheeseburgers are one of those foods everyone loves.

Obviously, you could fulfill your inner desire with a quick, inconspicuous pass through the Mickey D's drive-through, but that's no way to honor your love. It needs to be savored slowly and out in the open.

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Dutch Scientists Invent $320,000 Burger Grown from Cow Stem Cells

Categories: Burger News

For $320,000, you can send your children to college, buy a house -- or eat the most expensive burger on the planet. At the University of Maastricht, Dutch scientists have engineered meat without the murder, growing cow stem cells in a petri dish instead of the fields bordering the interstate.

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Rain Doesn't Stop Boca Burger Battle, Bite Gastrotruck Conquers Competition


What's the next best thing to beer, you might ask? Why, grilled meat, of course! So when a burger battle competition came to Boca Raton for the second year in a row, the opportunity couldn't be passed to taste the creations of some of the area's most competitive restaurants.

Braving the Seattle-like drizzle that saturated downtown Boca Raton Saturday night, hundreds of food festival enthusiasts made their way to Sanborn Square to experience the Second Annual Boca Burger Battle, an all-out war of burgerdom that pits restaurant against restaurant, chef against chef. Ok, it's not quite that bloodthirsty, but the participating vendors did pull out all the stops to show the people of southern Palm Beach County a thing or two about burgers.

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Burger & Beer Joint Coming To Pembroke Pines

Image courtesy Burger & Beer Joint
Inside Burger & Beer's Brickell restaurant.
Another day, another new upscale burger spot.

Burger & Beer Joint, which runs restaurants on Miami Beach and in Brickell, is planning to open a 5,800-square-foot outpost in Pembroke Pines in July.

The menu at 11025 Pines Blvd. will be identical to those at the Miami locations, said Special Projects Manager Devin Huber. The design should be similar too, but with an outdoor bar you can't find at the Miami restaurants. Expect lots of weathered-looking red brick, dark wood, red paint and vintage car and motorcycle signs.

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Wilton Manors Achieved Burger Nirvana at Riverwalk Burger Battle IV

Categories: Burger News

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Partying at overall winner Rosie's Bar and Grill.
As Huizenga plaza emptied after a long, meaty and sometimes rainy Burger Battle some people seemed shocked that Wilton Manors' Rosies' Bar and Grill won both best overall burger and best burger in the bar and grill category.

They must not have stopped by Rosie's tent. It was a unicorn of burger joy. There were multicolored club lights illuminating everyone inside in a rainbow glow. Pink feathered boas covered the tables. The crunchy potato chips on their Bacon Bitty Bang Bang Burgers (also topped with bourbon bacon jam and roasted tomatoes) were a throwback to childhood barbecues. A woman circled the tent trying to convince people to put their tokens -- their votes for fan favorite -- down her shirt.

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National Burger Month Over: Q&A With South Florida Food Blogger Burger Beast on Burgers

Categories: Burger News

After a month of celebrating burgers, there's a good chance you are totally burgered out. While it would totally make sense, we hope that's not the case.

To close out National Burger Month, we decided to chat with someone who knows a thing or two about burgers, Miami-based blogger Burger Beast. He travels around South Florida scouting out America's favorite food.

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